Monday, January 5, 2015

Artists Moscow Circus will perform in Donetsk – Club Industry Journalism

Russian circus came to the performance in Donetsk to support children and their parents in a difficult military situation that has developed Donbas. In Donetsk, the circus will be held 11 circus performances, which will perform circus of Russia. The duration of each performance 2.5 hours, the Russian artists invite all children with moms and dads spend a fun New Year’s holidays.

The general director of the Donetsk circus reported that Moscow artists doing their job quite for a nominal fee. Russian artists, in turn, noted that the situation in Donetsk hard, but life goes on and it is necessary to survive, and circus performers will support the residents of Donetsk and raise their spirits. Circus said that if next month’s situation in the city will be more or less calm, it will come to Donetsk are other circus performers.
Possible after the speeches of Moscow artists, circus in Donetsk will be working on.



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