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Yakut activists sent DiCaprio People “Oscar” this week – RIA Novosti

Leonardo DiCaprio during the awarding US Academy award Oscar for her role in Survivor

© AP Photo / Chris Pizzello / Invision

VLADIVOSTOK, March 1 – RIA Novosti The organizers of the Yakut action to establish a national “Oscar” for the American actor Leonardo DiCaprio sent him a statuette of this week, RIA Novosti reported event organizer Tatiana Egorova

 Leonardo DiCaprio during the award Academy USA Oscar for her role in Vyzhivshiy.Arhivnoe photo

© AP photo / Chris Pizzello / Invision

Yakutia earlier film enthusiasts decided to award DiCaprio People’s “Oscar” and began collecting money to build statues. The man on the statue – Mongoloid, looking up at the sky and holding a ritual vessel choroon Yakut. Activists gathered almost 1.4 kilograms of silver and gold gilding. People’s “Oscar” called “Talking with the Stars.” Last week, the statue completed and presented to the public.

“We have agreed with a Russian film company, its representatives took to the agents DiCaprio, and told us that he was waiting for our statuette Now we are preparing a package with the award, send her this week.”, – The interlocutor said

DiCaprio is known for roles in the movie “Titanic,” “The Departed,” “Home,” “Blood diamond,” “The Wolf of Wall Street” and many others. On the actor was five times throughout his career, he was nominated for “Oscar”, but until 2016 had never received the Academy Award. The first time he applied for a statuette in 18 years for his role in the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Last year, he was nominated twice as an actor and as a producer for the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, but the award went Matthew McConaughey and Alejandro González Iñárritu, respectively. In 2016 he received the “Oscar” for her role in “Survivor.” For this kinorabotu 41-year-old DiCaprio has won the “Golden Globe”, becoming a three-time winner of, and award the US Critics Association’s Critics’ Choice Awards.


In the United States died the star of movies “Naked Gun” – RBC

George Kennedy Photo: AFP

In the US, 91-year life of the actor George Kennedy died. World known for his role in the film “Naked Gun»

George Kennedy died on Sunday morning, local time, on 28 February in Boise, Idaho. This was announced on his Facebook page the grandson of actor Corey Schenkel, says The Hollywood Reporter.

World famous George Kennedy received after participating in a series of comedy “Naked Gun”, released in 1991 and 1994, where he played captain Ed Hokena.

Actor born on February 18, 1925 in New York in a family of artists. The first began performing on stage in early childhood. With the onset of World War II, Kennedy went into the US Army, which celebrated 16 years. After the army he returned to show business. In cinema actor he made his debut in the television series “Sergeant Bilko”. His first role on the big screen was the episodic character in the movie “Spartacus.” After that, he starred in the movie “Charade” (1963) with Audrey Hepburn. Basically George Kennedy played in the films “bad” and “cool” guys.

In 1968, he received the “Oscar” for supporting actress in a drama “Cool Hand Luke.” For contribution to the development of cinematography George Kennedy honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In all he has starred in almost 70 motion pictures.


Media reported hospitalization Alexander Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg – RIA Novosti

Moscow, February 29 -. RIA Novosti of the Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Rosenbaum hospitalized in St. Petersburg, reports FlashNord citing the artist’s environment

. “a busy schedule knocked Povzner off track a little problem with the heart.” – quoted interlocutor agency

Earlier, a musician with the Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina visited the airbase “Hmeymim” in Syria to congratulate the Russian soldiers on the Day. defender of the Fatherland.


What is the secret of Leonardo DiCaprio? – BBC Russian

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Image caption In the painting “Total eclipse” Leonardo DiCaprio played the poet Arthur Rimbaud

long-awaited victory Leonardo DiCaprio, received the “Oscar” for the starring role in “Survivor”, preceded by a long and bright acting career, marked not only unsuccessful nominations, but heated debate.

it would seem that after so many years of work in Hollywood is known about it all. However, the actor remains a mystery.

More than 20 years ago, the Polish director Agnieszka Holland was able to learn the actor’s close on the set of her paintings “Total Eclipse” based on the play by Christopher Hampton about French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine .

According to her, it was already clear that DiCaprio was a born artist, instinctive sense of the nuances of acting on the big screen.

fearlessness choosing roles

The story takes place in France in the XIX century, Verlaine obsessed with Rimbaud, who is younger than him by ten years. In their dramatic relationship was everything. Emotional dependency, literary ambitions, immoderate libations absinthe and sex

Image copyright AP
Image caption “Titanic” film made Leonardo DiCaprio a world star

it was assumed that the role of Rimbaud play an extremely talented young American actor River Phoenix, but the teen idol, died at age 23 from a drug overdose.

recalls the director Agnieszka Holland, she wanted to Rimbaud played DiCaprio.

“Leonardo has always been fearless in choosing roles, – she said. – It was interesting to go unexplored paths and discover new His father George, who had a huge influence on Leonardo, was very fond of Arthur Rimbaud “

.”. He even was the editor of a book about absinthe, which was popular in the literary circles of Paris. George could not even occurred to his son give up this role, “- continues the director

According to her, she went to the bookstore and found there a T-shirt with the image of Rimbaud young poet looked just like.. DiCaprio. Agnieszka Holland sent agent shirt artist, so began their joint creative work.

himself the subject of the film – the relationship between the two poets, as well as the sex scenes between Rimbaud and Verlaine, played by British actor David Thewlis, were not particularly suitable for Leonardo, rising idol of American teenagers.

Full transformation

“Leonardo was then about 19 years old. But he has not made me a beginner experience – says the director of Holland. – Even then, he was one of the most mature artists from those with whom I have worked. The fact that he is still very young, we remembered, when they saw him in the breaks between filming: for example, he could fool around and be capricious about what he ordered for lunch or dinner, or for other reasons “


Image copyright PA
Image caption in his youth Leonardo was considered a teen idol, but the actor was closely into this framework

” but I saw him play in the film “this Boy’s Life” with Robert de Niro or in the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (both films filmed in 1993). He was obviously very talented. After the death of River Phoenix Leonardo was the most surprising of all the young actors of his generation. Without it, I was not able to stay in his film, “- says Agnieszka Holland

.” At the very beginning of the film Rambo 16 years, and I had to have the audience did not arise in this question. Leonardo perfectly succeeded, but at the same time he was mature beyond his years. I did not look his own film for a long time, but has recently shown it to his students and was again impressed with his game. I think this is one of his best roles – the director says. – Today, stories about gay men are becoming more popular. But while such a role to play in the boy from California was not easy. David Thewlis, who played Verlaine, largely helped by Leonardo “.

” From conversations with Leonardo, I realized that he had an incredibly deep emotional imagination. It becomes a kind of bridge, a medium through which the soul of the character is infused into his body, “- says the director

Agnieszka Holland says that DiCaprio has never been a supporter of the classic American approach to the art of acting -. Based method on the use of personal feelings and experience of the artist in the creation of the character’s inner world.

“Leonardo has a reception which is mysterious for anyone who was watching him from the side, even for the director. As soon begins to work the camera, in front of us is not Leonardo, but a completely different person – a character in which he is completely reincarnated “, – shares his observations Holland

mature personality

Stacey Wilson Hunt writes about Hollywood for the American weekly New York Magazine. in her view, the award of Leonardo Di “Oscar” Caprio Award for best Actor is connected not only with his performance in the film “Survivor”.

Image copyright Columbia Pictures
Image caption The film” Django Unchained “(2012), Leonardo DiCaprio (pictured with Jamie Foxx) has played an anti-hero, the direct opposite of his early characters

” This is a good movie, but Hollywood is not the first, it was thought that Leo has long been needed to get a great reward. no film with his participation was not dull or gray, which is not true of actors such as Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise or Will Smith Over the past ten years. In general, people like Leo, sympathy play a special role in Hollywood when it comes to who and what wins, “- says journalist

.” Leo – is a mystery, a mystery to people like them. He somehow manages to be quite a private person, in spite of a number of novels with supermodels. And he was also an activist, it is clear every time in recent years when he holds it in public – says Stacey Wilson Hunt. – And he does not do it for the sake of a witticism, Leo gave millions of dollars to charities that protect the environment “

