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Tamara Melnikova: Lermontov troubled savings topic Russia – Russian newspaper

Director of “Tarhan” Tamara Melnikova knows how to make the perfect museum-reserve: Russian state award in the field of literature and art in 2014 she had just received from the President, in particular, for the promotion creative heritage Mikhail Lermontov. Does the current legislation to revive the tradition of estate culture? Is it important today that bothered once Lermontov? And where are they – “Heroes of our time”? All this “RG” and talked with Tamara Melnikova.

In the past year, not only celebrated the anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov – its 200th anniversary, but also “Tarhan” was “round” date – the museum 75 years. On this occasion, much restored, reconstructed, put in order. What else is needed “Tarhan,” to be the ideal open-air museum?

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Tamara Melnikova: It’s hard to say what the ideal museum-reserve. For me, “Tarkhany” Tarkhan manor Lermontov Museum-Reserve – a place where Lermontov spent half of his life, and we are committed to the ideal of how to restore the character of the estate and its social and economic opportunities, cultural and historical environment in which educated Mikhail . If we say that’s left to do, you will never get the real answer. Why is that? Because the work in the museum, especially in a museum as Lermontov, can be described as “infinite approximation” to understanding his poetry, his personality. Visitors to understand that this phenomenon is unique in Russian culture – Lermontov.

Infinitely approach also because the monuments that exist, some from the end of the XVIII century, the other from the beginning of XIX, tend to grow old, they have to be restored. And this work is constant, never-ending. Much remains to be studied and do, but today the painful, unresolved major issues we have.

What was the most difficult to restore?

Tamara Melnikova: We have started preparing for the anniversary of the 6 years prior to this date, I am well aware that it is very difficult to meet the 2-4 year. Emotionally heavy was the work on the restoration of the chapel restoration burial Lermontov. His grandmother, Elizabeth A. Arsenyev, burying her grandson on the then existing customs: crypts lined with brick, buried in the tomb and covered. Such vaults Elizabeth A. made three: the first buried her husband, next – his daughter, the mother of Mikhail, and then the poet. Above them erected a chapel. She herself was buried, too, in the “special” crypt. In 1939, when the museum opened, someone had the idea to open access to the tomb of Lermontov. I do not know what guided these people, but the entrance was placed under the ground, destroyed burial grandmother, destroyed the crypt, which is buried Lermontov and his lead coffin, which was brought from Pyatigorsk in 1842, put on display.

People were going down for a long time, stood by the coffin. Not such was the desire of Elizabeth Alexeevna, when she erected this chapel. We have restored everything as it was at the Arsenyev. It’s not just the historical justice, but also an ethical and religious norms. To our delight, none of the visitors do not reproach us in this.

In Need has been museum and educational center for visitors to the museum: a hotel, exhibition hall, conference room, dining room and so on. It was necessary to “punch” and a building permit, and construction financing. Everything was decided with the support of VV Putin’s.

The keeper of the house-museum in Moscow Lermontov Lentsova Valentine told me that his dream to establish a connection with all the Lermontov Museum: Taman, Pyatigorsk, Tarkhany. So that visitors in live time could see the interesting things happening there, connect to some actions in a mode online. Do you support this idea?

Tamara Melnikova: My answer is unequivocal – no. I was not the first time I say that I do not want to let all of these media resources in the “Tarkhany.” People arrived in “Tarkhany” should breathe fresh air, listen to wonderful poetry of Lermontov, a break from computers, televisions and other equipment. Man to the extent currently tortured flow of diverse information and think that somehow he had no time. I want to “Tarkhany” became a place where “and believe, and cries, and so easy, easy …”.

Perhaps this interactive communication makes sense in the big holidays, anniversaries. But not often. I love Valentine Bronislavovna Lentsovu, a good and competent people just do not know, but this idea is not to my liking.

“Tarhan” know the problems faced by other reserve museums: the struggle for conservation areas, landscape conservation, cottage villages with?

Tamara Melnikova: Even as familiar. And maybe, these problems will affect us more. There were many attempts to use, firstly, the museum-reserve for all sorts of festivities and amusement, do not have nothing to do with Lermontov, or his time. We are not easy, but strongly managed. A few years ago, a businessman Penza took 10 hectares of our territory, though not reserved, and the buffer zone. There was a struggle. And we won. Do not give an inch of ground. It is given always very hard. My position is that as soon as you see that there is a threat, or just heard about it, we must take immediate action, not bethink when driven equipment, excavated and began to build something.

