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IV Film Debuts “Movement” was opened in Omsk – BBC News

The fourth national film festival debuts “Movement” was opened in Omsk. Within five days of Omsk will see the best works of young filmmakers. Who are the stars walked the red carpet, which tapes included in the competition program, and who has become a hero of the opening ceremony of honor

Actress Catherine Spitz – one of the few who dare to enter the red carpet in evening dress. The rest of the stars chose to insulate. Unlike the weather Omsk public reception was hot. A year ago, a journalist and writer Roman Super was a member of the Third National Festival debuts. During this time, managed to write a book to change their place of residence from Russia to Israel and to come back to Omsk at the festival, but as a member of the jury of documentaries.

documentaries, this time in the competition more than the full-length and short game. The program itself is more compact than the previous year. festival budget was reduced. Therefore, on the red carpet of stars less, not planned creative meetings. All the attention -. Just a movie

In the competition program of the festival “Movement” Omsk will see sensational tape of last year, for various reasons, were not included in the rental home or demonstrate a very short period. At the opening ceremony the participants welcomed the governor of the Omsk region. The guest of honor of the ceremony was Vladimir Pechurin – Omsk television legend, 55 years worked at the oldest operator Omsk broadcasting company “Irtysh”



The film festival “Movement” in Omsk began with the screening of the film “The Crew” – TASS

OMSK, 26 April. / TASS /. National Film Debuts “movement”, the fourth of its kind, was launched with the presentation by Nikolai Lebedev movie “The Crew”, who last weekend became the leader of the Russian hire. The opening ceremony of the show was held in Omsk Academic Drama Theatre.

“In the hall a lot of people that form in the field of public opinion. It is important for us, for our picture, the whole movie. Thank you for you support Russian cinema “, – he said, introducing viewers to the tape, the producer Leonid Vereshchagin painting. Directed by “crew” Nikolai Lebedev expressed the hope that viewers of the film – “those who experience fear of flying” as Lebedev himself, “understand that this is a very exciting and fun class – fly”

. “this picture was made with love to the sky, with a love for the pilots and with a love of good people and the main heroism – is to remain dignified, decent this picture is for people -. for you and about you,” – said Lebedev. “The Crew” The film is about a young pilot Alexei Gushchin (Danila Kozlovsky), which is discharged from the military aviation authorities for failure to fulfill orders, and then take the place of an intern in one of the domestic airlines. Under the guidance of an experienced pilot Leonid Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov) Goushchin have to make the most difficult mission in their lives and try to save hundreds of people.

Fourth National Film Debuts “Movement” held in Omsk from 26 to 30 April. The competitive program this year consists of three sections – feature films, “Short Film” and documentary films. Choosing the winners of the jury will be led by Valeri Todorovski (Competition feature films), directed by Alex Mizgiryov (documentary films) and producer Roman Borisevich (Competition “Short Film”).

festival “Movement” held in Omsk in 2013 of the year. President of the festival is an actor, director and screenwriter Artem Mikhalkov, General Producer – Polina Zueva, program director – film critic Stas Tyrkin



General Staff: Russian air force since the beginning of operations in Syria has destroyed nearly 30 thousand goals – TASS

MOSCOW, April 27th. / TASS /. Russian aircraft in the months that have passed since the start of operations in Syria, destroyed about 29 thousand objects.

Such data led head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Rudskoy.

“Almost seven months of fighting, aircraft VKS Russia made more than 9500 sorties, struck about 29 thousand objects of terrorists “, – said Rudskoy on the 5th Moscow international security conference

The general reminded that Russia actively. applied long-range aircraft, committing about 180 sorties. In addition, to carry out “massive launches of cruise missiles, air and sea-based … on a range of up to 1500 kilometers,” added Rudskoy.

According to him, during the operation killed more than 200 production facilities, processing and pumping oil, controlled by terrorists. “Destroyed more than 200 objects of oil production, processing and transfer of fuel, which are in controlled by terrorist groups in Syria, as well as over 2 thousand means of delivery of petroleum products”, – said Rudskoy

Civilians were not affected

<. p> He said that no strike has not led to the destruction of civilian objects, or civilian casualties.

according to him, the Russian military thwarted “numerous attempts to provoke militant attacks on civilian targets.” “According to the terrorist destruction of the civilian population was to discredit the VKS Russia, cause a negative reaction of the international community and force the Russian leadership to stop the fight with terrorist groups in Syria,” – said General

He said that the Ministry of Defence while constantly. faced with “stuffing information” and “groundless accusations”.