According to the American journalist, in Leonardo bribes and that the world’s film business, he kept apart:.” last year I was one of the events organized by the Screen Actors Guild, where Leonardo was awarded the award for outstanding work in the humanitarian field. There were no TV cameras, maybe that’s why Leo was very open and relaxed. Many truly touched his speech in which he acknowledged that the parents – by the way, were in the hall – helped in the formation of his character media-landscape has-caption full-width “”

Image copyright Twentieth Century Fox
Image caption Leonardo DiCaprio, according to many, just have I have received “Oscar” for the main role in the film “Survivor”

“His parents were people of bohemia, which gave him the opportunity to find yourself. Immediately evident that they are very close to Leonardo – continues journalist. – Leo also learned to use the media for the benefit of charitable organizations it supports. Among his Hollywood friends – actor Mark Ruffalo, who is also known as an activist. Despite all this, Leonardo remains enigmatic personality. He or prefers something to keep in yourself, or become incredibly mature person “p>

h2 class =>. “- Not a snob

As the director Agnieszka Holland, even in 1990s, when there were shooting the film “Total eclipse”, she was confident that DiCaprio did not want to become a teen idol, but in front of him waiting for “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic”.

“Leonardo wanted to be brave. I know that he did not like being so childishly fragile, almost androgynous. I think that after “Titanic” he wanted to show everyone that he is – a serious actor, able to play large, significant role. But in “total eclipse”, and “Titanic” it is incredibly beautiful. Leonardo has a gift of making everything easy with humor and irony, even though this is not particularly reflected in the “Survivor”.

Image copyright TIMOTHY A. CLARY AFP
Image caption popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become the new UN peace envoy on climate change

How Agnieszka Holland explains that DiCaprio never “went off the rails,” as is often the case with some of his colleagues in Hollywood, too soon became famous and rich ?

“we shot” Total eclipse “in Paris, Brussels and Djibouti, but wherever we were going, it was clear that he stands firm on his feet, – says Agnieszka Holland. – He always remained true to his roots and devoted to his family. He respects people, not because they are known or are rich, but because of their human qualities. It is not “

.” Snob When someone endowed with a special talent, we can say that it is – God’s providence. Of course, all these years, he has worked hard to polish their skills. But if you look at the beginning of his career, even before the “total eclipse” talent manifested itself in him from the very first steps. “


Medvedev has proposed to hold a meeting on the coal industry after the accident at the mine “North” – Vedomosti

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to hold a meeting on the development of the coal industry, taking into account the prevailing economic conditions in the country.

“We need a whole to discuss the situation in the coal industry, not only in connection with the tragic accident, but in the overall context, bearing in mind the current situation in the economy”, – he said during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister on Monday, referring to the accident at the Vorkuta mine “North”, which led to the deaths of 36 people.

Medvedev proposed to plan an appropriate meeting, having worked as the security issues and issues of economic development of the industry.


Cry out for the whole family Leo: DiCaprio fans celebrating victory – BBC News

Ceremony “Oscar” this year was marked by a long-awaited victory for Leonardo DiCaprio. Film Academy has finally recognized the merits of the actor in front of Hollywood: DiCaprio named best actor for his role in “Survivor” film. His fans could breathe easy

For DiCaprio experienced fans around the world, as well as colleagues. And who are worried more – one more question. For example, a colleague and a friend of the actor Kate Winslet burst into tears right in the auditorium to hear that her partner in the film “Titanic” has finally won the award.

The very Kate was nominated for “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film “Steve Jobs”, but the statue has never received. However, it was her did not seem particularly upset. Joy for DiCaprio, whom Winslet ever since the “Titanic” strong friendship ties, overpowered. Photos touching moment placed in his “Twitter” ABC company.

The audience seems to feel about the same feelings.