Museum workers say a lot about the legal framework necessary to defend the rights of these protected sites. What changes in the legislation you are missing?

Tamara Melnikova: The main thing – to work those laws that have been adopted. Many do not have regulations. But you can make and additions to the existing order. For example, in which the role played by security agencies Provincial Department of Culture. Some of these functions to control the preservation of landscapes and adherence reserved and protected areas should be transferred to the reserves themselves. When construction begins, no one in the central provincial city did not yet know. It begins correspondence. It is always delayed and sometimes leads to irreparable things. Why do people blame on features that may act as the museum-reserve? We are also state institutions, better know the situation more see here on the spot. I would like this to become a lawful order.

For you literary education, he graduated from the historical-philological faculty of Penza Pedagogical Institute. Admit to Lermontov was always partial or fell “on duty” as running “Tarkhany”?

Tamara Melnikova: I knew Lermontov not well enough to give him the preference. But when I began to deal with them, I have conquered the world – and it’s not a “duty”. Lermontov amazing person and so when you start to perceive it, to open – feel that it is absolutely boundless, inexhaustible and very modern. In addition, and in tune with my perception of the world.

How many more blind spots in his biography of the poet or all of the puzzles have unraveled?

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Tamara Melnikova: Hard to say. He’s miserable life, little material about him survived. I am not suggesting that there may be some fundamental new discoveries. We have to peck at grain by grain, something stored in the archive. We work a lot in the Penza archive, find materials about his family, about some of the details of everyday life, they are also largely help to gradually learn Lermontov. But still the main source – it is his poetry, creativity. Good help – memoirs of contemporaries Lermontov.

You say that Lermontov date. And what of that care Lermontov important now?

Tamara Melnikova: In the first place, the theme of saving Russia, its independence. Lermontov felt that his country is rich in absolutely everything: and subsoil, and the people and their emotions, talents. It is not just understood he loved. All that it was very expensive. He must by nature was a Russian man with all the strengths of this concept: fearlessness and love for his native land, sincerity. Lermontov was afraid that Russia may lose its peculiarity. He wrote that we live an independent life and to bear its distinctive universal. He believed that we should not reach for Europe. There is a wonderful poem “Again, people … opment,” he wrote in response to European newspapers and magazines, accused Russia of all sins in connection with the uprising in Poland. He wrote expressively, hard and passionately defending their country. In addition, he was a soldier, a member of the Caucasian War, which was exiled king.

In the modern poets follow? Among them someone who means so as Lermontov, contemporaries?

Tamara Melnikova: I know many poets. I do not want to offend anyone, but if measured by Lermontov – this so I’m afraid no one in Russia, and will not be. Tolstoy wrote that if this young man had lived a little longer, it would not need neither he nor Dostoevsky. Chekhov insisted that he taught to write in this way: would take Lermontov product lines and deciphered them. Akhmatova wrote that the word obey him like a snake-caster. Block said that most literary critics and writers eschew Lermontov, because it many simply “too tough”.

Lermontov – an amazing figure, it is difficult to put on a par with those who lived in the golden age of Russian literature. And now – even not talking. There is talent, and there are geniuses. Lermontov – a genius.

The hero of our time – sustainable phrase that came into our lives. In whose books seek today students of characters – to use them to find answers to important questions essential time?

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Tamara Melnikova: We have somehow got used to interpret the strange image of the hero of our time . Lermontov could see who was the hero of his time. I totally agree with the fact that Pechorin “superfluous man”. What is he overweight? He served, he combat officer. Yes, he was a fatalist, he was bored – because it failed to realize themselves and the lifetime is wasted. This now happens. But the man himself makes himself. Every age has its heroes. Lermontov need to learn how to see them, how to write. Pechorin – a person is not so much mysterious as unrealized. It behaves irresponsibly – but not in relation to their employment and in relation to women. Learning is possible even from his mistakes. It’s also very important.

And the modern literature has much to learn?

Tamara Melnikova: I very much like Chekhov, like the playwright Ostrovsky. They are in our modern time. In order not to leave the head in the quagmire of the time that’s necessary to read such literature. Read and Lermontov – it helps me to live.

