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Director of the Novosibirsk theater was fired after the scandal with the “Tannhauser” – RBC

Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Boris Mezdrich during the trial in relation to a director staging of” Tannhauser “Timothy Kuljabina

Photo: RIA Novosti

The intruder foundations

Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Boris Mezdrich received 29 March order of dismissal , told RBC First Deputy Culture Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov. On the stage of the theater director Vladimir Kulyabin put opera « Tannhauser » Richard Wagner, the interpretation of which was criticized by the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (ROC) and the requirement of “United Russia” to dismiss the leadership of the opera.

Aristarkhov brought Sunday in Novosibirsk Minister Vladimir Medina order of dismissal Mezdricha and the new head of the Novosibirsk Opera Vladimir Kehmana. “It is unacceptable for the budget money to stage performances that violates moral principles, dividing communities. It did not work and relieve the tension, nothing was done to resolve the conflict, did not listen to us “, – explained the position of the Ministry of Culture Aristarkhov RBC. He stressed that Mezdrich not made a public apology and did not give up a few scenes of the opera. But one concession Theater under the direction of Mezdricha still went recognizes Aristarkhov – refused to show the poster, which depicts Jesus on the background of the thighs of Venus. “The director – the creator, but the director of the State Theatre to think what to put, and to take responsibility,” – said First Deputy Minister of RBC. Mezdrich did not respond to calls RBC. Earlier in support Mezdricha were such theatrical figures as Lev Dodin, Valery Fokin, Mark Zakharov, Oleg Tabakov, Alexander Kalyagin, Yevgeny Mironov, Andrei Mighty and Galina Volchek.

Aristarkhov also said he expects that the ROC cease to require conflict resolution in court and collect street protests. On Sunday, a rally was held in Novosibirsk “protect the shrine – save Russia,” per share, according to the publication “Tayga.Info” came more than a thousand people. Among the participants was also a State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev. He made a speech and told an anecdote about contemporary art: “The artist shows a man painting. He looks at her, does not understand and asks what it depicts. The artist says, “Well, that’s the river, that’s the sun. Well that’s how I see it. ” “Maybe you should then go to the optometrist? “- Asked the man».

The Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon, the first to declare that the opera of Wagner Kulyabin violates the rights of believers, the rally did not come, although in a recent sermon called “Christ-’all those who miss the action.

From bananas to lemon

New Director Kehmana team Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet will present on Tuesday, April 1st. Kehman March 13 public hearings on the situation of “Tannhauser” in the Ministry of Culture demanded the resignation Mezdricha, expressed solidarity with the faithful. “I as a believer, baptism, orthodox, as a Jew, take it as an insult,” – he said the Ministry of Culture. Arista p Hove explained the choice of candidates Kehmana his “indifferent, talent and how close he perceived the situation». Kehman will combine Guide Novosibirsk Opera as director of Michael Theater in St. Petersburg. Theater, he not only saved from bankruptcy, but also brought it in order, says Deputy Minister of Culture.

Kehman came to the Mikhailovsky Theatre in 2007. Then he was invited to the role of artistic director Elena Obraztsova. But in the first year of leadership Kehman canceled the premiere of “Eugene Onegin” and dismissed the director Alexander Sokurov, soon left the theater and exemplary. How to write “Vedomosti”, the theater brought Kehmana with Vladimir Putin: the then Prime Minister in May 2010, came to the Mikhailovsky Theatre concert, hosted by the fund “Give Life”. The theater soon became the prime minister’s grant – 137 million rubles. annually until 2015.

Outside the theater Kehman has been known since the mid-1990s as the founder of the company for the importation of fruits, especially bananas Joint Fruit Company (JFC). In 2008, the turnover of JFC was $ 700 million. JFC Kehmana – the only one of the three largest Russian importers of bananas that could survive the crisis of 2008-2009. However, in the early 2012 , the parent group and several holding companies filed for bankruptcy. According to “Vedomosti» , the reason for the bankruptcy was the unfortunate developer business group founder. Debts of the Group estimates in an amount not less than 15 billion rubles. In 2012 g ode London court found Kehmana an individual bankrupt. In December 2012 on the application of the Savings Bank investigators MIA was prosecuted for fraud. In October last year, Kehmanu was charged with theft of borrowings from Sberbank.

Kehman on Sunday at the RBC calls not answered.

“Such appointments reminiscent of Soviet personnel policies of late Stalinism and late Brezhnevism. The then government led public game, demonstrating the endless struggle between more liberal and less liberal, aggressive leaders, “- said the analyst, chief editor of” Russian Journal “Alexander Morozov. According to him, Kehman, on the one hand, “is the St. Petersburg art public”, and on the other hand, at the same time is “hard-line party.”


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