Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The US auctioned a chair, sitting on which Rowling wrote novels about Harry Potter – TASS

NEW YORK, 8 March. / Corr. Ivan Pil’shchikov TASS /. Heritage Auctions America auction house put up for auction in New York, the chair on which sat a British author JK Rowling when she worked on the first two novels of which became known all over the world a series of books about a young wizard Harry Potter.

As said Monday Tass director of Heritage Auctions on trading related to old books and documents, James Gannon, the starting price of the lot is $ 45,000.

“It belonged to the writer during the period from 1995 to 2002, that is about seven years – she said the expert -. Rowling got the chair, as well as three other free from the government or charitable organization. ” They put it in a flat in Edinburgh, which is also received from the state free of charge, being a single mother. While the writer has a daughter and experienced serious financial difficulties.

Rowling left on the furniture items made of oak and covered with lacquer, multiple entries of green, pink and gold paint. One of them – it is as if the words of the chair: “Maybe I’m not as beautiful, but do not judge me only in appearance.” The second phrase – on behalf of the creator of books about a young wizard, “I was writing Harry Potter, when sitting on this chair.” We are talking about the first two novels. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

Rowling also drew on a chair a few lightning and signed the name of faculty, which, through the story of her works, he studied young magician and most of his closest friends – “Gryffindor.” On the seat shows a big red thistle flower – a symbol of Scotland. “It just did not figure Rowling, who struck him is unknown, but most likely, the image was not initially,” – said Gannon

In 2002, the chair was sold at a charity auction.. The name of its current owner is not disclosed, it is known that he lived in England. By the piece of furniture attached letter Rowling. It makes sure that he really belonged to the writer and noted that she considered this chair the most comfortable of the ones she had in the years of work on the first two books about Potter.

“Rowling has transformed an ordinary piece of furniture a work of art, and now he belongs in any collection, “- said Gannon. “Where are the remaining three chairs, it is now difficult to tell, – said the expert -. The writer became rich and hardly needed this furniture Anyway, the other three she was not present at the auction.”. Trades, which will expose the chair, held on April 6 in New York. They will also be presented the rare American books and manuscripts.

The novels about the boy wizard have gained immense popularity, critical acclaim and received a commercial success worldwide. Series included in the list of literary bestsellers. The number of books sold has exceeded 450 million copies more in 2011. The novels have been translated into 67 languages, including Russian. In all parts of the saga were filmed movies.


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