Thursday, May 21, 2015

26 contenders for Gagarin – BBC

Vienna hosted the second semifinal of “Eurovision-2015″, to finally determine the finalists. They were ten musicians – on Thursday in the final of the delegates made their way from Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Montenegro, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Israel. Overall, in the finals on Saturday will be attended by representatives of 27 countries, including the Russian woman Polina Gagarina.

In the second semi-final ended in Vienna Music Contest “Eurovision-2015″. In the finals the representatives of ten countries.

was selected, of course, the singer from Sweden – Mons Selmerlev, and the company made it musicians from Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Norway, Montenegro, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Israel .

The second semi-final list of participants was released, perhaps less striking than the first show. Most of the contestants – and they were on a more than two days ago, 17 – rests on a quite traditional pop ballad, which at the “Eurovision” has always had a lot of bad and which are stored.

However, there were pleasant exceptions.

For example, the head, according to the bookmakers, the favorite of this competition Swedish singer began his impressive Selmerlev stylish room with an acoustic guitar and a beautiful installation involving cartoon partner. It all ended, though fairly standard Europop.

Among the less sought-after artists of chance music lovers it is worth noting latviyku Aminatou Sawadogo with the song «Love Injected» in the spirit of the fashionable singer FKA Twigs and Swiss Melanie Renee.

However, her song «Time To Shine» most notable producers’ efforts to establish sound fashion than charisma is not too memorable actress.

As for any trends, if in the first semi-final sharp focus by the standards of competition socially relevant statements, the second was marked by a succession of generations. Two members of this “adult” “Eurovision” contest arrived straight from a children’s version of the contest.

Also, the second semi-final went all the ethnic composition of dance element – such contestants from Montenegro were noted (somewhat similar to Nenad Stas Mikhailov, “Knez” Knezevic) and Israel (16-year-old Neda Guedj).

Not without sentimental moment – it was ended with a concert performance polka Monica Kushinskoy that since 2006 confined to a wheelchair.

During her speech at the screens broadcast fragments of concerts that she gave up being hit in a car accident.

The finals 2015 will take place on Saturday evening, May 23. It will perform participants from 27 countries. Ten of them decided on Thursday, ten came in the first semi-finals – including Russian singer Polina Gagarina. In addition to her from the first semi-finals in the decisive round of the contestants selected from Albania, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Serbia and Belgium. A further seven countries have the right to start the competition right from his final part. This band from the “Big Five” (the creators of the European Broadcasting Union) – Italy, France, UK, Spain and Germany. Just got the final participants from Austria as the winner of the competition last year, as well as Australia, invited to the “Eurovision” in honor of the 60th anniversary of the show.


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