Thursday, March 19, 2015

Russian woman was injured in the terrorist attack in the Tunisian museum “Bardot” – Russian newspaper

Twenty people were killed and more than 50 were seriously injured in a suicide bombing in the Tunisian museum “Bardo”.

Among the killed 17 tourists – citizens of Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan, Colombia. Seriously injured as Russian woman Nadezhda Lukyanova born in 1958. According to the Russian Embassy in Tunisia, now it is in a local hospital.

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At the time of the terrorist attack on the premises of the museum were about 200 people. Three terrorists, armed with assault rifles, pistols and explosives stormed into the building and started shooting at aliens. Survivors, among whom were also children, were taken hostage by militants. They hoped to use people as human shields to exit the building, surrounded by police. As it turned out, the terrorists intended to seize the parliament. They drove to the building where the MPs sat and started shooting indiscriminately with automatic weapons. Fighters pushed security of Parliament, and the criminals then fled to neighboring knowledge, which turned out to be a museum, “Bardo”.

According to the Tunisian government, during a special operation two terrorists were killed. On Thursday arrested three accomplice, another is being sought. In the terrorist attack Tunisian authorities accused terrorist organization “Islamic State”. As the “RG” political analyst Stanislav Tarasov Orientalist, “True alarming forecasts of the analysts who say the expansion of the activities of the IG to North Africa.” Recently, militants of the organization of the Egyptian fishermen killed in Libya. Now here’s a terrorist attack in the once peaceful Tunisia. “Islamic state” constitutes a powerful front from North Africa to Pakistan “.

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