The situation in Syria

Rudskoy noted that a large part of the territory of the Syrian provinces of Damascus, Hama and Homs already liberated from the terrorists.

“Illegal militias forced out of Latakia. The coastal areas of the province in which concentrated a large population of Syria, completely exempt from the terrorists. Restored road links between Damascus and Aleppo. Release Kvayres air base, is completely surrounded terrorists more than three years in central Syria from the illegal armed groups cleared most of the province of Hama, Homs and Damascus “-. Rudskoy General told

He also said that the Syrian military released Palmyra and Al-Qaryatayn, which is the most important. reference point, providing a secure communication between the north and the south of Syria.

in general, according to the Russian general Staff, “as a result of strikes of the Russian aircraft repeatedly dropped the combat potential terrorist groups, they have lost the initiative and refused to conduct offensive operations” . “This has allowed the Syrian government forces to seize the strategic initiative and go on the offensive on all fronts As a result of active operations forces of the Syrian Arab Republic have released some 500 settlements in the area of ​​10 thousand square kilometers.” – Reminded Rudskoy.

Russia has begun operation in Syria, 30 September 2015, acting at the request of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In mid-March, the bulk of the Russian aircraft was withdrawn from Syria, but the military continued to strike at terrorist groups.

Syrian conflict and the basic steps to resolve it


Cleaner VW: Mitsubishi risk of becoming bankrupt – Oil Russia

«Oil of Russia», 27.04.16, Moscow, 09:11
Mitsubishi 25 consecutive years underestimated data on fuel consumption by many of its models, including the Pajero so popular in Russia. Following the “diesel” Volkswagen scandal, this scandal has already received the name of “fuel”

President of Tetsuro Aikawa honestly admits. The scale of problems is so great that there is the possibility of bankruptcy Mitsubishi. Note: “fuel scandal” – is the only tip of the iceberg. The company has long and unsuccessfully searching for a partner in Europe: it was the first Daimler, then Peugeot-Citroen, but cooperation has not brought the desired results. Mitsubishi is already several years is in crisis mode: during this time the company lost 50% of market capitalization

Data on fuel consumption for the international market as much underestimated since 1991. At home, the company for a long time tried to be honest, but. and Japan began to carry out the manipulation of test results in 2002.

in the Land of the rising sun rumors that not everything is in order, appeared a little earlier in the camp of the automaker than the rest of the world: the stock Mitsubishi falling rapidly for 5 consecutive days. The market capitalization of the “Three Diamonds” (and that is how it is translated from Japanese) fell significantly below $ 4 billion. Company President Tetsuro Aikawa said that the top management has not yet discussed the issue of compensation to customers.

> According to preliminary data, the fuel efficiency of cars Mitsubishi overstated by an average of 10%. On Wednesday, the company reported for the IV quarter, is expected to increase net profit by 32%. However, experts are already talking about the fact that rates will begin to decline sharply after the scandal of fuel.

The Government of Japan has already forms a special committee, which will monitor all the national automobile industry, so no one no longer tempted to overstate the useful indicators and understate harmful. The Ministry of Transport also announced that Mitsubishi has provided enough detailed report on its breaches. Companies are required to publish detailed information before 11 May.

In Russia Mitsubishi have production in Kaluga, and its fate in the event of possible bankruptcy, was talking about the president of the company is unclear. It is impossible to completely eliminate and withdrawal from Russia, as did Opel and budget line Chevrolet.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The first launch of the carrier rocket with the Eastern postponed –

Roskosmos, rocket, rocket launch, launch site

Today, the launch of the carrier rocket did not take place Photo: Roscosmos

The first launch of the carrier rocket with the new cosmodrome “East” has been postponed. He moved to the day. This Tass in Roskosmos. Publishing the source said that the launch postponed for technical reasons.

Earlier, the State Commission has decided to start the first rocket from the cosmodrome “East”, writes “Interfax”. “The State Commission on the results of refueling and overall preparedness of the cosmodrome” East “decided readiness of the carrier rocket” Soyuz 2.1a “for the first launch. Dan’s team to run the automatic cycles prelaunch rocket and launch units and removal of the mobile service tower “- said the Russian Space Agency

It should be noted that the launch was scheduled for 5.01 Moscow time, but at 5.00 it was decided to move. . It was expected that the carrier rocket will orbit three satellites: “Lomonosov”, “Aist-2D” and SamSat-218. It was reported that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin will oversee the launch of the missile.


