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The jury “Kinotavr” has awarded a commercial film and art-house director – Vedomosti

Closing the 26th “Kinotavr”, general producer Alexander Rodnyansky unofficially registered last festival under the name of the winning film on it «Pro love.” Like, every festival is remembered primarily film-winner.

Then genprodyuser developed his thought in the way that the love of peace that reigned throughout the week in the Sochi Winter Theatre and the beach area, as well as the good feelings that evokes the film by Anna Melikyan, together form a very correct encouraging and inspiring message of national cinema – its viewers. And even more – a society, living in times of crisis rather tense present and disturbing future.

The festival audience, as if to confirm the words of the coverage Rodnjanskogo “Kinotavr” complacency, very kindly listened to the verdict, announced the chairman of the jury Alexei Uchitel. There were no groans and curses, as usual enlivening The local after-party after the distribution of prizes. While the balance of the prize in separate paragraphs, in my opinion, the real answer is not so much the balance of power at the current “Kinotavr” as the jury views about art dexterous maneuver.

Let me explain. The night before, in the final credits «Pro love” Winter theater hall roared with joy, and thus the jury sent an unambiguous signal: this film is essential to circumvent the prize does not happen. Even if this desire suddenly there – these people do not understand pranks.

As the best director in Sochi Melikyan version is known to have visited in the past year, her new appointment to the same position certainly would entail criticisms of secondary judicial ideas. However, the main jury, as expected, gathered entirely great filmmakers – people proud and to such invectives are not ready. They just nothing else to do but to award the Grand Prix Melikyan.

This is a fair, in my opinion, the decision led to the other two, is not so obvious.

The first touched the film “Insight”. It is clear that there will be in the prize scenario Melikyan near her colleague Alexander Kott – and a sense of deja vu, as discussed above, be sure to wave passed over to Sochi Beach, because a year ago it was the two of them were taken to Moscow, the main award of “Kinotavr” (Cott – the most important). Not to mention the fact that Melikyan Cotto – not your national leader with the prime minister to change back and forth places on Mount Olympus. So there is everything else still having to completely undesirable allusions.

takes a turn

In love for the film «Pro Love” grand jury merged with the jury distributors that It is not the first judge Sochi competition in terms of commercial potency of his defendants and that the film Melikyan has predicted a bright future cash.

The jury tried to avoid it, and it seems to me a little overzealous completely dipped drama Cotta of premium sheet. I understand her unhappy finale goes against the current trend of encouraging, inspiring – and yet the judges had the opportunity to refrain from radicalism and Agrippina Steklov reward for her great dreamer played by provincial, tangled between his men and in herself. But no, even in such a way “Insight” is not made it to the winners of the company – Steklov prefer debutante Pauline Grishin of “salvation.” In fairness, I admit that this girl made her debut in the film Ivan Vyrypaeva very dignified manner.

radicalism radicalism hatred, and the jury showed its version of the same in a commendable when a male actor prize divided not into two (as sometimes happens), and four parts (which never happens). By the number of participants dashing “rag Union” composed by Alexander Pahl, Ivan Yankovsky, Paul Chinarev Vasily Boutkevitch.

I approve. Although the prize for the blind Alexander Yatsenko of “Insight” I, too, would have approved of as a reasonable option – provided, of course, that four of the movie Michael Mestetsky be further noted knocked out of the Organizing Committee special prize for best ensemble.

I have a suspicion that Mestetsky expected (I’d add – on the right) and the other for the mercy of the jury, not just acting. Alas, to no avail. Debut prize unsubscribe Ella Manzheeva for drama “The Seagull”, delicately treated to color Kalmyk European festival canon, and the prize for Best Director went to Alexey Fedorchenko.

I have a sincere respect for the artistic director Fedorchenko, but it is almost certain that this time, the best director, it was decided to announce his name, too Award status to arthouse cinema prize to balance the scales: their sharply It rocked when the cup fell movie Melikyan, wholesome product of high quality audience.

Apparently, members of the jury, a little ashamed of their choice in favor of mass success, hastened to prove the case that they themselves are not only and not so much pro joyful mainstream as pro intense search of cinematic expression and interesting adventure film language.

And then “Angels revolution” occurred in very handy.


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