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Valentin Rasputin plan to bury in Irkutsk next to his wife – TVNZ

Today March 16


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Valentin Rasputin buried in Irkutsk next to his wife

The great writer died before reaching a matter of hours before his 78th birthday

The sad news came from Moscow. Died great writer Valentin Rasputin, before reaching a matter of hours before his 78th birthday. Recall a few days ago, he fell into a coma. Lying in the intensive care unit of one of the capital’s hospitals.

– The father had a serious illness. – Said Sergey V. writer’s son. – In October it back to haunt. Six months the father was treated in different hospitals – first in Irkutsk, then in a number of clinics in Moscow, including the Russian Cancer Center Blokhin.

The disease Valentin started to progress further in 2012, immediately after the death wife. Since October last year, almost all the time he was in the hospital, but sometimes it is allowed to go home. On the eve of the day of birth and did not want to think that the disease can win.

As the son of the writer, himself a classic asked to be buried in Irkutsk in the Smolensk Cemetery, where lie his wife and daughter. We also consider the possibility of dumping the walls of the Cathedral.


The son of the writer Valentin Rasputin: “Father in a coma”

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