Sister Prince: The singer has not had time to leave a will – Russian Newspaper

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Recently, Beyonce introduced her fans a new visual album Lemonade. Record only saw the light, and has done a lot of noise. The fact is that the dramatic texts of some new songs prompted admirers 34-year-old pop diva on sad thoughts: it seemed to them that the artist alludes to the serious problems in the relationship with her husband, 45-year-old rapper Jay-Z. In particular, the song Sorry singer mentions a certain “Becky” -razluchnitsu. Fans immediately rushed to search for the alleged mistress producer and musician. Who fell under the sight of angry fans

Something that so many fans have been waiting for Beyonce: artist released a new album. However, not all fans of pop queen of her new CD called positive emotions. The reason is that the new songs celebrities were very mixed. In his texts, the singer touches deeply intimate topics, including – adultery. That this issue is devoted to the beauty song called Sorry

At the end of the songs sound the words:. “I looked at the clock, he should be at home / Today I regret that put a ring / He wants me only when I’m not around / It is better to call Becky with a beautiful hair. ” Hearing these lines, the fans came to the conclusion that Beyonce hints at infidelity of her husband Jay-Z. But who, then, is the same Becky who seduced the rapper and producer?

Members of the fan club pop diva set out to calculate the insidious razluchnitsa and started a real investigation. Already there were the first version. Someone thinks that Beyonce sang a 42-year-old Rachel Roy, which has already been suspected in connection with the musician. But most of the followers of the actress believes that the lover Jay-Z – British singer Rita Ora, who in 2008 signed a contract with record label producer Roc Nation.

25-year-old blonde itself added fuel to the fire, laid out in the application Snapchat short video, which appeared in a transparent bra with print in the form of lemon and a gold chain with a pendant «J» on the neck. Internet users have decided that drawing on underwear Rita – is an allegory to the name of the new album, Beyonce, Lemonade, and the decoration on the celebrity neck – a reference to the first letter in the name of Jay-Z

Is this true -. Remains only guess. Maybe soon she Ora decides to comment on the situation, or Beyonce overtake her and simply explain the mysterious meaning of his dramatic songs.


New album Beyonce «Lemonade» – BBC

Beyonce knows how to surprise. Three years ago, she quite suddenly released a new untitled album, which she asked to consider the visual, because each song a separate expensive video was filmed with him. All the work – from writing to shooting – was conducted in absolute secrecy, which today seems almost unattainable. The new album, entitled «Lemonade» came out in a similar way – the truth, some time ago Beyoncé yet for seed produced video for the song «Formation»

However, the move was not so much. announcement as injection suspense: no data that follow this single, the singer did not let

The premiere of the film «Lemonade» took place on HBO on Saturday night and was one of the main prime. season – along with a new season of “Game of thrones.” Actually, what was shown on TV, this is, obviously, what I wanted to say Beyonce to the fullest form – audiovariant album produces a slightly different impression. Despite the formal absence of plot, the video version «Lemonade» produces whole quite an impression, it is not a collection of clips and full benefit Beyoncé dedicated to the place of women in general and women in particular, dark-skinned in the modern world. The film is divided into several chapters – “Intuition”, “Denial”, “Apathy”, “emptiness” and “Resurrection”. A bunch of musical numbers in addition to the visual interludes are the verses of the young Kenyan poet Varsan Shire dedicated to love and change

In fact, at first it seems that the final film will be in the best case, an application for divorce, and at worst -. Beating singer wife – rap mogul Jay-Z. Beyonce takes quite a dashing start – hit the car with a baseball bat ( «Hold Up»), screaming voice, Jack White, throws a wedding ring in the camera ( «Do not Hurt Yourself») and says that it for all it is absolutely not ashamed ( «Sorry “). In the background are dancing fervent flames. However, the story pretty quickly makes almost imperceptible turn and talk about private adultery is supplemented with quotations known African-American human rights activist Malcolm X (echo Ferguson here all sounds rather hollow), memories of childhood, reconciliation shots Beyonce and Jay-Z and many others. At the same time what is happening on the screen is crystal clear.

