Sunday, March 6, 2016

Russian rapper SUGEF denied entry to Ukraine – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 7 – RIA Novosti. Russian rapper SUGEF (Alexey Dolmatov) was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine, his statement in Kiev canceled, writes “Details” with reference to the organizers of the concert.

“Concert already canceled According to the organizers, the actor could not get into the country, apparently, he was not allowed.. “, – reported the publication in the press-service of the club” Atlas “

the same information later appeared on the official website of the club “In contact with”. “In a number of recent events it is no secret that in recent years many artists and can not speak Ukrainian, and in this case Dolmatov Alexey was denied entry. Our team has until recently tried to settle the matter, but I’m sorry … From the organizers and from the artist here is not dependent on anything! “

Young and bright rapper from Minsk Max Korzh. Archival photo

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In the same Photo report attached with a statement in the security Service of Ukraine, in which someone tells Maxim Kovbik Gufom to visit Crimea, asks the rapper to make a list of persons that pose a threat to national security, and to prohibit the Executive to enter the territory of Ukraine.

Crimea and Sevastopol became the Russian regions held there after March 16, 2014 referendum in which the majority voted in favor of reunification with Russia. In Moscow, said that holding a referendum in the Crimea, consistent with international law and the UN Charter.

What Russian artists unhappy in Ukraine

Manage Security Service of Ukraine organized an investigation in the Odessa region in relation to Russian actor Alexei Panin. He faces up to five years in prison for “encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability” of Ukraine. Read more & gt; & gt;

 People at the entrance of Inter TV channel in Kyiv, Ukraine

© AP Photo / Sergei Chuzavkov

in October 2014 the Ministry of Interior and security service of Ukraine opened a criminal case on the Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkova, which, according to the media, attended positions of supporters of the NPT in the city and the airport to practice shooting from the heavy machine gun. According to the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, Porechenkov in Donetsk “personally participated in the shelling of Ukrainian units of the armed forces with automatic weapons.” Details & gt; & gt; Also in Ukraine banned 69 films with the participation Porechenkova. Read more & gt; & gt;

Banned in Ukraine and films with the participation of another Russian actor – Ivan Ohlobystina. Total ban got 71 movie and TV series, in which the actor starred. The ban is also associated with a visit to the Donbass Okhlobystin. For more information & gt; & gt;

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in August issued a “black list” of artists from Russia, which in the opinion of the Ukrainian authorities, “endanger national security” of the country. The list included Valentine Talyzina, Oleg Gazmanov, Iosif Kobzon, Joseph Prigogine. The list also includes the persons Vladimir Kucherenko, Egor Kholmogorov, Mikhail Khazin, and Valery Perfilova, Nikita Mikhalkov. Later, the list was expanded to 83 people, there were Valentin Gaft, Basil Lanoviy, Pavel Lungin, Yuri Kara, the leader of the rock group Limp Bizkit Fred Durst, boxer Roy Jones Jr., Sergei Penquin, Alexander Rosenbaum, Julia Chicherin, Evelyn Bledans, Vladimir Bortko and others.


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