Friday, June 19, 2015

Dzhigarkhanyan resigned as director of the theater, in the theater Viktyuk appointed ex-director of “Contemporary” – Russian Oil

«Oil of Russia», 19.06.15, Moscow, 11:59 New theater director Armen Jigarkhanyan, founded in 1996, became Vitalina Cymbalyuk -Romanovskaya himself celebrated actor was appointed president of the theater, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“I propose to appoint a director-Cymbalyuk Romanowski already eight years working in the theater and knows the team. I hope that it will meet our trust, “- said at a meeting of directors Dzhigarkhanyan theaters in Moscow on Thursday, which was the head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, Alexander Kibovsky.

Dzhigarkhanyan added that the theater is in a difficult position in terms of the economy and it needed a new director, who will be engaged in all these issues. “Our theater really needed attention and assistance of the Department of Culture of Moscow”, – said the actor.

Sam Dzhigarkhanyan takes the presidency of the theater.

“I support the proposed candidate. First of all, because it absolutely trust Armen Borisovich and she has healthy ambitions. It seems to me only when mutual trust possible good cooperation and a good result. And the concept of the theater, which we have proposed is quite decent, “- said Kibovsky.

New theater director Viktyuk was the ex-director of “Sovremennik”

At the same meeting it was decided to appoint a new director of the Teatro Romano Viktyuk instead left in Taganka Theater Irina Apeksimova ex-director of the theater “Contemporary” Valery Raikov, who left him a year ago because of a disagreement with the artistic direction, “Interfax” reports. Artistic director of “Contemporary” is a famous director Galina Volchek.

Recall Irina Apeksimova left from his post as director of the Theatre Viktyuk after in March led the Taganka Theater. First Apeksimova said it will combine work in two theaters, but then decided to leave the theater Viktyuk, saying he did not see this post for himself prospects. Temporary acting director of the theater from April were assigned to the artistic director, film director Roman Viktyuk.

Valery Raikov to “Contemporary” for many years headed the Saratov Theatre for Young People (1995 to 2013). In this theater he started working in the early 1980s, a stagehand, then head of artistic staging part in 1986 came to Saratov Academic Drama Theater named to the post of head of Slonova artistic staging part in 1992 moved to the position of deputy artistic director – executive director.

With the direct participation Raikov opened the new building of the Saratov Youth Theater. In 2006, with the participation of the theater Raikov established creative laboratory of modern drama “The Fourth Height” for the first time in Russia appealed to the contemporary children’s drama. Starting noted grant the Council on Culture under the Russian President. Raykov – Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Ph.D., holder of the badge “For achievements in culture,” the Ministry of Culture, the badge “For the love of their native land,” the governor of the Saratov region. Read more Read on


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