Singer talks about quite simple things like: the strength and independence not imply aggression, pride and arrogance – not the same thing, emancipation does not mean rejection of female nature – and even vice versa

at first the audience admired the abundance of African-American women in the frame -. from Serena Williams to grandmother Jay-Z, but on the album besides Beyonce sing in mostly men, and there is no contradiction. Closer to the final singer almost by Shakespeare, it comes to the fact that the strength of a woman that is considered to be a weakness – the ability to forgive, to accept. When closer to the final character appears in a scene with her husband, there is no concession

Here, by the way, it would be necessary to stop and take a step back to understand that. If it was limited only by the content, «Lemonade» was I would be no more than just amusing feminist gesture. However, it is really an outstanding pop album – various, inventive and hit. In contrast to his eternal rival Rihanna Beyoncé does not need to prove anything, and show, «Lemonade» – is a completely mature work, a performer who knows their (considerable, to put it mildly) the resources and know how to use them properly

<. span class="idea"> actually, it is the artistic consistency makes this work truly outstanding.

As usual with great pop albums, «Lemonade» team of authors includes a couple dozen items, but for once -What are the main forever really is the singer, whose name is rendered on the cover. She thought of all this, it is – the man who made that record intact sociocultural (sorry) statement. And in this situation it is not so important whether the Jay-Z Beyonce changed (although, apparently, yes). Singer turned personal tragedy is not simply an act of art, a universal sentence. After all, if life throws you lemons, then anyone (regardless of gender, age, location and color) would be nice to learn how to make lemonade.


Chaika said the attempts of the “Right Sector” to commit a coup in Russia – RBC

Russian prosecutor General Yury Chaika

Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, in a report prepared for the Council of the Federation, said that the proponents of the” Right sector “attempted organization of mass riots to commit coup d’etat in Russia

Supporters of radical Ukrainian movement “Right sector” (banned in Russia by the court) have attempted to organize the riots to commit a coup in Russia. This is stated in the report of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, which on April 27, he will address the Council of Federation, reports “RIA Novosti».

«to block access to pages in the” VKontakte “social network through which supporters of Ukrainian nationalist groups “Right sector” attempted organization of mass riots and unauthorized public stocks with the aim of committing a coup in the Russian Federation “, – said in the report.

a spokesman for” Right sector “Artem Skoropadsky, commenting on the findings of the Prosecutor General, said that all accounts of the organization in Russia for a long time blocked. In a conversation with “Moscow speaking”, he stressed that “Right sector” did not prepare any shares in Russia.

In November 2014 the Supreme Court found “Right sector” extremist organization. A year ago, the Crimean division of the motion included in the list of terrorist organizations.

In 2015, the Russian blogger Konstantin Zharinov was convicted of repost in social networks “Right sector” propaganda material, which was distributed in “VKontakte” in March 2014. The blogger was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with a probation period of two years and immediately amnestied.

In the summer of last year was sentenced to 2.5 years of creation of the colony “Russian sector of the right.” Maxim Kalinichenko suspected of public support for the action of the “Right sector».

In September, the Moscow City Court on the basis of the jury’s verdict was sentenced to seven years in prison Alexander Razumov, who was accused of inciting hatred or hostility, and mercenaries. According to investigators, Razumov, “driven by ideas of Nazism, he went to the territory of Ukraine”, where he “military and ideological training” in the ranks of “Right Sector” of the organization. After that, he returned to Russia, where he recruited new members into the ranks of the organization, stated TFR.


“Supporters of the” Right Sector “tried to organize a coup in Russia,” – Kommersant

Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika will perform April 27 in the Federation Council (FC) with an annual report devoted to law and order in the country. The report, which was received in SF, reported on the work of the Attorney General to prevent external threats and to identify violations of internal character. According to the supervisory authority, the supporters of Ukrainian radical organization “Right Sector” (banned in Russia) had planned to organize a coup in Russia. Mr Chaika also reports that the size of the actual wage arrears in Russia is much higher than the official data, the safety of passenger transport is in critical condition and vital medicines almost half of the regions are sold at inflated prices.

About the threat from Ukraine

Supporters of radical Ukrainian organization “Right sector” (banned in Russia) tried to organize riots to commit coup d’etat in Russia, according to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika report. “Block access to pages in the social network” VKontakte “, by which the” Right Sector “supporters of Ukrainian nationalist groups have attempted organization of mass riots and unauthorized public stocks with the aim of committing a coup in the Russian Federation”, – quotes “RIA Novosti” an excerpt from the report prosecutor general.

