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Not only Wachowski: transgender, surprised the world – BBC Russian

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Image caption So Wachowski looked as brother and sister

One of the creators of the famous “the Matrix”, formerly known as Andy Wachowski, announced the change of sex, saying Tuesday that he – that is, she now – four years later after the sisters also became transgender and took the name Lily

“The shock from the change of sex – the Wachowski brothers are now sister!”. – Said the new-found Lily Wachowski.

Recently, the general public and the media are paying more attention to transgender and are in many respects more tolerant to them: social network Facebook apologized to change the gender identity of the people behind the requirement to specify the names of the passport, then gay invited users to choose from 50 floor options, and the movie “Mandarin” about the life of transgender prostitutes in California, innovative shot on several iPhones instead of cameras, became a hit festivals.

BBC Russian service recalls cases of transformation sexual identity of the famous people who had a wide public resonance.

The case of two Wachowski

48-year-old Lily Wachowski decided to publicly announce a sex change after journalists British newspaper Daily Mail tried to persuade her to give an interview on the subject.

Four years ago, about a sex change said her sister Lana Wachowski, before bearing the Larry’s name.

In addition to become a cult of “the Matrix “The Wachowski brothers, then became a brother and sister, and now sisters Wachowski, working on such films as” Cloud atlas, “” Jupiter Ascending “and the TV series” The Eighth feeling “.

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Image caption The main creation Wachowski brothers is kinotrilogieya ” Matrix “

The case of nurses Wachowski became a mystery to psychologists: it is not clear how the selection of older sister could affect Lily – if at all affected

.” Wachowski Now the two sisters. It’s a bit strange from the point of view of the theory of probability “- surprised by @imFlashback in the” Twitter “.

The reaction of users on offbeat news was mixed

.” What would have happened if the Wachowski initially would have been brother and sister, and changed the sexes? “- reacted users

.” The genius of world-class filmmakers, even they had to hide themselves from others “, – complains lawyer transgender Maria Bast, who was born a man

“Most HYIP about sex change, I love only smeshnyavki that the Wachowski slipped when they began therapy,” – says user @horny_horns

Einar Wegener /. Lili Elbe Iles Elvenes

The history of the Danish artist Lili Elbe, who was born a biological man named Einar Wegener, has become widely known obschestvennnosti after the release of melodramatic biopic “Girl from Denmark”.

Lily considered first transsexual, passed through an operation to correct the floor.

fulfill the role of wife Wegener / Elbe Gerda Gottlieb Swedish actress Alicia Vikander won for her the award “Oscar”.

Image copyright AP
Image caption For the role of Einar / Lili “The girl from Denmark,” the Briton Eddie Redmayne (left) was nominated for the award “Oscar”

However, the film is a highly romanticized side of the artist’s life. According to some reports, Einar had congenital the so-called Klinefelter syndrome, which made him a man with an uncertain since birth gender.

A year before Lily’s death, the Danish court gave the go-ahead for a divorce the spouses, and the artist was able to get a passport at Lily’s name Iles Elvenes.

For the first in the world of the vagina transplant into the body Elbe responsible German surgeon Kurt Varnekros, practiced in Dresden.

However, the female genitalia are not taken root and caused rejection of the immune system, soon provoked an early death of the artist.

Evgeny Arkhipov / Mary Bast

The leader of the Association of Russian lawyers for human rights, counsel for the accused on the “swamp case” Alexander Kamensky Evgeny Arkhipov announced the change of identity to Mary Bast.

His wife Julia Guseinova had a wife full support.

“I plan to work, and in any case do not stop their activities in September 2013 in . Russia our marriage is registered, so if the Russian authorities are to organize provocations for annulment, then we will be Russia’s first same-sex marriage “- he told the then attorney BBC Russian service

. After the announcement of the change of identity Bast more focused on advocacy, participating in a civil union “Socialist” and fighting for transgender rights.

She also expressed interest in the Mars colonization, trying to pass casting for volunteers selection for the Mars project .One.

Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner

In 2015, one of the most talked about news of show business has become a revelation Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner earlier, the Olympic champion in the decathlon and stepfather known mediapersony Kim Kardashian. After sex change 65-year-old Caitlin Jenner appeared on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair magazine with the headline “Call me Caitlin”.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Bruce Jenner has repeatedly been criticized for flippant remarks about the situation of women in the world

officially changed the name of Jenner started the account in the “Twitter” pobivshy one of the records the social network: its “Twitter” scored more than one million subscribers in just a few hours

Members of her. family and many Internet users expressed support for Caitlin and admiration of her act.

in recent years, however, many of those who initially held the Jenner, expressed surprise at her support for Ted Cruz, a very conservative challenger candidates for US president from the Republican party.

