Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Died Producer George Martin The Beatles – BBC

The news of the death of George Martin on March 9 issued a tabloid Daily Mail, later confirmed the news of the ex-drummer of the Liverpool quartet Ringo Starr. No details of the circumstances and reasons for Martin’s death has yet been received.

George Martin was born on January 3, 1926 in London. By age 16, he taught himself to play the piano, and even amateur group gathered at the school. Having served as it should in naval aviation, George added himself a professional skills, graduating in piano and oboe music college. Musical career, which was the dream, Martin, gradually moved him, so to speak, on the other side – at first in a chair the BBC DJ, and later on the manager’s position on the selection of the artists major record label EMI. In 1954, the young man added one of the divisions of the company – record company Parlophone, the case in which were, frankly, so-so

Eight years later, Martin in one fell swoop changed this. situation by signing on Parlophone group of four Liverpool musicians called The Beatles.

The producer, after the collapse of the Fab four has written two books of memoirs, was inclined modestly underestimated their participation in the success of the group laughing at issued fans of the status of the “fifth Beatle”. Nevertheless overestimate his contribution is extremely difficult. Martin was a regular arranger group, the man who invented, for example, play «Eleanor Rigby» on the strings and bring to mind «Yesterday». Also, do not enter the stage during the band’s concerts, Martin often performed as a keyboard – it belongs to him on the harpsichord solo in «In My Life». Among other merits George – welcome to the group Ringo Starr (who replaced original drummer Pete Best) and composing music on the second side of the plate «Yellow Submarine»

In other words, Martin was one of the first standards of a music producer who. He does not think about the money, and acts as a full-fledged partner group helps musicians make the songs better. Details about Martin wrote in his books, open up the way, what’s all the same difference between the methods of Lennon and McCartney explaining the difference of temperament between the two leaders, and above all told in detail about the creative process in the group.

Of course only The Beatles producer services are not limited. Before meeting with the quartet he produced among others Shirley Bassey record, and was the author of Songs of three James Bond films ( “From Russia With Love”, “Goldfinger” and “Live and Let Die”). In addition, after the separation of Lennon and McCartney, George Martin worked with Tom Jones, Jeff Beck, Dire Straits and other musicians. In the late 1970s, Martin even built his own studio on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, which, however, only ten years later, in 1989, was destroyed by the hurricane.

However, in spite of other engagements, the main life’s work at all times, Martin thought the Beatles.

He was interviewed about the time of work with the group, the finished film for the anniversary album, released a live album «the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl» and, of course, helped with solo records Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. In 1998 George released one of the most moving tributes to The Beatles «In My Life», in which four songs performed by stars ranging from Vanessa Mae to Jim Carrey and Sean Connery. One of his last works was the new album The Beatles, prepared by George and his son Giles as a soundtrack for the show Cirque du Soleil. On the disc, called the «Love», re-mixed by classic group number, but it is done with all the studio recordings, including old demos and mixes of songs that were not included in the official records. According to Paul McCartney, Martin once again managed the impossible – to collect The Beatles together again recalling its almost imperceptible at first glance, but the most important role in the history of music of the XX century



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