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Solzhenitsyn’s Museum opened in his favorite holiday – BBC News

In Kislovodsk opened Russia’s first museum of the writer and thinker of the twentieth century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

self-fulfilling prophecy, it seemed incredible, and Kislovodsk house-turned museum, Solzhenitsyn returns in his most favorite holiday.

“opens the Museum of the Trinity in the place where his life went. Like the wheel of fate that ended. I think if it breaks through the clouds, look at us and rejoice” – said Natalia Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s widow.

House Gorina – aunt – in the cloud, and if directed peaked roof. Solzhenitsyn kept it in my heart. How great was the geography of the writer’s life as a terrible blow of fate, but the “arrangement of the rooms and houses where you live as a child, etched in my memory as one of the foundations of the world’s existence”.

Little House on the Rock, Solzhenitsyn recalled, mansion in the picturesque rib beam – starodachnom area of ​​Kislovodsk – like a fairy tale: the ground floor – a brick, and the second – a log, intricately decorated, balcony – with openwork carving. Four years is conducted Solzhenitsyn mother Taisia ​​Zakharovna – from 1920 to 1924 minutes.

It is a museum of images, the museum experience, embodied in books, especially in “The Red Wheel.” Here and in the birth certificate of his father Isaak, who died 6 months before the birth of her son, and certificate, diploma, and Solzhenitsyn, and notebooks from his notes. School and the University of Rostov. Front and campsite. Living up to the publication in the “New World”, “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”.

In this story – grandfather, who wore on his hands in the service of the temple of St. Panteleimon. Instead, it is now – a chapel. The old church was demolished. In it the writer was baptized, and a bright flash memories, as “included several in pointed Budyonny caps, without removing them, and neglecting the course of service, cut through the crowd to the pulpit and the altar”.

“He lived with this small homeland. For him, the main homeland was Russia, a country with its tragedies and achievements, “- said Gochiyayev Rahim, a senior fellow at Kislovodsk Historical Museum” Fortress “.

Making his way through the thicket, we go way Solzhenitsyn. In 1994 he returned to Russia and arrived in Kislovodsk. And once it is all unmistakably led to the place of his birth. Old Grandma’s house survived in 1918, when a shell fell into the yard, but was blown up in the 70s, when the writer tried to erase from the history of the city.

In 1994, Solzhenitsyn made, he said, “tunneling the city “and the city” walked “him – from the sanatorium Ordzhonikdze Lenin Street – the former Alexander’s path. And when the writer was raised at the scene Philharmonic, there were so many people that have decided to open all the doors.

The word Solzhenitsyn sounds again today. “Miniatures” reads Alexander Filippenko. The orchestra plays Shostakovich’s Preludes. The concert has come and grandchildren of the writer.

The roots – that’s what keeps the earth, does not break and raschelovechitsya. The family and the house that a child is the whole world.

“sunlit small clean corner room, in the midst of which I am lying in bed with a rope net and remember where your head and realize what a good day, Mom approach by “- these records Natalia first reading.

An amazing memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and has kept the rung on the ladder, on which the patient crashed when my grandmother had sent to carry on the second floor of a manual coffee grinder. A red wheel – the image has not been there as bewitched looked at the locomotive reversal circle?

“He had a spiritual connection with Russia. He had never been away from it, even when taken in handcuffs, he still remained in Russia “, – said the director and writer Stanislav Govorukhin.

” I was actually born in Kislovodsk, and involuntarily I love him for it, “” Beauty of Russia – in the province “- these words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn is repeated. And spoiled Lermontov and Pushkin city new seat of power – Solzhenitsyn’s house.

And then there are the autographs in the museum, and three hundred books in the library, and then not in vain writer believed “in our spiritual cleansing in the national revival of Russia “and that the truth will return to the people.

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Between institutions of the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan signed 50 cooperation agreements – a REGNUM


Tashkent, May 31, 2015, 12:11 – REGNUM

Between universities of Russia and Uzbekistan today signed 50 agreements on cooperation, said Deputy representation of “Rossotrudnichestvo” in Uzbekistan Davlyatbek Sadullaev . According to him, today we can see the fruits of this cooperation, “there are hundreds of Uzbek students are sent to study in Russian universities».

