Monday, March 16, 2015

The world has gone mad again. What color … Elton John? –

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce split the world into two parts and quarreled all.

They spoke against the possibility of adoption of children for homosexual couples – both male and female. Fashion designers sharply expressed that children deserve only the traditional family, where there is a mom and dad.

Moreover, Dolce and Gabbana have criticized the nines surrogacy and IVF. So many harsh words caused a storm in the public, as these methods have made it possible to become parents thousands of childless couples. A huge number of people, among them the stars began to place on social networks cute photos of their children, who were born thanks to surrogacy, also, with the help of artificial insemination. Among them was himself Sir Elton John, who is not the first year of living happily with her husband, David Furnish and raises two children. He sternly unsubscribed in your account that no one dares to call his children synthetic. In addition, they began to call her husband with all the clothes and accessories to boycott Dolce and Gabbana. After these words the world flew posts hash tag #boycottDolceGabbana.

It is interesting that Stefano Gabbana “accepted the challenge” of British music gay and published on his page hash tag #boycottEltonJohn. A very cool that he collected only 1,500 people, compared to 30 million, supported by Elton John.

However, after such statements and posts again the world is divided into two halves.

Quite a few people for IVF and surrogacy. Many are well aware that such a drastic and not entirely natural methods may be the last chance to get own children.

And someone with foam from the mouth proves that nature gives to children, and to intervene in this process can not be sacred. As a rule, this position is supported by happy family with two or three children, who were given to parents is relatively easy.

So what color Elton John?


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