Meanwhile, since the release of rental “Titanic” has passed 18 years. Residents of “Twitter” compared the pictures of those times with the photos with “Oscar-2016″. “Lord, Kate and Leo suited my parents!” – I wrote one of the users



“Oscars 2016″: DiCaprio – Best Actor, Best Film – “Spotlight” – BBC Russian

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The main role in the film “Survivor” brought Leonardo DiCaprio first “Oscar” for his long acting career -. after six unsuccessful nominations

“Survivor” was awarded two more prestigious Academy awards: Alejandro Inarritu received the “Oscar” for best director, and Emmanuel Lyubettski – as the best operator

The prize for the best film, the surprise of many, went to the film “In the spotlight” – about. exposing journalists Boston Globe newspaper pedophiles in the Catholic church.

The award for best female lead had Brie Larson, played in the drama “Room”.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption In the photo from left to right: the winner of the “Oscar” for best Supporting actor Mark Raylens, best actress Brie Larson, best actor Leonardo DiCaprio, best Supporting actress Alicia Vikander

In his speech after receiving the statuette 41 years DiCaprio said that in no way does not address today’s award as a matter of course. He called as well to treat the earth’s environment

“Climate change is real, they happen right now This is the most urgent threat to our mind, and we must act collectively and work together.” -. He said


Di Caprio was not the only one who used the Dolby Theater podium in Los Angeles, which hosted the ceremony to draw attention to a variety of acute social problems.

The US Vice-President Joe Biden and singer Lady Gaga urged viewers do not remain on the sidelines if they witnessed sexual violence. Lady Gaga was nominated for “Oscar” for his song Til It Happens To You on the same subject, written for the movie “hunting territory”, but the reward is not received, giving the Briton Sam Smith, sang the title song for the next episode of “James Bond” – “Spectrum “.

Sam Smith, in turn, coming on the scene, called for the cessation of discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people around the world.

The theme of discrimination hanging over” Oscars “shadow immediately after the nominations announcement, because among them there was not one black. Many activists considered it racist and called for boycotting the ceremony.

Image copyright Getty

Over this entire evening scoff leading the ceremony, a black comedian Chris Rock. “I’m at the ceremony, Academy Awards, also known as Winners Choice of white people. Well you know, that if they nominated entertainer, I would not have taken”.

The only Russian film to be nominated for “Oscar” in this year was the animated short “We can not live without space”, but in the end the statuette in the appropriate category went to Chilean “Bear stories.”

Most of the “Oscar”, but mostly in technical categories, received the film “Mad Max: fury road” George Miller



Sunday, February 28, 2016

“Oscar” for Best Director goes to Alejandro Inarritu – REGNUM

Los Angeles, USA, February 29, 2016, 07:39 – REGNUM “Oscar” in the category “Best Director” has received Alejandro Inarritu , author of the picture « Survivor » . This was announced today during a live broadcast the 88th ceremony of “Oscar – 2016″. The theater Dolby in Los Angeles

In addition to the best direction, “Survivor” claimed “Oscar” as early as eleven nominations that in 2016 a record. Pictures and Iñárritu fought for “ Best Film”, “Best Actor” ( Leonardo DiCaprio ), «Best Actor” ( Tom Hardy ), «Best operator”, “Best costume Design”, “Best sound”, “Best Editing” and “Best sound editing”, “Best visual effects”, “The best make-up and hairstyles” and “Best Art Direction “.

Recall Leonardo DiCaprio four times has been nominated for” Oscar “, but so far it was never received.

but for director Alejandro Inarritu this is not the first award of the US Academy Award. In 2014 he became the owner of three “Oscar” for staging, producing and writing the script for the comedy-drama “The Birdman».

Learn the art of directing Iñárritu began as a producer of television shows and music programs. His feature debut was the 2000 film “Amores Perros”, which brought the novice director nomination for the prestigious film festivals and international fame.

Western thriller “Survivor” Inarritu filmed on the novel by Michael Panke . Events unfolding in the north-west of America at the beginning of the XIX century. Wounded-bear hunter Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes the victim of treachery and forced to challenge the primitive nature, the harsh winter and the hostile tribes of Indians, in order to survive and take revenge.

