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In Moscow and St. Petersburg will perform the world jazz stars – REGNUM

St. Petersburg, March 11, 2016, 22:31 – REGNUM on March 11 in St. Petersburg, on the weekend of 12 and 13 March in Moscow will host the XVI International musician festival Igor Butman «Triumph of Jazz» with the participation of the world’s artists. According to the press service of the festival opening was held today at the St. Petersburg House of Culture named after Gorky. The audience were an American band Medeski, Martin & amp; Wood, for the first time gives a concert in Russia and other world jazz stars.

12 and 13 March The festival will give concerts in the Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music and Igor Butman Club on Taganka. The geography of participants, in addition to musicians from Russia, includes artists from Italy, the USA and the UK.

The audience program «Hello, Louis!» Will be presented to the Russian trumpeter Vadim Eylenkriga and soloist Italian group “Gabin” Lucy Campetto , outstanding composition singer and pianist Anthony Strong , proclaimed the “New jazz star of England”, the performance of the New York trombonist Conrad Herwig concert of the Moscow jazz orchestra directed by Igor Butman and more.

As told IA REGNUM Michael Green , longtime art director and founder of another a major jazz festival “Jazz at the Hermitage garden” in Russia “Triumph of Jazz” takes pride of first place: “for the festival come very popular musicians, there a very high level of the performers, I mean foreign . The festival makes Igor Butman and from year to year, making it a good ».

According to Green,” Triumph of Jazz “- a festival for professionals, allowing the program to put the experimental compositions and new musical masterpieces not so accustomed to hearing a wide audience: «in this year involved the famous trio Medeski, it is quite experimental, and I would not dare, for example, to put it in his festival in the Hermitage garden, designed for a broader audience, and in the Svetlanov hall Moscow will come to them specifically, there exists a lot of lovers, who want to see this unique trio ».

Talking about who today come to listen to jazz music, Greene said that most of the audience – people of middle and older age groups: «They are the ones who absorbed the jazz, when he was still in under our poluzapretom who remembers how difficult it was to get the record, someone brought from the West, because we have then they have not been sold, we copied at night … But I am pleased to see that more and more young people listen to jazz comes. She sits at home in the evenings, as we have, but it turns out to cafes, clubs, for their trip to the club – absolutely normal phenomenon, and for people of our age – the whole event, it is necessary to assemble. Even I, a great lover of jazz, go out somewhere twice a month, and they do it more often ».

For the first time the Festival” Triumph of Jazz “was held in Moscow in 2000, but its history It started three years earlier. The forerunner of “Triumph” were two “Independent Jazz Festival” in 1997 and 1998, for the first time joined the Russian and American jazz

Today Festival Butman -. Russia’s largest jazz world-class event. Every year -. It is a tour of the world of jazz superstars, the premiere international projects the most famous musicians from Russia and the United States, the presentation of new programs and albums

Recall Igor Butman recently starred in the film. The musician played the lead role himself in the comedy “Crime Blues”.

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