Thursday, June 25, 2015

At the presentation of Taffy-2015 NTV commentator Vladimir Kondratyev was awarded a special prize –

In giving the award Taffy NTV got four bronze “Orpheus.” A special prize for his contribution to the development of television was our legendary commentator Vladimir Kondratyev. It can rightly be called a veteran domestic journalism. Vladimir Petrovich on television for 43 years, almost half of them it works on NTV.

Vladimir Kondratyev , a political columnist for NTV: “People say that’s how you, you’re almost 70 years old, and you’re still run around with a microphone, to compete with the young, it is not difficult if you, is not it time to retire? So I think that’s the award gives me reason to run a little more ».

Three statues got our colleagues in the category” Day broadcast. ” For the second year in a row was not equal detective cycle “” The investigation is conducted … “Leonid Kanevsky.” For the second time the award Taffy received intellectual game show “Jeopardy.” Congratulations on the victory and crew “Return of Mukhtar ?? 2 “, which is so fond of our viewers. The series won in the category “TV series.”


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