Wednesday, March 9, 2016

US military plane crashed in Iraq – Sight

In Iraq on Saturday crashed US military plane, the crew survived, the Pentagon said.

Four crew members were escaped with injuries of varying severity, according to TASS.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the northern district of Erbil. From this city, which is considered the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, it was sent a search and rescue team that arrived at the crash site “for four minutes.”

«It was all done very quickly”, – noted in the Ministry of Defense press service of the United States.

Type of aircraft and the reasons for the crash are still unknown. According to preliminary information, the attack on the plane we are not talking, RIA “Novosti”.

It stressed that the collapse of turboprop aircraft army aviation was not a result of enemy attack, and probably for technical reasons. Circumstances of the incident are investigated.

US led a coalition of 66 countries that participated in the bombing of the “Islamic state” in Iraq and Syria, and the Syrian coalition acts without the permission of local authorities. About 90% of the coalition air strikes by the US Air Force.

US Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James reported that the operation against the terrorist group the US “Islamic state” lost 19 pilots.


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