Thursday, February 18, 2016

The terrorist attacks in Turkey: Ankara blames the Kurds reject accusations – TASS

MOSCOW, February 18. / TASS /. More than 30 people were killed and over 60 were injured in two terrorist attacks in Turkey. The country’s leadership accused of these crimes Kurdish factions. The Kurds deny their involvement. Meanwhile, detained for 14 people on the terrorist attack in Ankara.

Turks established those responsible

Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu blamed for the terrorist attack in Ankara on the members of the Kurdish groups operating in Turkey and Syria.

“we have gathered intelligence in connection with an event a terrorist attack. at the moment, we are up we can say that for assault are responsible members of the terrorist group People’s self-defense Forces (SNA Syrian Kurds), infiltrated from Syria and associated with operating in Turkey’s separatist terrorist organization (Kurdistan Workers’ party, the PKK – approx Tass.) “, – he said. Turkey considers the PKK a terrorist group, and SNA -. Its Syrian wing

According to Davutoglu, “terrorist act artist – born in Syria Salih Nedzhar”.

“I appeal to those who are still does not see the SNA terrorist organization, I hope that the rest of the country, finally saw it we have all the evidence anyone who says that the SNA -… are not terrorists, we document and we will continue operations against the terrorist organization Our.. army has all the features and power to defend the country and will do so resolutely, “- he said,

.” Our opposition to violations of the border with Syria will continue attacks on Turkey will not remain unanswered army will continue to strike.. SNA in northern Syria, “- said the Turkish Prime Minister

The authorities on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in Ankara has already arrested 14 people, said in his turn, President Tayyip Erdogan.. “Detentions exactly will continue on this figure, they will not stop.” – He said,

The Kurds deny involvement

Commenting on the strong statements of Turkish leaders about the involvement of the Kurds to the current acts of terrorism in the country, one of the. leaders Kurdish party “Democratic alliance” (which is the military wing of the SNA) Saleh Muslim categorically denied the accusations. “We are not associated with these bombings, as well as what is happening in Turkey,” – he said

At the same time, Muslim expressed the opinion that the explosion in Ankara similar to other attacks that are arranged before an extremist organization. “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia).

in an interview with The Wall Street Journal American newspaper, he said that the Turkish government is trying to use the terrorist attack in Ankara, to discredit the Syrian Kurds and destabilize the situation in the SAR. Muslim also stated that Turkey is trying to use the terrorist attack committed on Wednesday to drive a wedge between the United States and the forces of Syrian Kurds. “Turkey is seeking an escalation of violence in Syria,” – he stressed. According to Muslim, Ankara hopes to convince other states that SNA is a terrorist group. “Turkey wants to tarnish the SNA in the eyes of the world powers, – he said -. But they know that SNA is fighting against terrorism rather than committing terrorist acts”

Claims to Moscow and not only

After the terrorist attack in Ankara, Davutoglu made a critical attack against Moscow. “I warn Russia not to use the SNA, which it supports with air helps move in Azaz, against innocent people in Syria against Turkey,” – he said. The Prime Minister noted that “Russia has condemned the attack” in Ankara. “This is a good sign, but condemnation is not enough”, – he stated

In Moscow categorically rejected the statement by the head of the Turkish government.. “It is absolutely unacceptable are the statements of Turkish officials that Russia supports hidden LIH (” Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant “- formerly banned in the Russian terrorist group IG),” – said at the briefing Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova. “It is amazing to hear these statements by the Prime Minister, as a result of action which is in the south-east of his country about 200 thousand residents were forced to leave their homes and killed more than 500 civilians”, – she added

It is indicative that. Ankara laid claim not only to Moscow. Indirect reproach was addressed to the Allies and Turkey. “We can not justify any cooperation from NATO countries with the SNA We appeal to all the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of our countries-allies and give them the documents (for SNA).”, – Said Davutoglu. He also warned that “the intention to use against Turkey pawns terrorists will return like a boomerang to those who do it”.

What will happen next?

The terrorist activity in Turkey shows that extremists can not be put at the service of the public interest, the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state Development Andrei Klishas. “We need to understand that terrorists nobody has been able with impunity to put itself at the service of this mad dogs, which sooner or later will bite its master, that we saw in the case of” Al-Qaeda “(banned in the Russian terrorist group) and the United States or” Islamic state “in the case of Turkey,” – he said,

according to Tass, Ambassador at Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the director of the Center for partnership MGIMO civilizations expert discussion club “Valdai” Veniamin Popov, the cause of the current in Turkey alarming. situation are the actions of Erdogan. “Military solution of the Kurdish problem has now, when he fires the Kurds, it is clear that the Kurds react to what he does is necessary to find ways for the political decision-making..” -. The diplomat

According to him “separate terrorist attack must be analyzed in the general context”. “Turkey found itself in a very difficult situation to spoil relations with Russia, Turkey quickly spoil relations with the West’s relations with neighbors is also not brilliant -… Neither Armenia, nor Greece, nor with Cyprus not to talk about Syria, because there is an open war. There are also problems with Iraq – remember the storm that was played after entering to Turkish troops, “- said the expert

The founder and director of the Center for regional and strategic studies.” al-Sharq “, the expert club” Valdai “Mustafa al -Labbad also confident that Turkey’s problem now is, first of all, in the president’s actions. “He should reconsider its policy to Turkey again at peace,” – TASS Egyptian political analyst, said

“We are not investigators to say about who is behind the attack (in Ankara), but it is politics. (Erdogan) encourages such actions both within Turkey and from outside Turkey, “- said he

According to al-Labbadia Erdogan.” opposed to the Kurds in Turkey, opposed to LIH, opposed Syria, Iran and Russia. ” This, the analyst warned, could lead to the most unpredictable consequences.


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