Wednesday, March 18, 2015

“Homeland”: 4, 5 series Mashkov revenge the enemy, on the set of the actor was willing to torture themselves – Peter TV


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                         Today at 13:00


” Homeland “series with Mashkov: watch now online 03/18/2015, also free on the site of Russian 1. For several days the air is a new series. Spectators while eyeing the story and the actors, and the lead actor Vladimir Mashkov experiencing how the public will accept it in the form of a negative character.

While the public meticulously watching the TV series “Homeland”, trying to assess the performance of the actors, ideas and other components, the actors are going through, whether the audience will like the result . After all, everyone put into this project part of himself, laid out on the site for the full program and hoped for the success of the picture. For example, Vladimir Mashkov, who played a major role, as told to his friends edition “7 days”, even lost from experience.


Для actor’s first role, in which he plays a positive hero, and negative. And, of course, Vladimir wonder what will think about it his fans. During filming, the actor was not afraid of anything at all. To get used to the image Bragin Mashkov was willing to hurt myself. But the director Pavel Lungin is strictly forbidden to do so.


” Homeland “series with Mashkov: 4, 5 Series 18.03.2015 watch online for free, please visit Russia 1

Anna learns that the head of security of the Arab Prince before going out of the country, went to one of the points of the international network of Muslim payments. Item immediately put under surveillance. And in the field of view gets familiar Volsky people. This is his former student. At this time, the staff of KTC detain terrorist. Once he was attempting to Bragin. He easily learn all the information, as a Muslim wants to save his family. Dima is going to return the location of Helena, so begin to establish communication with his son Bragin.


Rezhisser: Pavel Lungin
Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Victoria Isakov, Maria Mironov Sergey Makovetskii, Andrew Merzlikin Maria Shalaev, Alice Khazanov Vladimir Vdovichenkov Timothy Tribuntsev, Nikolai Dobrynin, Ilya Isayev, Valeriu Andriutse

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Video: Channel Piter.TV, used the official trailer of the series “Homeland”. Fragments of videos of audiovisual works used for information purposes in the manner prescribed by Art. 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Russian site channel 1

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