«Recently, with our Russian partners have reached an agreement, which defines the priorities for the profession and discipline Uzbekistan, “- said Sadullaev, speaking at the International Exhibition” Education and work ».

Previously, he said, were needed humanitarian profession, now technical training areas are a priority for Uzbekistan in its cooperation with Russian universities .

«I want to note that Russia is not trying to impose some kind of educational ideology of Uzbekistan, as some are, and should request training for the national economy,” -podcherknul representative of “Rossotrudnichestvo”.

On the educational exhibition, which is held these days in Tashkent, it presented a number of Russian universities, including Vladimir’s University of Economics and Service, Izhevsk Technical University. Omsk Transport University, the University of Mari and others.

As previously reported IA REGNUM , Uzbekistan is ahead of all CIS countries in educational quotas granted by the Russian government. Only in 2014 the quotas were granted 305 young people from Uzbekistan, while Kazakhstan, for example, quotas granted to 150 applicants.

At the same time in 1070 young people from Uzbekistan enrolled in Russian universities for direct dialing higher educational institutions of Russia.

Previous IA REGNUM also reported that “Rossotrudnichestvo” proposes to increase the quota for training in Russian universities at the expense of the budget for students from Uzbekistan, as well as define a special status for Uzbek students studying in the field related to the study and teaching of Russian language and literature.

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Petersburg “Dialogues”: talking about Ukraine and Russia took place in spite of the threat – Home | Deutsche Welle

On May “Dialogues” project “Public Library” in St. Petersburg was to be held a meeting with Vladimir Pozner Ukrainian politician and journalist Mustafa Nye, but due to various circumstances of weather threats to the nationalists, both the speaker could not attend. Therefore, on the difficult relations between Russia and Ukraine and the polarization of Russian society on Saturday, May 30, interviewed the director Alexander Sokurov and editor of “Medusa” Galina Timchenko.

An hour before the start of the meeting hall was almost full. They came all sorts of people on the ground were the representatives of the neighboring diametrically opposing views: liberal democratic movement of “Spring”, members of the nationalist movement “People’s Cathedral”, members of the movement “Antimaydan” which, according to organizers, wrote for the project “Dialogues” denunciation the governor of the city. “We’re all here, and most importantly, we have come to try to talk,” – greeted the audience organizer Nikolai Solodnikov.

“We bring children into the world not for war”

In general, the room felt a tense atmosphere, the people shouted periodically from place their views on this or that question, immediately tied disputes with neighbors in the chairs. However, it should be noted that these were sincere attempts at dialogue and debate, not a provocation. Despite the threat to disrupt the event, in the hall there was only one person who raised placards with the words “Jabberwocky,” “hypocrites,” “Russian people burned in Odessa, and you?”.

Galina Timchenko

Since the speakers were appointed at the last moment, it turned out that they were no longer talking to each other and with the public. “We – not politicians, we – the people – the audience asked Galina Timchenko. -” We have become militarized and male-oriented society. Men expensive, look into the eyes of their wives. They gave birth to you these sons. Is at least one mother send her son to death? And if it so happens that the son died, he had to pay homage, not in secret to bury. This happens when politics enters into our lives. We, the mothers of these children bring into the world is not for war “.

Alexander Sokurov urged compatriots to understand that we have different states and Ukraine, and if we quarrel with all its neighbors, it will never live in peace “Ukraine – a young country, where inexperienced politicians, they just evolve, we need to recognize their statehood. Big country, Russia can not live in enmity, we are currently at no one we can rely on. After all, if something happens, no one will be next to us, as soon as our guys, the military will suffer and die. Even we do not know that they die. Pity though his warriors, pity the Russian army, that she lived a righteous way to correct the problem, she performed “.

Posner relied on fate

About that the dialogue will not take part Ukrainian politician and journalist Mustafa Nye, I learned just two days before the event. It happened after the organizers of the project “Dialogues”, director of the library, where the event was to be held, and Vladimir Pozner received telephone threats. “Every one of us is willing to take risks and” go to the end “in person, but we can not take responsibility for the life and health of everyone who comes to us in the opening of the library,” – commented the organizers of their decision. Instead, Ukrainian politician to speak with Posner on “hatred and the impossibility of dialogue” was Alexander Sokurov.

