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Disney “Zveropolis” became a US box-office leader and Canada – BBC

The famous animation studio Walt Disney is celebrating another anniversary – she came 55th animated feature. They became “Zveropolis” – a picture of the city of anthropomorphic animals, in which the mayor – the lion (voiced his JK Simmons), the chief of police – African buffalo (Idris Elba), a major role is played by a determined bunny Judy. She came to the police and is eager to prove their worth, but it is always something interferes – for example, working in a helpdesk sloths (one of them in the Russian version voiced Nikolai Drozdov). The film turned fervent, and possibly for the anniversary decided to present the studio gift, setting a new record starting fees for paintings Walt Disney.

Over the weekend from March 4 to 6, “Zveropolis” earned at the box United States and Canada $ 73.7 million.

The previous record was in 2013 cartoon “The Cold heart”, which gathered at the start of $ 67.3 million. By the way, in the end of the film perilous journey of Princess Elsa and her companions became the highest grossing in the history of the studio (the world’s fees – $ 1.28 billion), so that “Zveropolisa” have something to strive for. Of course, with the other cartoon movie start can not be compared – the record remains Pixar “Toy Story 3″, gathered in 2010, $ 110.3 million “Zveropolis” Russia also started with the first place, earning the Thursday, March 3, 50 million. rub.; for all four days of the weekend, he could expect about 550 million rubles. – Not a record, but too bad. Worldwide fees “Zveropolisa” now account for $ 232.5 million.

The second place went to the US action movie “London Has Fallen,” grossed $ 21.7 million.

This is the sequel to the film by Antoine Fuqua’s “Olympus Has Fallen” in 2013, which dealt with the attack of North Korean terrorists to the White house; Security Service ex-agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) bravely enters the occupied territories, and will save the US President (Aaron Eckhart), and is the head of state, together with a security guard ran into the underground, trying to cope with the situation, Vice-President in the performance of Morgan Freeman. In the sequel, the story has not changed – the funeral of the British Deputy Prime Minister bombing occurred, killing the heads of many Western countries, and now the US President with the Banning and agent of MI6 running around panic-stricken London, where around every corner waiting for them the ambush

«London Has Fallen” started worse than the original – “Olympus Has Fallen” during the first weekend collected $ 30.5 million Interestingly, dust- in London at the start was even worse than the fees published in the same 2013 Roland Emmerich film “White Storm. home “, the plot of which is confusingly similar to” Olympus “(its revenue was $ 24.8 million). But if the gunman Emmerich with its 150 millionth budget failed at the box office (charges – $ 205.3 million), the 70-million “Olympus” with the goal of return on investment is quite cope, earning $ 161 million

In. “Fall of London” budget was even less ($ 60 million), so that its future – in financial terms – is relatively straightforward. In the Russian hire a film will be released in mid-March

kinokomiks “Deadpool” earned another $ 16.4 million, ranking the third place -. And overcome the 300 millionth mark in the US box office. And its total revenue is now $ 640 million

Another new US box office -. Dramediya “The reporter” – became only the fourth with $ 7.6 million

The failure of the film “Rock in the East” (with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis!) seems to have learned nothing from American filmmakers. They again raised the issue of people of peaceful occupations in the war-torn (after the invasion to the United States), Afghanistan. At this time, I had a chance to try their luck journalist (played by comedian Tina Fey), which is native edition chosen by the principle of “no family, no children.” Of course, “Rock in the East” violently quarreled critics, and the audience did not appreciate the effort of famous actors – fees of this picture was only $ 3.2 million (at 15 million budget)

With the “reporter” situation. a little better – rating of “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes the film is 62%, and the audience gave him a firm «B». In addition to the popular Tina Fey, and starred in the film Martin Freeman, best known for “Sherlock” and “The Hobbit.” However, on charges it is not affected much, and his predecessor, the budget proved to be higher ($ 35 million). And with the start of the work of his picture would be long. The Russian adventure reporter in Afghanistan can be seen in the end of May.

A top-5 of the American rolled short “Gods of Egypt” with a $ 5 million fee.

The film has already earned the title of the loudest failure of the year (although the 2016 th has just begun). Now his charges are only $ 46.8 million at 140 million budget. In the Russian box, he feels a little better: first place a week ago, and the second – at the weekend and the revenue that may exceed two weeks 500 million rubles



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