Saturday, February 11, 2017

Museum in new York shut down the installation LaBeouf because of security threats – RBC

Yesterday, 22:31

Museum in new York shut down the installation LaBeouf because of security threats

Museum of the moving image in new York shut down the exhibition, the protest against U.S. President Donald trump, co-author is actor Shia LaBeouf. The Museum said that the installation HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US (“He will not separate us”) a threat to public safety.

LaBeouf and two other authors January 20 (inauguration day trump) set on the wall of the Museum camera, the leading entry in live. The video was broadcast on the website. Artists urged everyone standing in front of the camera repeating the phrase “he will not separate us”. It was assumed that the campaign will continue throughout the term of the trump.

with the closure of the installation was affected by the arrest of LaBeouf, which occurred on 26 January after a quarrel with the actor’s 25-year-old man at the Museum, according to Reuters.

“the Installation started [their work] is constructive, but it degenerated after the arrest of one of the artists next to the installation that questioned the need for it”, — reads the statement of the Museum. The Museum noted that during operation of the installation have been “dozens of arrests” and the police were on duty at the Museum “24 hours a day.”

city police confirmed to Reuters the installation of Hiking at sentry installation. However, from the moment of arrest LaBeouf was only one arrest, he told police.

on Friday morning on the campaign’s website and signed “the Museum left us”, as well as clarifying that the artists not dropped the project. LaBeouf in his Twitter also posted this message.