However, a couple of hours before the event, when many viewers have sent to the library on the Fontanka in time to take the place on the page organizers Facebook was reported that Vladimir Pozner has decided not to come.

The journalist reported that his flight was canceled, and the discharge of the phone is not possible to find ways to come to St. Petersburg. He also wrote that his speech would start with an apology to his Ukrainian counterpart, “I would apologize to Mustafa hire for what happened, for the intolerance and hatred, which are covered in today’s Russia, many among those who call themselves patriots. In actually, they did not patriots, their behavior, they only cause damage to the country, it is their actions are an illustration of how to represent the Russian foreign media “.

” The plane Vladimir Pozner not abolished, and was detained for an hour, he said that the fate against his arrival, turn off the phone and disappeared – commented organizer Nikolai Solodnikov. – In his page, he explained his decision. We look at this situation differently “.

The following dialog

Nicholas Solodnikov

” There is a feeling that we want to close, because the car has earned: various social movements as “Antimaydan” media that publish false information, in particular, that we Khodorkovsky funded project “Open Russia”, which is an absolute lie, – commented Nicholas DW Solodnikov. , but the flywheel running, respectively, it is clear that the purpose of his or Close project or squeeze it out of the country “.

” Today, it was suggested a terrific idea: you need to negotiate even with the devil! Nayem inviting, we were guided by only one idea: let’s talk, listen to him “- said Zoya Chalova , director of the Library. Mayakovsky. According to her, over the past week she had to listen to the mass of threats: “It was something terrible, I never knew I was so nasty, nasty person tried to blow up Russian political calm. I do not know what the outcome of my life in this Library because written complaints to all bodies “.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dancers from Tomsk “Yudi” created a new performance for the final Britain’s Got Talent – BBC

Dance group from Tomsk Yudi has prepared a new performance in the dark on the subject of good and evil for the final show “Britain’s Got Talent”, reports TASS .

«almost a day put the number without leaving the room. We would like first to make a different idea for the finale, but the organizers told us to continue to act in the dark, we say we like the English public was its originality, good strong promise. We said, “Okay!” – And tweaked again put the number on the topic of good and evil “- said team member Dennis Vishniac.

The dancers are set to strike again British public with his performance.

«The spirit of combat, everything is fine” – said team member.

The final show will begin in London at 19:30 local time (21:30 MSK) on TV ITV. It will perform 10 teams.


Guide Teatra.DOC obliged soon to submit to the prosecutor’s office of its constitutional documents – Ekho Moskvy radio station

This was announced after the theater director Elena Gremina visited the Prosecutor’s Office for questioning. “Of course, now they will seek vengeance in our performances of the crime – extremism, etc.,” – said “Echo of Moscow” theater director Mikhail Ugarov.

It is not a pity, but I think that the theater still closed, said “Echo” Actor and director Maxim Vitorgan.

Recall “Theatre.doc” traditionally attracts an increased interest on the part of law enforcement agencies. In particular, a recent rehearsal of the play “Swamp thing” came several representatives of the Interior Ministry and prosecutor’s office.


The chapter “Rosgostsirk” noted that sanctions do not affect the interests of a circus Prize «Master» – Independent online edition of “Days”

In Sochi, at the end of June this year for the first time will take place the presentation of the International Award circus «Master». Despite the sanctions, many foreign artists have responded to the invitation to participate in the activities of the award. The journalists said Vadim Gagloyev – the chapter “Rosgostsirk».

The activities of the circus Prize «Master» will be held in Sochi from 27 to 30 June, its founder is the company “Russian State Circus Company” award winners are defined in 12 nominations . The chapter “Rosgostsirk” said: “We have the first time will receive a full international project. Although initially I thought that our colleagues overseas, not all respond to our invitation. Moreover, there are political issues and sanctions. However, almost all foreign visitors declared their participation ».

According to Vadim Gagloyeva, most of the foreign partners’ Rosgostsirk” requested to extend the deadline for applications to participate, because many do not have time to register in time. However, latecomers will be able to take part in premium just for the next year, as all participate on equal terms. The circus environment, information about the award «Master» progressed very actively, so who for whatever reason do not have time to apply, will be able to do it next year, as the annual premium will be.