The newly discovered Agatha Christie. Whatever I may say that it is only a detective writers – for me it is a profound philosopher. Writer smart, shrewd. Another discovery for me – Scottish novelist Rosamunde Pilcher. Can not read it with indifference. She loves everything – life, people, their homeland. Here we would have found a writer who would have started writing about Russia.

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400 Nizhny Novgorod students do not pass a basic exam in mathematics – BBC News

57 graduates of Nizhny Novgorod schools passed the exam on the Russian language for 100 points. Last year there were 34 “stoballnika.” Preliminary results of the exam has told reporters today the Minister of Education of Nizhny Novgorod Region Sergei Naumov. 14 100 points surrendered literature, the same “stoballnikov” in chemistry.

However, not all students managed to overcome even the minimum threshold. A little more than two thousand people – almost a fifth of all those who have chosen the exam – have not passed the math profile level. Nearly 400 students from 7500 did not pass the exam on basic mathematics. 34 graduates did not pass the first time the Russian language. The guys have already had the opportunity to re-take a single exam. The results will be summarized at the beginning of July. Overall, the level of the results of USE – said the regional minister of education – except for three items above nationwide.

Sergey Naumov, Minister of Education of the Nizhny Novgorod region, said: “The result in 2015 in all subjects, except for three – profile Mathematics Social Studies and English – is that the average score for the Nizhny Novgorod Region of the Russian language was 68, according to Rossi u 65, 9. In the past year – 64-65 points. In principle, the Russian language in the country there is a problem, and we have them no “.


The Day will be held on Nevsky Dostoevsky four-meter dolls – a REGNUM


St. Petersburg, June 30, 2015, 15:12 – REGNUM a four-meter dolls Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Chekhov and Gogol held Nevsky Prospect in the Day of Dostoevsky. On this, as the correspondent of IA REGNUM today, June 30, said at a press conference in the Culture Committee.

A traditional festival in honor of Fyodor Dostoyevsky will be held this year on July 4. Date selected in connection with the beginning of the novel “Crime and Punishment”, whose action begins on a hot July day. According to the committee Constantine Sukhenko , the name of Dostoevsky in the world perhaps more popular of St. Petersburg, the name of the writer known all over the world.

The exhibition “Dostoevsky’s House” will be shown the installation, Art objects of contemporary artists. In urban areas will host a series of lectures on the works of Dostoevsky and the influence of his work on contemporary authors. Based on the works Petersburg writer will be organized art workshops and a duel between artists and actors of street-art. July 4 will show foreign film adaptation, including Aki Kaurismaki , Luchino Visconti , Andrzej Wajda. The city will conduct tours of the sites of Dostoevsky, for Nevsky Prospekt are walking characters of the XIX century.

In the window “Barrister” on Nevsky will be organized people read the novel “Crime and Punishment.” On Manezh Square held outside the premiere of the film “Crime and Punishment” in 2007. Finished the day Dostoevsky performance FMD-Theatre “In early July, an exceptionally hot” with the participation of 50 actors and groups of Billy’s Band. Performance will affect not only the interpretation of Dostoevsky, but Pushkin, Gogol, the actors will show not only the elements of theater, but also of circus arts.

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Win tickets to a private screening of sci-fi thriller “Terminator: Genesis” – information-service portal Voronezh

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The portal “My! Online” and the national cinema chain Cinema Park
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This film thousands of fans were waiting for the “Terminator” worldwide. Raleigh
 perform picture Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke and Jai

The story: When John Connor, leader of the resistance, the sergeant sends Kyle Reese
 back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and save the future, unexpected
 turn of events creates a rift in time. Sergeant Reese is new,
 unknown version of the past, where he meets unexpected allies, including
 Terminator, dangerous new enemies, and a new mission: to change the future …

The program starts at 19.30
start running in 20.00

To get a ticket to the screening of movies
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What business name
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The answers send mail: kino@kpv.ru to 17 hours. The winners will be
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Rosobrnadzor summed up the preliminary results of the exam in 2015 – a REGNUM


Moscow, June 30, 2015, 10:13 – REGNUM In 2015 the exam held in 85 regions of the Russian Federation and 52 foreign countries (for schools at embassies, military units of the Russian Federation and others). Just USE participated 725,000 people (in 2014 – 733 thousand. 368), of which 650 thousand people – graduates of the current year (2014 g.- 684 thousand. 574), the correspondent reported June 30 IA REGNUM at Rosobrnadzor.

For the exam was organized by the PES 5700 (2014 – 5872). More than 20 thousand. People were accredited as observers to the public.