Yaron Cohen / Dana International

A popular Israeli singer Yaron Cohen served as women and to gender reassignment, which he was 21 years of age.

Five years later – in 1998 – with the stage name of singer Dana International won the first place in the song contest “Eurovision” with the song Diva.

Image caption Dana International got on “Eurovision” at the second attempt

Dana stressed in the interview that we should not pay too much attention to the fact of her gender correction and compares it with the change of hairstyle.

this artist has regularly participated in campaigns to combat homo-, bi- and transphobia.

in 2011, the singer I tried again to fight for the leadership in the “Eurovision”, but her song Ding Dong did not get to the final.

Bradley / Chelsea Manning

Private US Bradley Manning army became known throughout the world as the man handed WikiLeaks a number of secret documents.

The revelations began to blow on the US government’s reputation. US officials believe that the publication of these documents has caused damage to the country in international relations and hurt the success of the operation in Afghanistan.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Bradley Manning realized himself as a girl named Chelsea already in prison

Later, he was sentenced by a military court in Fort Meade in Maryland to 35 years in prison.

Even while in prison, in August of 2013, Manning said of himself as a woman named Chelsea.

The military psychiatrist, to testify in court, said that while cooperation with Wikileaks Manning suffered from uncertainty with his gender identity and wanted to become a woman.

Chastity / Chaz Bono

The son of American pop singer Cher and her husband and producer Sonny Bono Chaz was born in the body of the girl in 1969.

nee Chastity first made coming out, publicly stating that she was a lesbian, because of what in the 1990s was in conflict with his father because of his support for the Republican party.

Image copyright Getty
Image caption Mother Chaz Bono, Cher has always stressed that he was proud of all undertakings son

Chastity many years was the columnist for the LGBT magazine Advocate.

In 2010, Chastity Bono settled all the legal formalities and become a man in the passport by the name Chaz Bono.

in addition to journalism, Chaz Bono also dabbled in music, film and literature, as well as in the TV show “Dancing with the stars”.

Genesis Breyer Picard Orridge

English electronic musician, singer, occultist, poet and scholar Genesis p-Orridge – not the usual hero of our selections: being born a man, he prefers to identify himself as pandrogina – a person with signs male and female genders. They he intends to stay.

born Neil Megson gained fame in the underground culture as a part of a powerful quartet Throbbing Gristle, who pioneered the musical genre industrial.

Image copyright Getty
Image caption Genesis P-Orridge is known for extremely expressive behavior on stage

The lion’s share of career p-Orridge, however, is associated with an experimental ensemble Psychic TV

His / her second wife -. lady Jay – I joined the “pandroginnomu” project of her husband, in which the couple resorted to the servants, plastic surgeons and hormone therapy to become more similar to each other. Genesis also increased / and his chest with the help of implants.

Lady Jay died in 2007 from heart failure. According to its second half, now he / and one / one is both of them in the world.

From the first marriage P-Orridge has two daughters. Currently Genesis is on sabbatical.

Andrew / Andrea Pejic

Australian transgender fashion model of Yugoslav origin Andrea Pejic also became known for his open criticism of the existing fashion stereotypes.

In 2014, she passed the sex reassignment, and then returned to the podium and men stopped wearing things that are regularly done before.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Before correction Pejic floor appeared on the podium in the men’s and in women’s clothes

Born in Bosnia Andrej Pejic long before sex reassignment liked to dress in women’s clothes.

at 17 Pejic, who by By the time a resident of Australia, has received its first contract with a modeling agency, and soon turned to Andrea Pejic.

in addition, the sharp-Pejic language became famous alongside revelations about playfulness male models backstage, despite the presence of those women.

in 2013, together with other models androgynous appearance Andrea starred in the music video of David Bowie for the song The Stars (Are Out Tonight).

Yvonne / Benjamin Melzer

German bodybuilder Benjamin Meltzer will be the first man-transgender on the cover of men’s Health in April this year.

Nee Yvonne Meltzer since childhood prefers to communicate with the boys and told his parents about his men identity.

At the time of sex reassignment Melzer was 23 years old. Before the operation, future bodybuilder, by his own admission, had a mass of 50 kilograms.

Now Melzer 28 years. His account in “Instagrame” more than 45 thousand subscribers.

According to the sportsman, his appearance on the cover of the magazine will be a landmark event, a breakthrough for transgender people.


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