Also Gagloyev said ” All professional circus happily waiting in Sochi Prize «Master». The event invited guests, including Joseph Kobzon and Oleg Popov. I hope that Oleg Popov will come at a premium, although it has objective reasons why he can not come, still the man for 85 years, but we really look forward to. It is also planning a visit for the award Vladimir Medina – Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation. ”


Friday, May 29, 2015

At the Chekhov Theatre Festival in Moscow made “Queen of Flamenco” Maria Pahes – First Channel

History through the eyes of a gypsy queen. Maria Pahes, the famous flamenco dancer, brought to Chekhov Festival premiere of her – “I, Carmen.” On the stage of Theatre of the Moscow City Council – Spanish folk tunes and classical poetry.

The history through the eyes of a gypsy queen. Maria Pahes, the famous flamenco dancer, brought to Chekhov Festival premiere of her – “I, Carmen.” On the stage of Theatre of the Moscow City Council – Spanish folk tunes and classical poetry.

At the theater Mossovet – sold out. Chekhov Festival is in full swing. Today, the stage is the favorite of the public, Maria Pahes, which has long been called the “Queen of Flamenco”.

The whole world of emotions – in only one stroke of her hand, knocking her heels in, in a passionate look. Maria Pahes been dancing for 40 years, but over time, if it has no power.

You think you know who this Carmen – Maria Pahes prove you otherwise. And who, if not to tell her the story of the most famous gypsy in the world. After all, she was born in Pahes old Roma quarter in the suburbs of Seville.

“At first in my life, I imagined myself dancing Carmen. And how could it be otherwise? Starting with Merimee, the story of Carmen told us men . So, my play – it’s not a retelling of the story, and attempt to give women the right to vote, to show that she felt, “- says the dancer.

Graceful dropping habitual red dress, she bares the soul, seeking to overcome men invented the myth of the bold and the fatal temptress. After all, the real Carmen – quite different: a free, sensual, natural. It takes itself for what it is, and who said that a woman in an apron can not be the heroine of a romance novel?

“Wherever I traveled, I spoke with women, asking them questions, so my Carmen many faces. She is ninety years old actress and a Japanese woman who survived World War II and the Australian Aboriginal. It does not matter what culture we belong to, we are all women. feel the same thing: we have the same strength and weakness, pain and joy, dreams and contradictions “- sure Maria.

Flamenco Maria Pahes since described as poetry in its purest form. Spanish guitar melodies, heart-rending songs echo the lines of the great poets of the world, among them – and Marina Tsvetaeva.

“Maria Pahes arrives for the fourth time. It has its own audience, which is waiting for her, because she is very sincere very honest, open, violent, temperamental, professional, indifferent, this Spaniard, “- said the director of the Chekhov festival Valeriy Shadrin.

While thanking Moscow audience, her Carmen even speak Russian. Although the Maria Pahes sure: women understand each other in any language.

Christine Leviev

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Festival of Russian-speaking children’s theater opened in Washington, DC – RIA Novosti

WASHINGTON, May 29 – RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlodorev. The International Festival of Russian-speaking children’s theater started in Washington on Friday. The opening ceremony is traditionally held at the Russian Embassy in the United States.

The festival is held for the fifth time, and every year it becomes bigger. Russian Ambassador to the US Sergei Kislyak called it “an amazing event.” “It is great respect the work that put the organizers. I do not know of any other such event that is so enables the Russian-speaking children in the United States to study, and continue to love the culture of their own people. It is good for future generations,” – he said.

“We are still very young, we have today is only the first anniversary, but we already have something to be proud”, – he said at the opening of the festival organizing committee chairman Anastasia Vorontsova. According to her, “in the current program – 25 performances collectives not only from America but also from Canada and other countries.” “To us came more than 500 young actors and theater managers, participated in the preparation of more than 150 volunteers and 15 other theaters, including Germany and Canada, invited as observers,” – she said.

A member of the jury – the leading actor of the Russian Academic Youth Theater Yevgeny Redko noted that “Natalia Sats, was at the forefront of children’s theater in our country wanted the theater to begin with small children.” “It turns out that now in Washington made her dream” – he added.