In order to ensure transparency of the examination procedures in some regions were further sent 150 federal inspectors and 2,000 federal observers. Monitoring exams smotriege portal. Russian Federation carries out more than 10 thousand. on-line monitors.

The most popular subjects of choice, as in the past year were: social studies (51.2% of the participants passed the exam); Physics (22%); History (20%); biology (17.4%).

The total number of stoballnikov exam in all subjects in 2015 – 3922 people (in 2014 – 3705 persons).

It should be noted, in 2015, managed to avoid the exam tourism, leakage control test materials and a variety of other problems that accompanied the unified state exam in previous years.

As reported IA REGNUM , on June 26 in Russia completed the delivery of EGE-2015 in reserve days. The main wave of the USE was launched on May 25 and lasted to 18 June. Then, from 22 to 26 June began reserve days of the USE. According Rosobrnadzor, exams passed in 2015 as objectively as possible, there was no leakage of examination materials and serious crashes.

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Rosobrnadzor summed up the preliminary results of the exam in 2015 – a REGNUM


Moscow, June 30, 2015, 10:13 – REGNUM In 2015 the exam held in 85 regions of the Russian Federation and 52 foreign countries (for schools at embassies, military units of the Russian Federation and others). Just USE participated 725,000 people (in 2014 – 733 thousand. 368), of which 650 thousand people – graduates of the current year (2014 g.- 684 thousand. 574), the correspondent reported June 30 IA REGNUM at Rosobrnadzor.

For the exam was organized by the PES 5700 (2014 – 5872). More than 20 thousand. People were accredited as observers to the public.

In order to ensure transparency of the examination procedures in some regions were further sent 150 federal inspectors and 2,000 federal observers. Monitoring exams smotriege portal. Russian Federation carries out more than 10 thousand. on-line monitors.

The most popular subjects of choice, as in the past year were: social studies (51.2% of the participants passed the exam); Physics (22%); History (20%); biology (17.4%).

The total number of stoballnikov exam in all subjects in 2015 – 3922 people (in 2014 – 3705 persons).

It should be noted, in 2015, managed to avoid the exam tourism, leakage control test materials and a variety of other problems that accompanied the unified state exam in previous years.

As reported IA REGNUM , on June 26 in Russia completed the delivery of EGE-2015 in reserve days. The main wave of the USE was launched on May 25 and lasted to 18 June. Then, from 22 to 26 June began reserve days of the USE. According Rosobrnadzor, exams passed in 2015 as objectively as possible, there was no leakage of examination materials and serious crashes.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

In the US, he was hospitalized 92-year-old author of the comic Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man – BBC

In the United States hospitalized author of the popular comic book Stan Lee, transfers edition of TMZ .

The creator of such characters as Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man, was hospitalized one of the medical centers in Los Angeles, directly from his home in Beverly Hills.

The reason for hospitalization of 92-year-old master of the industry – a malaise.

The writer because of sickness could not attend the premiere his new film “Ant-Man».

Stan Lee for many years cooperated with the publishing house Marvel Comics, for which he also created such characters as the Hulk, Thor and Fantastic Four.


Dmitri Hvorostovsky appealed to fans – TVNZ

Operates with financial support from the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications

Today June 30


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In Bryansk memorial plaque partisan Leonid Zhuravlev – IA REGNUM


Bryansk, June 29, 2015, 21:13 – REGNUM The opening of the memorial plaque Partizan Leonid Zhuravlev held today, June 29, Bryansk – by a former firehouse in Bezhitsk area outside Ulyanovsk, BelTA IA REGNUM in the City Hall.

The installed before the board was lost after as the fire moved out of this building. The current owners of the building for their money produced a new plaque, which was opened on the eve of partisans and underground fighters.

At the solemn meeting devoted to this event was attended by the grandson of Leonid Zhuravlev – Igor Zhuravlev , the head of the district administration Bezhitsk Vasily Remizov , Deputy City Council Tatiana Mamonov , Chairman of the District Council Bezhitsk veterans of war, labor, armed forces and law enforcement Asya Konoshenko , Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Bryansk region Gregory Chumasov , staff management, lined up at the building in the guard of honor.

