Saturday, June 27, 2015

Became known victors Taffy – RYBINSKonLine

Madly pleased to receive an award for his first job as an author.

The best morning program – « Good Morning » in the «First channel».

The most interesting entertainment program was named “Fashion sentence”. The main « television event of the season » was recognized by action “Immortal Regiment» for the 70th anniversary of the Victory (broadcast on the air “First Channel”, “Russia 1″, “Russia 24″ and “TV Center”). In the statuette out of the program host and her head Irina forests.

Once again, it seems, is in the lead holding company VGTRK: the statuette has received Dmitry Kiselev, host of “News of the Week” to “Russia 1».

The “Biathlon Dmitry Gubernieva” goes to the TV channel “Russia 2″. The winner in the category “Best Actress» – Julia AUG , who starred in the TV series « Catherine ».

The search for the grand prize also struggled documentary Andrei Kondrashov «Crimea.” The best reporters and cameramen announced Rogatkin Alexander and Dmitry Rogaleva.

In addition to her, to be the best news program also claimed the First Channel program “Sunday times” and “Home” (Channel Five), informs the “Russian Service BBC» . Nothing sensational happened on: best evening news program – “News from Kiselyov,” the best host of the evening talk show Urgant.

The best sitcom – “Fizruk” on TNT. Bronze “Orpheus” was the general producer of the project Yuri Aksyuta. “The path to the Motherland” was awarded a special prize of the founders of the contest for the “interpretation of modern history.” “This is a pride for their country».

Awarding television TEFI held in the capital, the television station “Ostankino».

In the Russian capital on Thursday awarded the winners of Taffy. From 2014, the year it was organized by the Committee of industrial television awards. The award in this category presented the director Andrei Konchalovsky.


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