Wednesday, February 17, 2016

McCartney refused to let the party “Grammy» – – News

at the afterparty usually go on the invitation what nobody invited? And it is strange that none of those present did not think to say “this guy with me”)))

The scandal at Grammys: Sir Paul McCartney was not allowed to after-party premium, deciding that it is not cool

The news we write with great sadness. Taki fell on those days when one of the richest, famous, famous people in the world, winner of numerous awards, the author loved by millions of hits, Sir Paul McCartney turned an unwelcome guest at the Grammy afterparty. We certainly feel solidarity with the former “Beatle” – we, too many parties were not allowed. But in this case it seems to us that the world turned upside down.

The story was what it is. McCartney decided to have fun with your friends, and what looked to afetapi Grammy rapper arranged Tiga. He went to the door, where the party took place in the company of singer Beck (last year he won a Grammy for best album) and Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters. And-just ask bulls at the entrance, they say, as we would razmutit bracelets at the entrance. Instead, to pave the path of his body and sprinkle rose petals path legend, said to him: “Who knows, Paul, it’s not easy. Sorry, but no”. What zonked McCartney said: “As far as a VIP, we have to be?”. Then Sir Paul (well since I arrived), made another attempt to spend time with friends, but he made it clear that he’s not a welcome guest. Then the company went to another place

Paul (who, incidentally, 20 Grammy) said loudly Beku jokingly. “I think we need a hit, another hit,” to which the actor replied: “In next year, dude, we will write “.

we would like to remind one more sad story on this topic. After a couple of years ago Sir Paul recorded a joint track with Kanye West, appeared in Twitter entries, over which all laughed for a long time. For example: “And who is this – Paul McCartney? That’s what I like Kanye, he helps young artists. ” Or: “I do not know who this Paul, but he should thank Kanye for the fact that he gave it a real head start in a career!”. It was then that we were laughing, but now somehow sad was.

That said the organizers of the party, when we learned that Sir Paul and Nancy, and Beck and his wife were in their club, and they were not allowed?

The rapper Teague said he knows that McCartney – is a legend, but it is not very upset that he did not get into their club. Muzykat Bow-Wow at first did not believe it, “Paul was with us at the club and he was not allowed Oh, you must be lying!”. But then he said that he was only 28 years old, and Tighe – 26, and they prenadlezhat “other”, the “new” generation. To which McCartney does not belong. So, apparently, the bouncers did not let him, and

Profile “manual”

Sir Paul McCartney. 73. Known as one of the founders of “The Beatles”, people who wrote the songs that were included in the various reytigi, loved by millions of people around the world. After the “Beatles” performed with the group Wings, then embarked on a successful solo career. 24 tracks of Sir Paul reached the first place in the charts in Britain – it is more than that of any other artist. Also he wrote or co-wrote 32 singles, led the top hundred charts Billboard. Awards and titles: one “Oscar” for the film “Let it be”, seven “Brit Awards”, 21 Grammy (6 – as a solo artist), is the title of Knight in 1997, CBE, etc.. Included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful musician and composer of contemporary history. The song «Yesterday» ranked first in the number of recorded her cover versions – more than 3700. Included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sold records: Over 100 million during his solo career, with more than 600 million Beatles



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