In the summer of 1941 in all areas of the region were formed 72 guerrilla detachment, created more by October 27. In August 1941 Ordzhonikidzegradskim city committee of the CPSU (b) and the NKVD in the city of Orel Region was established five guerrilla groups. When one of them was called “Special Detachment of the NKVD” – it consisted solely of employees of the city police department and fire department workers militarized factory “Red Profintern.” He commanded a detachment senior detective city police department Sergei Denisov . It came and Leonid Zhuravlev, who before the war worked as a physical trainer at the firehouse Bezhitsa. For almost a year he had fought against the occupiers, was deputy commander of the detachment. In June 1942, the village Pershin, Denisov and Gorbachev detachments were surrounded by a large force of punishers. The first attempts to escape did not succeed. With detachment Duque environment was broken, but in the battle Leonid Zhuravlev was killed. His name is in the Book of Memory firehouse Bezhitsk area.

Today, June 29, in the Bryansk region widely celebrated Day of partisans and underground fighters. On the eve of the first in the region has opened a patriotic festival “guerrilla trails of Bryansk”, and today, and the memorial complex “Guerrilla glade” a solemn ceremony of handing over certificates conferring the honorary title of “City of Partisan Glory,” “Village of Partisan Glory,” “City of Partisan Glory “municipalities of the Bryansk region. Honorary titles this year awarded the city Trubchevsk, d. Karbovka Pogarsky district, d. Smelizh Suzemskogo area and n. Suzemka.

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In Yekaterinburg, the center coordinated the project “Hermitage-Ural” – a REGNUM


Yekaterinburg, June 29, 2015, 19:21 – REGNUM Today, the Ministry of State Property Management of the Sverdlovsk region and agreed on documentation submitted a draft set of “Hermitage-Ural” in Ekaterinburg. This cultural and educational center will be placed in the object of cultural heritage “building of the former printing Granite” at street Weiner, 11. The facility will be renovated and adapted for the cultural and educational center. Well prepared and coordinated the project of the monument protection zones of culture, told the Information Policy Department of the governor of Sverdlovsk region correspondent IA REGNUM .

The new center is expected large number of visitors, so the project will entrance bred separately, and will have its foundation. Thus, this solution will fully preserve the historical foundation of the monument. Note that the project received the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and its opening is scheduled for early 2017.

Recall that in the years of the Great Patriotic War in this building housed one of the main repositories evacuated from Leningrad museum “Hermitage”. The first echelon with priceless masterpieces of world culture has arrived in Sverdlovsk July 9, 1941. Then came the end of July and the second echelon. But third echelon take Leningrad and could not, around the city closes the noose. Within five years, the capital of the Middle Urals kept more than two million of the most valuable masterpieces of culture and historical documents. Also continued their work and research activities were evacuated from the city on the Neva, the museum staff. Together with them were evacuated to Sverdlovsk their families and children. Employees of “Hermitage” in addition to the main work in a museum in Sverdlovsk scientific seminars and lectures, engaged in teaching activities in universities of the city.

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For the “Leviathan” and Harry Potter – BBC

The American Film Academy has invited in its membership more than 300 filmmakers – including Andrei Zvyagintsev for “Leviathan”, Eddie Redmayne for Stephen Hawking and Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.

Members of the American Academy may be just 322 film-maker from around the world – received invitations actors, directors and representatives of other kinoprofessy who have made significant contributions to the industry in the past year. To become academicians, all the guests have to give their consent and choose a section in which are going to work.

«Oscar” and his Academy

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences dates back to 1927; at the first banquet in honor of the founding of the present only a few dozen people, and he became the first president of actor Douglas Fairbanks. Two years later the Academy and start handing her the prize, has evolved into a major World Film Award – “Oscar.”

Now the American Academy about 6 thousand. Members who are divided into several sections: the directors choose the winners of the “Oscar” among the directors, the actors – in the four acting categories. Well, vote for the best film everyone.

The selection of new members of the Academy are produced annually, but in 2015 began to call for the most massive. In 2013 and 2014, received 271 invitations and 276 people respectively, while in the previous decade the average Academy became more at 133 people.

Russia and the “Oscar»

Despite the openness of the American Academy for foreigners, our compatriots among its members a bit: director Andrei Konchalovsky, who worked for many years in the United States, Marina Goldovskaya documentarian and producer and screenwriter Rustam Ibrahimbeyov.

But the “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev really became an event of world cinema – and it was noted that a variety of prestigious awards and nominations.