The ceremony was a theatrical performance. For example, last year’s winner of the show from the theater “Solo” (GA) on the stage “pulled the turnip,” “pulling” on the stage as a result of the main organizers of the festival Anastasia Vorontsov and the president of the American Association of Russian Language, Culture and Education (AARCE) Svetlana Sokolova who performed as Firefly and Bees. They, in turn, recited poetry Corneille Chukovsky how “Mucha went to the market and bought a samovar,” then came the young dancers of the ensemble “Nesting Dolls” at the Washington Orthodox church of St. John the Baptist and performed the number “Samovar”. And the guys from the band “Joy” (Texas) show number “Fleas, centipedes,” which they were five years ago at the first festival. Thus, under the guise of “centipedes” they took to the stage all the members of the jury. Its chairman – Moscow actor, director and TV host Oleg Golub wished the young artists that they “enjoyed every second spent on the stage”.

From the older generation of Russian-speaking Americans acted as president of the foundation “The Firebird” Xenia Provincial, which expressed “delight of the fact that a new generation of people who are willing to continue what we have been doing for many years – to support the Russian language and culture in the United States.” And the cathedral of St. John the Baptist’s father, Victor Potapov wished “all of God’s blessings”.

After the official part of the children was organized by the disco. The theater program of the festival will start on Friday and continue for three days. In addition to the performances, it includes a variety of “round tables” and master classes.


Gagloyev: sanctions will not affect the interests of a circus Award Master – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, May 29 – RIA Novosti. Many foreign artists, despite sanctions, responded to the invitation to participate in the annual international professional circus Award Master, which is the first to be held in Sochi in late June, said in an interview RIA Novosti head “Rosgostsirk” Vadim Gagloyev.

The award Master, established “Rosgostsirk”, will be awarded in 12 categories. It will be held in Sochi from 27 to 30 June.

“I honestly thought that not all respond abroad. Moreover, any sanctions issue. I think – indeed, will the Russian format. Well, or neighboring countries. But it turned out that getting a full international project. Right from the first time “, – said Gagloyev.

He said that many of the partners’ Rosgostsirk” requested to extend the registration numbers because they do not have time apply. But latecomers can only participate in the award next year, because “all have to be on an equal footing.” “And there was a lot of the way, from China, from New Zealand, Australia, who did not, did not recognize the time and so on. I think I have learned and heard, because in a circus environment, we are very actively promoted. I think that just watched, waited, and then it turned out that is all. We thought that, maybe, there will be such a rush, “- suggested the head of the” Rosgostsirk “.

He added that the award in Sochi offers almost all the professionals of the circus; Moreover, the ceremony will hold special on Tuesday, June 30 since the weekend for many – the days of performances.

“There will be the invited guests. I was talking with Joseph Kobzon – he arrives. Oleg Popov invite not know , came or not, but the desire he has. There are objective reasons why he can not come, 85 years old man, but we are waiting for him. And I hope that he will come, “- said the agency, adding that the planned and the visit of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina.

Read an interview with Vadim Gagloyeva & gt; & gt;


The suspect in the murder of a police officer on MKAD robbed payment terminal – RBC

Born in Azerbaijan Nemat Rashidov, who was arrested on suspicion of killing a policeman in Moscow Andrei Bannova, he pleaded guilty and said he was going to surrender. It is reported by Interfax, citing a statement released by the press service of the Moscow police.

According to the detainee, he stole the payment terminal and accomplices fled the scene. The unit unloaded from the vehicle, and the man went to put the car to a different location.

On the road, he noticed the police and began pursuit. “I went to the Moscow Ring Road, they stopped me, I ran away, they began to run after me. There was a fight, I’m struck with a knife wound to the side and to the shoulders, I do not remember. I spent the night in the woods, “- said Rashidov.

The detainee said he had learned that the police had killed the news and wanted to surrender. “I wanted to give up, just very frightened. I’m sorry, I apologize to the parents for what I have done. ” – He said.

