Saturday, March 12, 2016

The guy Exciting family with not a virgin, cuckold: a video for schools – Omsk city portal

In one of the schools of Krasnodar region there was a scandal because of the demonstration video released “Fighting Fund for Morality”. Video shown an eighth-grader at a lesson in life safety Korenovsk, reported « ».

Local law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation of the incident. We are in the video is a moral and physiological aspects related to the early, premarital, sex life. The authors cite the example of the video “anti-scientific” facts.

Girls urge to have sexual relations only after the marriage. The young people who took to wife sexually experienced women, called cuckold.

as a basis for healthy families and children is Telegonia theory, according to which in the offspring of female mice genes affect all her previous sexual partners.

«first sexual partner a woman passes her traits to all her children, even the born of other men – said in the video. – It is well known breeders of horses, dogs and pigeons. ”

Show video has stirred controversy on the Internet and social networks. The authors argue that the progress around the world, including in Russia, different communities with different sexual orientations, are the United States. Thus, they want to undermine our country from within.

The high morale of previous generations of Russian women and girls, as reported in the video, and reflected in Nazi Germany: “This country does not win”, – amazed Nazi generals.

Also, roller authors believe that the girl had sexual experience with a variety of partners, is essentially a “genetic garbage with an admixture of genes from all of its men.”

That’s the view:


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