The film is about domestic scenario actually won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival, became the first Russian winner of the “Golden Globe” and entered the short list of “Oscar”. Zvyagintsev, by the way, have to choose a section – and he was invited as a director and as a writer. And it made him not only for the “Leviathan”, but also for the previous picture – “Helen” (the prize of the “Un Certain Regard” at the Cannes Film Festival). The director did not comment on the invitation to the academy.

Foreign colleagues Zvyagintsev

Foreign directors general in this year’s Academy has invited a lot. Academics can become Zaza Urushadze (Georgia), claimed to “Oscar” for the film “Tangerine” and Polish Pavel Pawlikowski, who won the “Oscar” for the drama “Ida.”

However, there were the first conscientious objectors: film director from Finland Pirjo Honkasalo rejected a proposal by the American Film Academy, he told local media that would like to join the organization, which could influence decisions. She criticized the nomination “Best foreign language film” and expressed confidence that an important role in the presentation of “Oscars” lobbyists play and friendship.

More demographics

Oscar Academy is regularly criticized for its composition: too many men (75%), white (almost 95%) and older (average age – 63 years). President Cheryl Boone Isaacs Academy, presenting the candidates this year, expressed the hope that they will help to improve the local demographics. In addition, she pointed out that among the invited many heads of production companies and directors who have the power to combat discrimination in the film industry.

For example, among the guests was an African-American actor David Oyelouo, which was nominated for the role of Martin Luther King in the film Ava Duvernet “Selma” to “Golden Globe”, a few black actors and a representative of the Native Americans Sonny Skyhawk, has actors from Asia – Song Kang-Ho and Choi Min-Sik.

Among those invited to the academy actresses – Felicity Jones, Rosamund Pike, Emma Stone, and young people are responsible for the winner of “Oscar-2015″ Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch nominee.

He received the invitation and Daniel Radcliffe, best known for the role of Harry Potter in the film adaptations of novels by JK Rowling; this nomination is surprising that the most serious film awards that an actor could receive or received, was MTV Movie Awards. However, in a statement the Academy stated that Radcliffe invited for the second part of the film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and for his role as poet Allen Ginsberg in the biographical drama “Kill Your Darlings”.


The results of the exam: the only weak point acknowledged toilet – Moskovsky Komsomolets

For the first time a single state exam can be called the best

Today, at 16:14, views: 517

On Monday Rosobrnadzor summed up the campaign EGE- 2015. Compared to last year the average score almost in all subjects increased the number spisyvalschikov deleted from the exams dropped, but the proportion who could not overcome the minimum threshold for obtaining a certificate remained unchanged: it seems that about 1.2% of eleventh-graders are not able to master school program in any models of the exam.

& # x418; & # x442; & # x43E; & # x433; & # x438; & # x415; & # x413; & # x42D ;: & # x435; & # x434; & # x438; & # x43D; & # x441; & # x442; & # x432; & # x435; & # x43D; & # x43D; & # x44B; & # x43C; & # x441; & # x43B; & # x430; & # x431; & # x44B; & # x43C; & # x43C; & # x435; & # x441; & # x442; & # x43E; & # x43C; & # x43F; & # x440; & # x438; & # x437; & # x43D; & # x430; & # x43D; & # x442; & # x443; & # x430; & # x43B; & # x435; & # x442;

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Because of demographic problems the number of graduates of the school, and hence the exam and participants every year every year is getting smaller. So this time the exam passed about 725 thousand. People, including 650 ths. Graduates of the current year, whereas in 2014 there were 733.4 thousand, respectively. And 684.6 thousand. However, the main feature of this campaign is to other: except for a couple of items, the average score for both compulsory subjects and the subjects of choice immediately rose to the position 3-4.

For example, the average score on the Russian language has increased from last year’s 62.5 to 65.9 points, ie 3.4 points; a profile of mathematics – from 46.5 to 50.9 and 4.5 points. And it’s not because clarified “MK” head Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov, that last year with an exam passed profilnikami weak guys, dedicated this year to a group of surrendering the subject to a more simple, basic level: “In order to have comparable results from last year We took only scores above the minimum of 24 points “.

The same thing happened with the majority of subjects of their choice. For example, in physics average score increased from 45.4 to 51.1; in Chemistry – from 55.3 to 57.1; in history – from 45.3 to 47.1; geography – from 52.9 to 53; English – from 62.8 to 65.9; on society – from 55.4 to 58.6; in literature – from 53.6 to 57.1. And this is emphasized in Rosobrnadzor is evidence (add, the first in many years) to stabilize the situation with the uniform state exam.

