Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Russia – in the final of Eurovision – first channel

Our singer Polina Gagarina captivated the audience with his magnificent, powerful voice and sincerity of execution. Thousands Hall Vienna stadium “Stade Halle” listened to it with bated breath. Then he sang. And finally – burst into applause.

Her room has become one of the most beautiful on this evening. And one of the most memorable. Including due to original stage solution: at some point her white dress was part of the scene projected on the night sky. Millions of stars, paint the song “Million Voices” leave no one indifferent.

“The whole audience sang our song – and then there was a real catharsis. I cried and did not even know that this can be proud of their country in time of chanting, I felt that power,” – said Polina Gagarina.

The finalists of the competition were also artists from Albania, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Serbia and Belgium. Another 10 members are determined on Thursday.

And on Saturday – final. In it will act as representatives of the five European countries, the host country, and a special guest – Australia. Channel One shows all the stages of the contest.

See all the performances of the first semi-final of “Eurovision-2015″ & gt; & gt;

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