Saturday, March 12, 2016

Died British musician Keith Emerson – BBC

Keith Emerson, legendary musician and keyboardist trio Emerson, Lake & amp; Palmer, died on the night of March 11, the body was found in the musician’s house in Santa Monica. It is reported by Reuters, citing police sources. A preliminary version of the death of Emerson – suicide

The musician was born in 1944 in the British town of Todmordent and since childhood he played the piano.. Evolution interests Emerson logically evolved from classical music to jazz, and youth who came to the 1960s, Emerson, of course, could not escape, and rock ‘n’ roll fever. The difference between Keith and other peer-musicians is that, unlike those who have rejected classical forms and jazz freedom in favor of the guitar-drum screen,

Emerson saw a challenge to combine all these elements.

However, at first, in the mid-1960s, the musician needs the experience, which was acquired in several rhythm and blues compositions. His first own band called Nice actor, performed the jazz-rock and Emerson helped to determine the favorite instrument, which became famous organ Hammond. Finally, in 1970, Emerson in the company of bassist Greg Lake and drummer Carl Palmer created the Emerson, Lake & amp; Palmer – one of the most important groups in the history of progressive rock. Trio instantly gained popularity after one of the first performances at the Festival Isle Of Wight

Musicians presented no less -. Own interpretation of “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgsky

absolutely shock sensation (which, incidentally, may still occur after the first listening Emerson records, Lake & amp; Palmer) is achieved not only due to the incredible virtuosity of musicians but also because of the purely composer and arranger Emerson’s talent. He actually managed to combine a powerful rock sound and jazz mobility, inscribing them in the monumental classical music. In this case, unlike especially mnogoumnyh colleagues Emerson, Lake & amp; Palmer did not stand still, conjuring over their instruments at bay to take a wrong note, and

preserved the atmosphere of psychedelic riot that was characteristic of almost all the collectives that time.

Emerson, Lake & amp; Palmer lasted almost ten years, have released seven albums, and broke again to come together in the 1990s and more recently – in 2010. In the reunion of his main project Keith Emerson did not stop writing music, despite the fact that in 1970 he had problems with the nerves of his right hand. The musician has released many solo albums and toured regularly among others composed music for the cinema, for example the Japanese blockbuster “Godzilla: Final War”. Emerson’s last work was the album 2012 «Three Parks», recorded with longtime collaborator Mark Bonilla and the Munich Radio Orchestra. The basis of the plate again became classical pieces and hits Emerson, Lake & amp; Palmer, did not stale after more than forty years.


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