One of the reasons explained, “MK” Deputy Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev, was that “the guys stopped hope for leakage of examination materials, tips and cheating – and such hope, to be honest, there were last year. And so are better prepared. ” The strategic course of the introduction of level of writing and math exams was also true: an essay bolstered both Russian and the literature, and mathematics split into two levels, said Sergei Kravtsov “MK”, ​​”removed the tension arising around the exam on this subject and to provide the best high schools entrants “.

However, on two subjects of choice results compared with last year subsided a bit: in computer science – from 57.1 to 54, and biology – from 54.1 to 53 6 points. The reasons are found out: a working hypothesis to date, according to Kravtsov – “part of the flow of graduates in physics exam on the exam on the computer. But overall these figures are within the tolerances”.

The slightly grown and the number 100 -ballnikov: from last year’s 3705 to 3922 people. But it convinced Rosobrnadzor not return to the lawlessness of previous years (100-point work has been reevaluated, and recording of the lecture where they were written, reviewed), and another sign of stabilization of the situation and better prepare for exams. The same picture with vysokoballnikami, but double-check their work is not yet complete.

Part of the validity of the exam in 2015 confirmed increased security measures taken during the campaign: delivery of materials by means of special communication equipment 30% of audiences means online -nablyudeniya, printing materials just before exams, and in some places, and jamming the signal of mobile communication. All this summed up the muse, “led to the fact that the only loophole for fans of cheating was the toilet. But we got the camera, of course, are not going to put – perhaps enhance the experience of mobile communication signal suppression”.

Particular attention was given to the traditionally problematic North Caucasus region, said Muzaev: “In North Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya, online monitoring was carried out on 100% of the exam points (PES). In other republics – more than 80%.” And as a result – no mass violations. For example, in Dagestan in 2013 dissolute ‘exam tourism’ in the exams were about 1.5 thousand. New graduates and this – 45 people, mostly children moved to a new post of military and security forces.

Decreased and the number of deleted from the exams because of various violations – from 1.5 thous. in 2014 to 1,124 in 2015. And, last but not least, 15% fewer appeals. This is – further evidence of improving the quality of students and their more serious attitude towards exams. You’ll see, over time, will improve the reputation of the exam before the society seriously begin to trust its results. But it is certainly something for the future.

By the way, on appeals. The Federal Institute for Education Measurement participants reviewed the complaint exam on the Russian language to the alleged unfair assessment of the zero setting of the “C” (essays). As head of the department clarified Oksana Reshetnikov, the problem arose from the fact that the responses of the children confused topic inherited them passage to the problem of art. Hence the decline in their results. However, the problem was only in 2% of graduates: 98% of the errors are not made.

MEANWHILE. Rosobrnadzor started collecting proposals for the 2016 exam. While considered the option of year-round delivery of unified state exam (Graph for September has already been approved), as well as the rejection of the test part has a number of things.


The leader and founder of Pain Rammstein recorded their debut album together – Russian newspaper

While the German band Rammstein is in the extended leave, the participants continued to creative experiments alone.

The last time an extremely popular team recalled his single from the most recent is not entitled Mein Herz Brennt, a little earlier, and released a compilation of pretty funny song-provocation Mein Land with a corresponding group of postmodern image clip. And the last full-length album Rammstein out six years ago. Of course, still in the form of a good creative musicians all the time do not sit idly by.

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Following the guitarist Richard Kruspe, who last year released the second album of his own band Emigrate (album turned out great – thanks largely to a bright guests from not needs no introduction Marilyn Manson and Lemmy Kilmister to the extravagant singer Peaches and Jonathan Davis of Korn), and his project took Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann.

A few days ago released an album Herr Lindemann Skills in Pills, which is recorded together with the other sign for industrial (and other) metal musician Peter Tägtgren. Although the group had decided to name just Lindemann, the merit of the Swedish multi-instrumentalist that the album was born, definitely not less.

Participation in the creation of Tegtgrena Skills in Pills unmistakably recognized for the brand is very recognizable riffs and keyboards in the spirit Pain, the main project in the life of a talented multi Scandinavia. Tireless Swede has tried his death metal, creating a cult band Hypocrisy (which, incidentally, live to this day), played a classic black metal, being at the helm of the group The Abyss, has participated in several other projects. But he pays special attention to his solo brainchild called Pain. Under this guise Tegtgren has recorded seven studio albums in the genre of industrial metal, and the bar is always held on the highest level. The powerful and tenacious riffs in songs Pain is always more than compensated for excessive indulgence to the broad and avid pop-raspevki audience.