With regard Rashidov opened a criminal case under Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (attempt on the life of a police officer). In the near future he will be charged and remanded.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

In the United States opened the Festival of Russian-speaking children’s theater – Russian newspaper

In Washington, opened the Festival of Russian-speaking children and youth theaters, whose members for five days will be to acquaint people in the capital with the heroes of Russian and foreign fairy tales on stage Greenberg Theatre at American University. The festival, which has become an annual tradition and will be held for the fifth time, speaking more than two dozen theater studios from all over the US and Canada have in their repertoire representation in Russian. Just performances will feature more than 500 children.

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The relationship between the US and Russia are going through a difficult period, but the organizers of the event and representatives of theater studios unanimously assured that their work is not affected. “Here come the children of compatriots and people from different countries, there are Belarusians, Ukrainians and Moldovans,” – said the organizer of the festival, chairman of the American Association of Russian Svetlana Sokolova after the festive opening concert at the Russian Embassy in Washington, adding that by wanting to participate, and there was no release “of the applications had to reject because of the lack of space in the schedule.” In the five years of the festival the number of participants has doubled.

The program includes presentation of fairy tales “Pinocchio,” “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Little Prince”, “The Princess and the Pea” and “The Snow Queen”. Classical works presented Chekhov’s story, the opera “Queen Esther”. And the play “April 45th” is devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. The creative skills of young talents will assess jury of artists and filmmakers from Russia and the United States.

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In addition to performances, the festival will host a series of master classes, excursions and disco for the children, as well as individual talents competition “Planet of Art – Washington” in which the participants will compete for victory in the different categories: instrumental, vocal, visual, choreographic and theatrical work.

This kind of theater groups and studios in different parts of the United States allow the children from Russian-speaking families to keep in touch and exchange ideas, to preserve Russian culture and language in my own country living abroad. One member of the jury of the festival conductor Leonid Shulman said that “worships the organizers try to preserve the Russian language in difficult conditions. It is difficult, but I believe in success”.

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Edward Boyakov resigned as rector of the Voronezh Academy of Arts – Kommersant

 - & Gt;

As predicted by “b”, the rector of the Voronezh State Academy of Arts (VGAI), producer, director and founder of the theater ” Practice “and creator of the festival” Golden Mask “, Eduard Boyakov announced his resignation. A statement he made at the May 28th meeting with the staff of the university. His departure, he explained that he could not be reformed VGAI “with the speed with which wanted».

«I was unable to penetrate the armor of bureaucracy” in an attempt to find a public investment for opening new skills and expansion of the university. Formally, the resignation of Mr. Boyakov be held on June 1 meeting of the Academic Council VGAI. He plans to attend this event. Election of the new rector of the Academy are scheduled for September.

For more information about the care of Edward Boyakov from the post of rector of the Voronezh Academy of Arts, read the material “b” “Edward leaves Boyakov Voronezh.”

Vsevolod Inyutin, Voronezh



The creator of “Russophobian” “Golden Mask” leaves Voronezh – a REGNUM


Voronezh, May 28, 2015, 11:37 – REGNUM Theatrical producer, creator of the award “Golden Mask» Edward Boyakov , in the summer of 2013 led the Voronezh State Academy of Arts, today, May 28, may announce his resignation.

On the possible resignation of Eduard Boyakov from the post of rector VGAI Kommersant reported today, citing at once Several sources in the university and the regional authorities. As expected, an official statement Boyakov should do at a general meeting of the Academy staff. The most likely candidate for the post of rector of the university, according to the publication, is the Vice-Rector VGAI Olga Skrynnikova .

Among the reasons for withdrawal from the post Boyakov, the newspaper notes, his entourage called false understanding of his responsibilities: “It is primarily an artist, and in the Academy he had to deal with daily routine.

As previously reported IA REGNUM , Eduard Boyakov known theater director and producer , creator of the award “Golden Mask”, headed by the Academy of Arts two years ago – in May 2013. This Boyakov was appointed acting rector at the time, when the term of the contract of Professor Victor Semenov , for many years head of the institution, has not expired. The order of appointment signed Boyakov Culture Minister Vladimir Medina .

According to the Boyakov the appointment, he was going to make the best of the Voronezh Academy cultural institution of the country, to invite as speakers prominent Russian cultural figures.

