Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ministry of Culture urged the authors of “Tannhauser” apologize to the believers – New News

Conflict that broke out in Novosibirsk because Timothy Kuljabina opera “Tannhauser”, engaged in the Ministry of Culture. Recall Kuljabina Mezdricha and Boris, director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, where the show was judged by the article “insulting the feelings of believers” because of the statement that is written to the prosecutor, Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon. The court found no evidence of an offense in the formulation and closed the case. After that, Novosibirsk Pickets “orthodox” activists demanding to remove the statement from the repertoire of the theater. And yesterday, the prosecutor’s office appealed the decision of the court.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation held public hearings on the conflict that has arisen in connection with the production. The result was the recommendation of their departments to make adjustments to the scandalous spectacle, as well as an apology to believers who are dissatisfied with staging. The hearing was attended by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and the working groups of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture (for theatrical art and on state policy in the sphere of culture).

«Russian Ministry of Culture considers unacceptable voluntary or involuntary expression of contempt for traditional values, shown by the leadership of the theater and director and theater director Boris indicates Mezdrichu to lack of control over the institution he heads, “- explained in the press service of the department. Legal proceedings against the authors of the Ministry of Culture of the play called “unnecessary and unhelpful.” In addition, because of the amount of funding requests for the opera “Tannhauser” fees of directors and actors agency threatened to Novosibirsk Opera financial checks.


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