According to Mr Chaika, prosecutors together with the FMS, the Interior Ministry and FSB of Russia were not allowed entry to the Russian radical people from the Ukraine. According to him, the problem of migration in 2015 worsened due to the incessant influx of citizens of Ukraine: “In 2015, across the state border of the Russian Federation in the Rostov region has driven more than 4 million citizens of Ukraine. Today in Russia there are more than 2.6 million citizens of Ukraine. »

About the terrorist offenses

in Russia, in 2015 the number of terrorism-related crimes increased by 36.3%, according to Yury Chaika in the report:” The increase in their numbers is primarily due to increase to 1008 (+ 28.1%) revealed evidence of participation in illegal armed formations (Art. 208 of the Criminal Code), whose share in the structure of terrorist crimes is 65,5%. »

However, the 75.8% reduction in the number of crimes under Art. 205 of the Criminal Code (a terroristic act). “Two criminal cases on the fact of posting on the Internet statements threatening the citizens of the Russian Federation committed in the territory of the Moscow terrorist attacks with chemical weapons, six cases on the fact of preparation to commit a terrorist act, as well as crimes under earlier initiated criminal cases, the events of the past years “, – stated in the report

According to the Attorney General, 156 militants were eliminated in 2015, including 36 leaders, headed the” Caucasus Emirate “, 20. of the 26 leaders of bandit groups, sworn terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia).

Pro sanctions products

Attorney General, the report says that the sanctions for more than seven tons of products were destroyed last year. It notes, however, that the results of inspections in Russia was revealed widespread sale of prohibited products. According to Yuri Chaika, it was due to improper performance of the customs authorities to control the functions. “In almost all regions of Russia in retail chains, grocery stores, markets and websites freely implemented meat products, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables and dairy products produced in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, Norway”, – stated . The report

Attorney General cited the failure to comply with product embargoes: in Moscow retail chains more than 16 tonnes of beef imported with forged veterinary certificates have been processed into sausages, and in Vladimir the area was illegally imported more than 10 tons of salmon from Sweden and Denmark.

About corruption

Yuri Chaika reported that more than 600 officials were prosecuted for corruption in 2015. “In the past year for corruption crimes to the criminal charges were brought against 651 official bodies of federal executive authorities, more than 1 thousand officials of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, more than 400 officials of local self-government.”, – Stated in the report

About the non-payment of salaries

the actual size of the debt on wages is much higher than official data from Rosstat, reported in report to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. “According to Rosstat, on January 1, 2016, wage arrears amounted to 3.572 billion rubles. (On January 1, 2015 – 2 billion rubles.). However, the size of the actual arrears of wages is much higher than official data, as in all regions of the prosecuting authorities found the organization respondents, who have shied away from supplying to government statistics relevant information, as well as employers who are not respondents state statistical observation (small businesses, individual entrepreneurs), but having a debt to the employees, “- says the report

more than 500 criminal cases on the facts of non-payment of salaries was initiated in 2015.. According to the report of the public prosecutor, public prosecutor’s reaction measures in 2015 failed to repay the arrears of wages to employees totaling 25.2 billion rubles.

About the safety of road transport

The situation in the security of passenger road transport in the Russian prosecutor general estimated as critical. “Economic entities universally ignored the legal requirements on licensing passenger transportation. They allowed drivers who have medical conditions that are in a state of intoxication and persons deprived of their means of transport management rights “, – emphasized in the report

About the violations. the sale of medicines

Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika reported that almost half of Russian regions recorded facts overvaluation limit markups to selling prices of vital medicines. “Checks legality and validity of pricing in pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies found overestimation of the size limits of wholesale and retail mark-ups to the actual selling prices of producers for vital drugs, failure to inform the public about the state authorities on the said allowances and prices. Facts overstatement of these allowances revealed almost half of Russian regions “, – stated in the report, Yuri Chaika

Daria Tikhonchuk



In the State Duma introduced a bill on the progressive tax on foreign films – RIA Novosti


(updated: )


MOSCOW, April 26 -. RIA Novosti The deputies of the faction “Fair Russia” Ildar Samiev and Oleg Pakholkov made in State Duma a bill that introduces a progressive tax on the rental of foreign films in Russia.