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All the best of music Pain was expertly moved into the debut album of the project Lindemann – except, actually, charismatic vocals Tegtgrena with his very good English. Voice of the project is, of course, no less charismatic leader Rammstein. And with its emphasis hard fans of the band for a long time well-known: in English, he sang repeatedly. Alas, the German-Swedish musical union decided to record all his songs in English: apparently, given the breadth of the target audience. And if itself the focus Lindemann and his manner interfere with the English words with German is still perceived as a fun “trick” the lyrics in the album suffers from this choice. German-provocative lyrics Rammstein – although they very unsophisticated – quite organically combined with bulky music group. But the English-language experiments Herr Thiel did not have this exotic charm. And it’s not so much that he’s here with redoubled enthusiasm and attention turned to a favorite topic of sexual deviancy and other marginal aspects of contemporary life (just look at the names of the songs – they would be enough to cause many if not vomiting spasms, then, Anyway, confusion). But rather in the fact that the lyrics are extremely primitive and Lindemann sound went beyond measure.

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However, this is unlikely to confuse the fans too: it is only by this irrepressible outrageous couples and could wait. These expectations have been met for all hundred percent: kitsch here, even more than in past releases scandalous Rammstein. Even single preceded the album release and the accompanying video grotesque, he said that Lindemann with Tägtgren going to shock the public. This is confirmed by the monstrous duo photoshoot.

In general, the album was a success as a provocation: in any case, the objectives achieved and the fans – are satisfied. Formula “Rammstein – Laibach is for children” again showed its worth – while Lindemann demonstrated that it is also valid for the individual members of the cult German band. But a bizarre combination of music with elements of Pain (and this applies not only lindemannovskogo vocals – Tegtgren clearly tried to make the background music familiar and comfortable as possible for their partner) militants Rammstein sure many will like. At the very least, to see the results of this experiment will certainly be interesting not only to fans of Neue Deutsche Haerte and industrial metal fans.

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At the weekend in Novosibirsk celebrated the Day of the city – a REGNUM


Novosibirsk, June 29, 2015, 09:27 – REGNUM Last weekend, June 27-28, Novosibirsk celebrated its 122-year anniversary. In 2015, the Day of the City was connected directly associated with the Year of Literature in Russia and was held under the slogan “Ya I read. Novosibirsk “, the correspondent of IA REGNUM .

« Novosibirsk – it is our history, in which each of us was able to write your own page. In this chronicle of people of different ages and backgrounds, but we all tried for the benefit of our city – and it happened today our Novosibirsk developing dynamically puts ambitious plans for the future. Novosibirsk – we with you, and today we have every reason to write more bright page in his life, “- said the governor of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Gorodetsky , referring to citizens.

June 27 held a traditional ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of one of the founders Novonikolaevsk Tikhomirov. On the same day there was a meeting with the mayor Anatoly Elbow delegations of the sister cities, as well as various concerts, which celebrated citizens who have made significant contributions to the development of the city youth festival technical creativity TECHNOfest, which ended with a fiery show. At the airport “North” held its annual festival of colors.

The main celebrations took place on Sunday 28 June. The day began with a morning mass charge in the town square – the Lenin Square. Then held demonstrations pupils of sports schools of the city and taekwondo, arrived from Korea. Literary and musical playground “Literary Square” area of ​​national organizations, the exhibition “Interethnic Village” velokarnaval and quests for Novo Nicholas, holiday Open-Air “on stage” with the participation of the Symphony Orchestra of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic – dozens of events were held in more than 70 sites Novosibirsk.

On the Day of the city have been invited to a lot of pop stars. Near the IFC “Sun City” on the left bank were jazz orchestra “Siberian Dixieland” cover band “Red Beach” and “Duet 100%.” ​​In the evening concert began here Alena Apina . On the right shore in the SEC “Aura” Guests were entertained by a group of «5sta Family», in «Royal Park» – Igor Saruhanov and Ed Shulzhevskii , on the embankment of Ob – a group of “White Eagle”. On the main site of the city acted novosibirets Alexander Fur .

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