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How WADA promptly notified of the plans to make athletes mildronat black list? – First channel

now a major subject of debate and discussions among experts is the question in a timely manner whether the athlete was informed that the list of prohibited drugs will soon be meldonium.

now the main subject debate and discussion among specialists remains the question of whether to inform the athletes in a timely manner that the list of banned drugs will soon be meldonium.

in the instructions to the drug says that substance is eliminated from the body within a few hours, but after some time it does not remain traces of blood at all – such research is probably not carried out. And it is possible that some athletes could take meldonium long before making it to the blacklist.

It was a fatal mistake. Volleyball player Alexander Markin admits banned from 1 January mildronat took in December. Doctors assured: the body cleared very soon. However, in the sample taken one month after receipt, we found a large number of already become doping substances

“We knew that he displayed it in the coming days from the body According to the instructions written in general:.. In the next three to six hours – the period of breeding, but as it turned out, this is not so, since we began digging “-. said volleyball player Alexander Markin

Deep did not have to dig.. Dates “between three and six hours” really is in the description of “mildronata” but token “T half” indicates: it is a “half-life” or, as it is called, “elimination half”. That is, the time in which half of the body is derived from the active ingredient. The remaining 50% is usually deposited in the interior for a longer period organs.

“There are drugs that have a similar elimination half as, say, we are interested in the drug, and trace the so-called concentration, even to the entire body cleansed of such medication is necessary, I thought 28 weeks, for example, that is six months “, – says the chief pharmacist of St. Petersburg Alexander Hadzhivis.

How long does it take to withdraw from the body meldonium completely unknown pharmacologists. Data on this is not even the developer of the drug

“No one ordered such research, so I do not think anyone really knows the answer to this question because the curve excretion, it is this -.. First concentration rises, then it falls, and then very slowly, slowly, slowly declining, “-. says pharmacologist, author and developer of the drug meldonium Ivar Kalvins

Given that the metabolites – breakdown products of substance – can build up in the body, as well as the fact that many athletes took mildronat years, it is obvious that the set time of the last reception is simply impossible. Traces of a prohibited substance in the analysis can be described as a recent reception, and on the consequences of the systematic application in the past.

“In the analysis of recorded not only the drug, but also the presence of its metabolites in the sample, ie its decay products . Modern technology, which is used in laboratories, sensitive enough to detect traces of metabolites in the samples for three or four, and sometimes more months “, – says sports lawyer Artem Pavets.

meldonium blacklisted World Anti-Doping Agency on 1 January. After this discovery of his tracks in the analyzes of athletes leads to the inevitable disqualification. Warnings Federations sent out in September, that is more than three months. Then you would stop taking mildronata. But is this a sufficient period to time to cleanse the body

For example, in the Russian Skating Union declare: from medicine declined immediately after the first letter from WADA. However, three of our athletes: Pavel Pavel Kulizhnikov, Elistratorv Semen and Ekaterina Konstantinova failed a doping text: in their analysis found traces meldonium. All three of them, incidentally, has already been tested on a “lie detector”. Get it from the skaters doctors also could not.

“The doctors of national teams get products exclusively from a warehouse FMBA, where the only agent approved for use. Athletes receive all drugs exclusively from the doctor hands, no one did not buy and will not accept “, – said the president of the Russian Skating Union Alexei Kravtsov

But antidopinogovom law no presumption of innocence.. Instead, the working principle of strict liability of the athlete. If the illegal drug was found in the analyzes, the athlete who considers himself innocent, will have to prove that the substance detected was made before the ban. In the case of meldonium it is virtually impossible.

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