Tuesday, March 24, 2015

“Spaying is the best solution” – BBC

famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been removed ovaries and fallopian tubes. The woman went to such a move because of fears of cancer. In his column American notes that are no longer able to have children and waits for age-related changes in the body due to menopause. At the same time, according to the oncologist, this step is fully justified.

The operation of the 39-year-old actress said in his column written for The New York Times. According to her, to take this step made it a high risk of cancer. Jolie said that earlier from cancer died three of her older relatives – mother, aunt and grandmother.

«The most important thing to consider all options and choose what suits you personally. In my case, and Western and Eastern doctors agreed that surgery to remove ovarian (fallopian) tubes is the best solution, – says the actress. – I wanted other women from the risk zone were aware of the options available. I promised that I will continue to report any information that may be helpful, including my next preventive operation. ”

According to her, the decision about surgery was taken together with her husband – 51-year-old actor Brad Pitt. “The operation – bilateral salpingo-ovarektomiyu – I did last week.

Regardless of the hormonal treatment that I get, I entered a period of menopause. I will not have children, I am preparing for the physical changes (of the body. – “Times»).

But I feel good and accept the future. Do not be afraid “- says Jolie.

The famous Russian oncologist Michael Laskov in conversation with “Gazetoy.Ru” said the step, which decided the actress, is fully justified.

«This operation makes sense. Because the fact that she was diagnosed with physicians (gene of hereditary breast cancer and female reproductive system), it is absolutely justified, and it had to be done – says affection. – Sometimes doctors are waiting for the woman will give birth to a child if she does not have children.

But if you have children, just need to do the surgery because the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer is about 80% for 40 years ».

The oncologist said that the sooner do such an operation, the better. “To delay it is impossible. Of course, to understand women who do not have children, you can. In this case, doctors are behind them a special protocol surveillance: annual tests, MRI, and so on. In this case, you can wait until she gives birth to a child, and immediately afterwards to have surgery, “- said caresses.

«It is impossible to eliminate all risk, and the fact that I remain susceptible to cancer. I’ll look for natural ways to strengthen my immune system “- sums Jolie in his essay.

It should be noted that the mutation of the gene BRCA1, which is available at Jolie, increases the risk of not only breast cancer, but also ovarian cancer.

However, in the latter case, it is much less than if the risk of breast cancer women – carriers of mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 doctors estimate of 87%, the risk of ovarian cancer is 15 to 40%.

Although, if we compare these figures with the figures for average-risk population (1.4%, according to the US National Cancer Institute, (NCI)), increases the likelihood of disease.

Ovarian cancer refers to a rare type of cancer. Among the new cases of cancer detected annually in the US, it is 1.3%, in absolute terms it is 22 thousand. Women. But while mortality from ovarian cancer is high: of the 22 th., According to NCI, about 14 thousand. Die. For much more advanced breast cancer ratio quite different: 232 thousand. Ill each year, of which 40 thousand die.

Ovarian cancer – the fifth most common cause of death from cancer women.

Experts believe heredity is one of the main factors of ovarian cancer. If a woman has a mother, sister or daughter fell ill, then it has the most risk of developing this cancer increases three times.


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