Just one month after his appointment to the post Boyakov It became aware of the allocation of the Voronezh State Academy of Arts 30 million rubles from the budget of the Ministry of Culture on the emergency and repair dormitories and academic buildings. In addition, the university was transferred to the building of the House of officers of the Revolution Avenue – in the heart of Voronezh.

Work Boyakov in the region was accompanied by a number of scandals, the largest of which was the report “Voronezh pulse”, developed by a group of experts led by VGAI new Rector. The document is called in the region is extremely controversial and a lot of discussions. After the publication of the first edition of the report of his resignation as director of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre has been sent to Igor Nepomnyashchii , but opponents Boyakov merged in October 2013 wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin with the request to establish a commission in order to conduct an objective study of the state of the cultural environment of Voronezh.

Another idea was the creation of Edward Boyakov at the Voronezh excavator plant (the company for many years been in the process of bankruptcy), the so-called creative industries cluster. On the site over 11 hectares in Kominternovsky Voronezh area, not far from the city center, Boyakov offered to arrange the gallery, objects of cultural and educational, hotel and residential complexes, parks, shops and studios, designers and architects. Then Boyakov expressed interest of a number of entrepreneurs to participate in this project. However, the project is embodied in life and was not.

Boyakov also remembered Voronezh residents in connection with the scandalous spectacle of Tallinn Theatre No99 “Pedagogical Poem”, shown as part of Plato’s Arts Festival in June 2013. The play, by browsing more than half the audience left the hall in protest, Boyakov he rated as “very spirited event” on Plato’s festival. ” “It is about the fight for freedom, fight with their complexes, primarily sexual … And showing of these clips touched the audience excited straight … there was a wave of indignation. And the remaining audience clapped standing! “- Commented then Boyakov.

Last year, during Platonovfesta Boyakov again at the center of the scandal: the concert of the world famous Malian ethnic singer Rokii Traore he called “nonsense” and “festival-tour hack.” “Today, the Event-Hall was Rokia Traore. Nonsense. My God, how many of these “winners of the BBC World Music Award” divorced. Especially in Mali, of course. There are some offshore producer … Well … Senegal has absolutely producer, festival-touring trash. The voice of the girl is certainly the manner fioriturki African … Two chicks on the dancer-balanced vocals. Bassist in a funny hat and fashionable six-string instrument. Another black man holds the oar some with strings. Drummer good, too black. Well, one white man on a solo guitar – an elderly bearded, romantic … everything right … Producer – one that with PJ Harvey worked … In short, the “Star Factory”, Channel some … only to present music as Salif Keita same or Yusu N’Dour – far this girl … How fast food to my mother’s cheesecakes … »

The latest scandal indirectly associated with the name Boyakov occurred a few days ago. Deputy Minister of Culture RF Vladimir Aristarkhov in one of his recent speeches called theater festival “Golden Mask”, the creator of which was Boyakov containing “elements of Russophobia.” Note that at the end of last year, the winner of this award was the Governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeyev.

Help IA REGNUM . Eduard Boyakov – Russian producer, theater director, theater teacher. The creator of the theater festival “Golden Mask”, one of the organizers of the “Moscow Easter Festival,” Festival of Modern Drama “New Drama”. Since August 2005 – the art director of the theater “Practice” (Moscow). The initiator of a number of publishing projects. Since June of 2013 – Rector of Voronezh State Academy of Arts.

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In the USE in Russian recorded 6 violations: Rosobrnadzor – IA REGNUM


Moscow, May 28, 2015, 13:39 – REGNUM Today, May 28 in the framework of the unified state examination / exam / Russian language in Russia at the moment recorded 6 violations. All violations are associated with the use of mobile phones. This was stated by the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergei Kravtsov , BelTA IA REGNUM in Rosobrnadzor.

The first violation was recorded in the Altai Territory, where a schoolgirl photographed and its task I put it on the Internet. “It set the name of the girl who did it, it will be dismissed”, – said the head of department.

As reported IA REGNUM , May 28 graduates in 85 regions of Russia, including the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as in 52 countries and abroad pass a mandatory exam in Russian. Exam pass 700 thousand. People, including 660 thousand. – Graduates of the current year. It involved 5.5 thousand points of the exam.

The main wave of the USE was launched on May 25 and will run to 18 June. The next scheduled exam – math baseline – June 1.

