Thursday, March 19, 2015

“The law of the jungle stone”: on the set of 4 series director gave youth a tough acting school –

For the young artists are very difficult to play such roles, but still they manage.

«Law of stone jungle” was the debut for most actors. Even those that are already lit on NTN projects “Easy to Be Young” and “Fizruk” (Kononov Elizabeth and Daniel Vahrushev), originally starred in “Law».

His work actors happy and even Aristarchus Vesens , which filmography includes about twenty films, said: “This is a very good project, and not some pop or something like that. Director and screenwriter set specific job articulate all the requirements, because of what the job brings only pleasure. ” This opinion is shared by Julia Hlynina.

– Igor Chomsky (director) are very sensitive to shoot – says Julia. – He pays attention to every detail, improving the film to the ideal. Despite its severity, Igor very kind and always helping us. He advises what to do, advises what to look out for movies and read books to get into the role and play flawlessly. Sometimes he turns into an actor, showing how to play. Igor – a wonderful director.


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