Saturday, March 21, 2015

Oleg Tabakov awarded Zvyagintsev Award for the film “Leviathan” – RIA

Today, at the Moscow Art Theater. AP Chekhov, in a festive atmosphere, were awarded cash prizes Russian Art and Culture. On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, artists and directors congratulated the People’s Artist of Russia Oleg Tabakov. He personally presented the prize of 100 thousand rubles director Andrey Zvyagintsev for the film “Leviathan.”

 Oleg Tabakov awarded Zvyagintsev Award for the film

 Oleg Tabakov, People’s Artist of Russia, for many years was the artistic director Moscow Art Theatre. AP Chekhov, today, in a solemn ceremony, handed over cash prizes masters of culture and art, with this procedure is held for the 20th time. Noted Tabakov artists and directors were also Andrey Zvyagintsev, which won 100 thousand for the “love and kindness to the heroes of the film « Leviathan ».

That is voiced Tabakov merit eminent filmmaker before national cinema.
 This is the fourth film of Russian filmmakers, and the third in a row, a cash prize. In this regard, Oleg Pavlovich said the fact that the film « Leviathan » can say this: « Good movie, help people live » .

Kim Herman, RIA “VladTaym”


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