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Died author of the novel “The Prince of Tides” by Pat Conroy –

The American writer, author of the novel “The Prince of Tides” by Pat Conroy died on 71 th year of life. This was reported on Saturday, March 5, Associated Press referring to the director of the publishing company Doubleday Todd Doughty (Todd Doughty).

Conroy died at his home in Beaufort, South Carolina, in the family circle. In February, he reported that he had cancer of the pancreas. In addition, it is known that he was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and liver problems.

Pat Conroy was born in 1945 in Atlanta in the family military pilot Colonel Donald Conroy. According to Conroy, he grew up under strict discipline. the writer’s father behaved rudely towards children, which later reflected in his novels.

Conroy graduated from the Military College of South Carolina. His first book was a collection of anecdotes about studying in the college, which has not been published. In 1976 the band released the first novel of the writer “The Great Santini” on marine fighter pilot, terrorizing his family. Conroy himself admitted that the prototype of the hero of the novel was his own father. His family reacted negatively to the book, and the mother’s family organized a campaign with an appeal not to buy a novel. Nevertheless, the book eventually moved close Conroy with his father, who, to prove their difference from the main character, changed behavior.

In 1980, the band released another no less famous novel Conroy’s “The Prince of Tides” about unemployed teacher from South Carolina, who traveled to New York to help her sister, who tried to commit suicide, and eventually revealed the secrets of his past. In 1991, the novel was made into a movie, starring in the film played by Nick Nolte and Barbra Streisand. The film was nominated for the “Oscar” in seven categories and was awarded the prize “Golden Globe».

Books writer dispersed worldwide circulation of 20 million copies. In 2009, his name appeared in the Hall of Fame of South Carolina.

Conroy was married three times, he survived by two daughters from his first and second marriage.


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