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Solzhenitsyn’s Museum opened in his favorite holiday – BBC News

In Kislovodsk opened Russia’s first museum of the writer and thinker of the twentieth century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

self-fulfilling prophecy, it seemed incredible, and Kislovodsk house-turned museum, Solzhenitsyn returns in his most favorite holiday.

“opens the Museum of the Trinity in the place where his life went. Like the wheel of fate that ended. I think if it breaks through the clouds, look at us and rejoice” – said Natalia Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s widow.

House Gorina – aunt – in the cloud, and if directed peaked roof. Solzhenitsyn kept it in my heart. How great was the geography of the writer’s life as a terrible blow of fate, but the “arrangement of the rooms and houses where you live as a child, etched in my memory as one of the foundations of the world’s existence”.

Little House on the Rock, Solzhenitsyn recalled, mansion in the picturesque rib beam – starodachnom area of ​​Kislovodsk – like a fairy tale: the ground floor – a brick, and the second – a log, intricately decorated, balcony – with openwork carving. Four years is conducted Solzhenitsyn mother Taisia ​​Zakharovna – from 1920 to 1924 minutes.

It is a museum of images, the museum experience, embodied in books, especially in “The Red Wheel.” Here and in the birth certificate of his father Isaak, who died 6 months before the birth of her son, and certificate, diploma, and Solzhenitsyn, and notebooks from his notes. School and the University of Rostov. Front and campsite. Living up to the publication in the “New World”, “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”.

In this story – grandfather, who wore on his hands in the service of the temple of St. Panteleimon. Instead, it is now – a chapel. The old church was demolished. In it the writer was baptized, and a bright flash memories, as “included several in pointed Budyonny caps, without removing them, and neglecting the course of service, cut through the crowd to the pulpit and the altar”.

“He lived with this small homeland. For him, the main homeland was Russia, a country with its tragedies and achievements, “- said Gochiyayev Rahim, a senior fellow at Kislovodsk Historical Museum” Fortress “.

Making his way through the thicket, we go way Solzhenitsyn. In 1994 he returned to Russia and arrived in Kislovodsk. And once it is all unmistakably led to the place of his birth. Old Grandma’s house survived in 1918, when a shell fell into the yard, but was blown up in the 70s, when the writer tried to erase from the history of the city.

In 1994, Solzhenitsyn made, he said, “tunneling the city “and the city” walked “him – from the sanatorium Ordzhonikdze Lenin Street – the former Alexander’s path. And when the writer was raised at the scene Philharmonic, there were so many people that have decided to open all the doors.

The word Solzhenitsyn sounds again today. “Miniatures” reads Alexander Filippenko. The orchestra plays Shostakovich’s Preludes. The concert has come and grandchildren of the writer.

The roots – that’s what keeps the earth, does not break and raschelovechitsya. The family and the house that a child is the whole world.

“sunlit small clean corner room, in the midst of which I am lying in bed with a rope net and remember where your head and realize what a good day, Mom approach by “- these records Natalia first reading.

An amazing memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and has kept the rung on the ladder, on which the patient crashed when my grandmother had sent to carry on the second floor of a manual coffee grinder. A red wheel – the image has not been there as bewitched looked at the locomotive reversal circle?

“He had a spiritual connection with Russia. He had never been away from it, even when taken in handcuffs, he still remained in Russia “, – said the director and writer Stanislav Govorukhin.

” I was actually born in Kislovodsk, and involuntarily I love him for it, “” Beauty of Russia – in the province “- these words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn is repeated. And spoiled Lermontov and Pushkin city new seat of power – Solzhenitsyn’s house.

And then there are the autographs in the museum, and three hundred books in the library, and then not in vain writer believed “in our spiritual cleansing in the national revival of Russia “and that the truth will return to the people.

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