Friday, March 27, 2015

Shaun the Sheep and 7 this week, Prime Minister – BBC

Persistent boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, Russian “Elusive”, “Ghost” Bondarchuk, “Hot Tub Time Machine-2″, two of the cartoon, the author’s comedy and happiness – what to see in a movie this weekend .


The teacher Claire (Jennifer Lopez) lives with her adult son and pulls with divorce. Once in the house next door settles young handsome guy named Noah, whose relatives were killed in a car accident recently. From the first day he begins to make friends with the son of Claire, and then with itself.

A moment of weakness adult woman makes November obsessive feelings for her, but she rejects him. Parallel husband Claire decides to return to the family, but Noah is now ready to do anything to achieve the object of his desire.


It is bad oligarch Sergei Polanski in the center of Moscow at night knocks a young girl. To survive, it needs urgent expensive operation, money is not there. A close friend of the victim Cyrus (Alexander Bortich) decides to get revenge by any means Polyansky and parallel to obtain money for the operation.

She meets with three instantly falls in love with her boys – Fyodor Gopnik, suave and handsome Artem computer genius Eugene. Together they begin to gradually mad tycoon who refuses to help them voluntarily.


The director of the first “trees”, “Black Lightning” and “Jungle” Alexander Voitinsky took good-natured family comedy. Pilot Yuri Gordeev spent 10 years of his life to the creation of a new generation aircraft, but right before the presentation got drunk and was killed in a car crash.

How was your last day – a dazzling white shirt and barefoot – the hero, played by Fyodor Bondarchuk, not in a hurry at the sky and trying to find at least someone who sees it. And he finds – stammering schoolboy loser Vanya Kuznetsova, who after a few hours of panic agrees to help. In the end, the victim and Yuri, and the little Vanya learn a lot from each other, overcome fears and restore broken relationships with loved ones.

«Hot Tub Time Machine-2»

Continuing adventures of friends who in the previous section, drunk, using jacuzzi went straight in 1986. By the time the new part of the guys had to earn extra money by stealing hit singles from famous artists or assigning such weighty invention as the Internet.

However, one of his friends, Lou, shoot straight on a huge party, and the whole company again dives into the whirlpool to save him. They get drunk again, but instead of the past get in the future, namely in 2024, which has not been invented then only from drug-patches to e pillows under the windows of buildings.

«Shaun the Sheep»

The studio that gave the world the “Chicken Run” and “Wallace and Gromit”, took up the sheep. Shaun the Sheep forever can not sit still, and because of his leprosy another farm owner has to go to the city.

First, the sheep like to enjoy freedom, but then they begin to suspect that their master is something wrong, and go in search of him yourself. Lambs have to pretend to be people in the big city, which predictably leads to different amusing incident.


Author’s comedy Ella Omelchenko that do not have to listen to anyone but yourself. Sergey goes to a shrink, who advises him to divorce his wife, who, in his opinion, the root of all the problems of men. His wife, Helen goes to Father Sergius, who advises her to have a baby.

The couple meekly obey all instructions of their mentors, not bothering to ponder seriously the consequences. Comedy is based on the opposition of the priest and psychoanalyst and question whether the start Sergey and Helen’ll ever finally think for themselves.

«Witch balance. The Mystery of the Sukharev Tower »

Cartoon Sergei Seregina tells about the events of 300 years ago. By Peter I come dark mage who wants to get into the magical worlds and regain his magical powers. To enter these worlds need to get into Sukharev Tower in Moscow, where the gates.

Their guards James Bruce, a companion of the king, called the Witch balance. His disciple Peter learned of plans dark magician decides to tell them to Margarita, daughter of Jacob, but the children quarrel and break up the manuscript, containing the power of the Witch balance. They have to go alone into the magical worlds to correct his mistake.

«Happiness – it’s …»

Last year, anyone could send a small script contest Walt Disney «Happiness – is …”. The best works were selected and screened by well-known actors. In particular, in the film starring Stanislav Duzhnikov, Boris Shcherbakov, Valery Garkalin, Andrew and Paul Merzlikin tobacco.

The result was a picture of seven different versions of what happiness is. The best part is that all cinemas all sessions of this movie for free, so visit them can be anyone, even with nothing in his pocket.


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