Implementation of the project began in August 2001, but was spread over immense period due to the many changes of producers, actors and producers.

in the end, the producers of the film have become Arnon Milchan , Steve Golin , Alejandro Inarritu , Mary Parent and Keith Redmon . Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter .

To date, the film has received more than 30 different awards, including three award “Golden globe” and “Oscar».

Nominees «Ockar 2016» were announced January 14. Total for the award in the category “Best Director” put forward five pictures, among them:

  • biographical drama “Spotlight” Thomas McCarthy;
  • biographical drama “Game a fall “of Adam McKay;
  • thriller” Mad Max: Road fury “by George Miller;
  • drama-Western” Survivor “Alejandro Inarritu;
  • drama” Room . “Leonard Abrahamson

Read and review of the film” room “: Punching the wall head, think about what you will do in the next room

«Oscar» – one of the oldest film awards that the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts presents every year in late February – early March. According to Academy rules, “Oscar” marked the most outstanding achievements in the field of cinema. The ceremony is broadcast in dozens of countries live.

«Oscar» The ceremony in 2016 was the comedian and actor Chris Rock , already once successfully proved himself in this role in the 2005- m. Recall that last year the lead played actor Neil Patrick Harris , played incomparable Barney Stinson in the TV series “How I Met Your Mother».

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In Los Angeles, it started ceremony “Oscars” – BBC

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In the hall Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, started 88th award ceremony of the American Academy Award “Oscar”. Nominees and guests before the show went on the red carpet and talked with fans and pose for photographers

On the victory in the main category “Best Film” claims eight pictures:. “Bearish” Adam McKay’s “Spy Bridge “Steven Spielberg,” Brooklyn “by John Crowley,” Mad Max: fury Road “George Miller’s” The Martian “Ridley Scott’s” Survivor “Alejandro González Iñárritu,” Room “Lenny Abrahamson and” spotlight “by Thomas McCarthy.

Russia in the category “Best Animated Short Film” is a cartoon, “We can not live without space” Constantine Bronzit.

«Times” is the text online translation <. /> b> ceremony

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Waiting for the “Oscar” in the US, presented the award “Independent Spirit” – BBC Russian

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption “Independent spirit” is traditionally awarded on the eve of the ceremony “Oscar

“focus” – a film directed by Thomas McCarthy of journalistic investigation of cases of pedophilia in the Catholic church in Boston won the “Independent spirit” (Independent spirit Awards), which awarded motion picture, whose budget does not exceed $ 5 million

The film tells the story of journalists Boston Globe newspaper, which expose numerous cases of pedophilia among Catholic priests in the United States;. this story is based on real facts and created a sensation in the world.

Image copyright AP
Image caption British Idris Elba was the first to appear on American television

British actor Idris Elba won the award for best Supporting actor in the film “Rootless beasts” ( Beasts of No Nation).

Image copyright Getty Images

Actor Abraham Atta, made its debut in the same film won the award for best Actor role.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The winner in the category for best Actress Brie Larson critics promise “Oscar”

Award “Independent spirit” handed Brie Larson, awarding it ” best Actress “in the film” Room “.

Critics have not ruled out that Brie Larson can give for best Actress, and” Oscar. “

also read: :.

Awards – “Golden raspberry” and “Independent spirit” is traditionally awarded on the eve of the main ceremony of “Oscars”

this year, the prize value of “Independent spirit” has increased markedly against the background of the ongoing debate on what the lack of ethnic diversity among Hollywood artists.


In Hollywood, he was awarded “Razzie” for worst film of the year – BBC Russian

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Image caption Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan starred in the movie “50 shades of gray “

In Los Angeles, announced the winners of the prize” Golden raspberry “. The worst films of the year recognized by “50 shades of gray” and “Fantastic Four”.

Leading actors in the film “50 shades of gray” Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson won in the category “Worst Actor” and “Worst Actress”, respectively and became the worst acting duo. In addition, the “Golden Raspberry” went to Kelly Marcel for the screenplay for the film.