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USE in Russian says all Russia. LIVE – BBC

Thursday across Russia held the most massive this year, the USE – USE in Russian. He will simultaneously take 700 thousand. Students. Even mathematics, a second compulsory subject, will bring together a smaller number of participants – it is divided into two exams on the level of complexity. Over the course of the event monitor journalists and observers in the Situation and Information Centre (JRC) Rosobrnadzor. “Times” report is online.


Tolstoy was initiated cancellation of the test in the exam on Russian language – and this year it was removed. The tests are “guessing the system,” so Tolstoy described them.


From the history of the exam tickets may remove part of the test. This was announced by presidential advisor Vladimir Tolstoy.


Ingushetia report that they have everything perfectly. After listening to the speaker, the head Rosobrnadzor sighed and added, “Please pay attention to the significance of the Russian language. Because last year in the North Caucasus is the improvement of teaching of the Russian language. ” In Ingushetia, written exam 3600 graduates in 31 points.


«On the exam there is a growth of the individual,” – says Irina Tsybulko, Head FCR KIM Russian language. “Exam to become a growth point for graduates, because graduates are our future students and citizens”, – she explained. We hope now 700 thousand students will experience personal growth.


In the Crimea, only got to write, but report to the JRC: “In the Crimea, wrote the exam, only those who wished. This is not a mandatory component for admission to universities – said the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of the Republic of Crimea Natalia Goncharova. – Written exam 1.5 thousand. Students. Last year, 300 students wrote the exam ».


« Russian language magic. I will give an example. There is a saying: “Stay with the nose.” I thought it? Nose? But it turned out that the nose – it is a bribe, the word “worn”. And if you do not take a bribe, I’m staying with nose, “- said the actor Sergei Garmash.


By being prepared by Sergei Garmash.


«I am here as a parent: my youngest son now also wrote the exam,” – admitted adviser to President of Russia Vladimir Tolstoy.


Rosobrnadzor recalled that last year, 100 points on the Russian language gained 1.3 thousand. People from 700 thous.


Speaker adviser to the president of Russia Vladimir Tolstoy. “This is a test”, – he said. “Friends, parents – several million people across Russia held their hearts and pray for their children,” – said Tolstoy. He recalled that in Russia speak 250 languages. “But the Russian language – the main in our country. It is the state language, “- says Tolstoy.


The JRC serves Angelina Besedina from Voronezh, she won last year 100 points on the Russian language, now studying at MSU. She shares a secret: “This student’s diligence and skill of teachers».


Arthur Gromov hopes ask Garmash, Do not regret he that does not give the exam?


There’s Sergei Garmash!


«The use of mobile phones is not allowed. Because you can call to get the right answer, and take someone’s budgetary position in the university, “- explains Kravtsov.


In Crimea, at times increased the number of those wishing to pass the exam, said the head of Rosobrnadzor.


Organized by 5.5 thous. items of the EGE !


Chapter Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov began statement: “There is no leakage of the examination of the material at the moment there».


In Rosobrnadzor say that the number of violations in the first exam of the main stage was less than half than last year. But this year, less than the students write the exam. As explained by May 22 at a government meeting Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, now there is demographic decline.


In Moscow Watch zone started the exam in the Russian language. Well, away we go! All the guys luck!


Over the course of the exam will follow the observers and journalists in situational information center Rosobrnadzor. There have already settled our correspondent Arthur Gromov. He will share photos and observations.


If the exam in literature and geography on May 25 wrote about 80 thousand. Students and Finally, it was found 11 mobile phones and 18 cribs, then imagine how many violations will be revealed now that the exams are 700 thousand. man?


Today, most students losing a single state exam: 700 thousand. The Russian language is mandatory to obtain a certificate of graduation. Second compulsory test – math this year is divided into two: the base and profile levels. Therefore, even the math does not gather such a large number of schoolchildren, as the Russian language.


USE in Russian is already finished writing on Sakhalin and the Far East. Students Siberia also happy scribbling in twitter that they finally freed: the horror behind. Urals dosed two hours to the examination, and in the Moscow time zone students only go to the points of the exam. Teachers remind them – no cribs and mobile phones, or their work will be canceled. And: no admission to the university – only retake a year.