Eddie Redmayne was recognized as the worst performer of the role of the second plan, and just a year ago, he also received an Oscar for the performance of the best male role.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption British actor Eddie Redmayne received the dubious award for his role in the film” Jupiter Ascending “

He received this dubious prize for taking part in a fantastic action movie” Jupiter Ascending “, filmed Lana Wachowski and Andrew, who has received very low ratings of critics and flopped at the box office.

The new launch of the franchise, “Fantastic four” did not bring success to director Josh Trank. It is recognized as the worst director of last year, and the film – the worst remake of

Humorous ceremony of the contest “Golden Raspberry” is traditionally carried out in Los Angeles the day before the main awards ceremony Oscar

<.. p> the organizers ridicule nominees, which are chosen by voting of the public, arranging comic scenes

at this time, in the hall was attended by actor portraying Donald Trump.; his appearance reminded that Trump, seeking approval for a presidential candidate from the Republican Party itself in 1990 received a “Razzie” for his role in the film “Ghosts powerless”, where he played himself.

audience always waiting for the ceremony will come the actors themselves to get the dubious prize, but this has not happened since 2010, when Sandra Bullock was at the ceremony and received the “Golden raspberry” personally.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The film “50 shades of gray” It based on the erotic novel EL James (right)

The founder of the competition “Golden Raspberry” John Wilson was delighted with how terrible were this year’s nominees.

Talking about the film “Jupiter Ascending” he said in an interview with BBC BBC: “it’s a crazy movie, and its central mad scene – is when Eddie Redmayne becomes emperor of the universe of the five nominated films.” Jupiter Ascending “is certainly the worst” .


Natalia Krachkovskaya got to resuscitation – REGNUM

Moscow, February 28, 2016, 11:05 – REGNUM The Soviet and Russian film and stage actress, Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Krachkovskaya got to resuscitation. On this day, 28 February, reports, “Russian news service».

It is reported that the actress was hospitalized in the First City Hospital in Moscow. She’s in intensive care. Doctors assess the condition Krachkovskaya as severe.

It is specified that the 77-year-old Krachkovskaya was hospitalized with suspected myocardial infarction. The other day she complained of malaise, but the hospital refused to go.

Recall Krachkovskaya his career starred in over 80 movies. She usually battered supporting roles, but it’s always been memorable distinctive characters.

July 22, 2015 Krachkovskaya also got to resuscitation of the First City Hospital with hydrostatic pulmonary edema.

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Actor Bronevoy not hospitalized and feels fine – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, February 27 – RIA Novosti The People’s Artist of the USSR, Leonid Armour is at home and feels well, told RIA Novosti in the theater “Lenkom”, where he worked Artist

.. Previously reported hospitalization of actor.

“Information that Leonid S. fell down the stairs and was hospitalized, does not correspond to reality. He accidentally cut his hand at home, and the ambulance took him to the . emergency room, where he was treated and stitched up the wound after he was sent home, where now is and, thank God, feels normal, “-. According to the theater



Natalia Krachkovskaya is in intensive care – BBC

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Status actress Natalia Krachkovskaya is serious, it is in the intensive care unit, according to RIA “Novosti” with reference to the information service of the Moscow of the First City hospital

«serious condition, it is a 15-m (department) resuscitation” -. said the report

. Previous reported that the actress was admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack.

in June 2015 Natalia Krachkovskaya fell to the hospital with pulmonary edema caused by heart attack.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yoko Ono left the hospital and feels well – REGNUM

New York, USA, 28 February 2016, 04:17 – REGNUM The widow of the legendary Fab four member John Lennon returned home from the hospital. Life Yoko Ono is not in danger, said Feb. 27 the son of Ono and Lennon Sean Lennon on his page on Twitter.

Lennon Jr. thanked all worried about the health of the mother, for their concern. “She is at home and feels like normal. In the end, it’s just the flu, “-. He wrote

As previously reported IA Regnum, 83-year-old artist Yoko She was taken to a hospital in New York. Despite the fact that the representative of Lennon’s widow once said that the reason for hospitalization related to influenza, this message has caused concern among It fans, as some media reported that the woman was hospitalized due to stroke.

Read earlier in this story: John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono was in the hospital

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