The corresponding amendments shall be made to the tax Code.

according to the bill, films of foreign distributors, companies and their subsidiaries will be taxed at the tax rates income depending on the number of cinemas in which the film is showing. So, if the film is 80-100% of cinemas in the country, the rate is 20%, if 60-80% of the cinemas – the rate of 15%, with 40-60% of the show in cinemas – the rate of 10%, 20-40% cinemas – the rate of 5% and less than 20% of cinemas rate will be 0%.

So, entertaining films of foreign production, with significant volumes of circulation in the Russian Federation, will be subject to an increased tax rate, the income is from the rare films distributed in smaller quantities, will be taxed at a lower tax rate or not at all be taxed, explain members.

Gains from the aforementioned tax, are invited to submit, first of all, in the cinema Fund of the Russian government on the support and funding of films of domestic production, according to the accompanying documents.

How to write The authors of the bill, in recent years, has repeatedly raised the issue of quotas for Russian cinema production in theaters such as the measures applied in France.

“Such measures have been found to be ineffective cinematic community as their introduction would lead to a significant deterioration of the financial situation of the theater, and would not allow them to continue to expand the network of cinema “, – said in a memorandum

according to the MPs, together with the need of small amount of distributed copies of protection. but valuable in terms of cinematography films.

In June 2015 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of economic development to think about changing the tax system of film distribution through the introduction of a sales tax ticket value added tax (VAT), and the funds spent on the support of Russian cinema, according to the accompanying documents.

“However, as a result of the analysis of the implications for the measure MER and professional community have requested not to introduce VAT as this is primarily reflected in the audience – ticket prices have risen sharply, and unprofitable cinemas will have to close “, -. says in the explanatory documents

The initiators of the document believe that the measures proposed by them will help develop cinemas without restricting show highly, but more rare in terms of the distribution of movies, will provide substantial support and determine an advantageous position for the domestic film production compared with large foreign film companies and will significantly reduce budgetary spending in financing the national film industry.


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The series “on tour” starts on NTV channel – BBC

Vladimir (Maxim Averin) and Michael (Alexey Vorobyov) Sabaneeva live in Tambov and keep a small restaurant “for the”. The new mayor of the city decides to take their property and sends thugs – to deal with the owners in the style of the 90s. Brothers win in the shootout, but now they have to run – and they run through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border with forged documents to the name Sabonis to get to Sweden and be summarized in the distant and sunny Brazil

In Lithuania it. We have to stay. The head of police of a small town (Arnis Litsitis) decides to test newly minted immigrants who do not know a word in Lithuanian, takes their passports, and the brothers themselves lodges in Nijole (Xenia Kutepov), alone raising a son. Sabaneeva-Sabonis gradually understand the psychology of the locals – Michael regularly merges into history with the girls (as the selection – beautiful women), and Vladimir least regularly pulls it out of another scrape, and at the same time helps the hostess. However, Tambov Mayor has not calmed down – and here Lithuanian lads are requested to look after Russian and Brazil sent a man who knows languages ​​(Alexander Bashirov)

NTV channel begins criminal. series “on tour”, created by the producer Sergei Zhigunov center -. the story of the interaction of Russian mobsters and peaceful Balts

However, the genre of the film is best described as a comedy – a fighter it can only be attributed gloomy eyeballs throughout history, led to the end of the two brothers to become inhospitable homeland. However, Tambov, seems to have appeared in the series only to the main characters could periodically trumps known proverb about Gdańsk wolf and mate, and writers as the starting point of the route can select any region of Russia and, in principle, not too tell a lie .

With the final (or intermediate, if we consider unattainable Brazil) point of the route Sabaneeva all brothers much more interesting.

Despite the fact that small town, which suddenly find themselves stuck Vova and Misha, can be localized precisely enough (one of the workers ‘touring’ names – “Palanga”), its real location is still hidden behind the fog of fiction and seems to extend to the entire Baltic. Moreover, the Baltic states are not real, and created the most common stereotypes that are commonly attributed to its inhabitants, not particularly distinguished Lithuanians from Latvians and Latvian -. Of Estonian

The result was quite a nice mixture actually the biblical paradise on earth, which can be briefly described as a country not frightened of the Baltic states.

There’s no one at no one is attacking, even gangsters are trying to comply with traffic regulations, forest roam wild animals, girl beautiful, people are happy and trusting, but the most terrible crime is stealing two bottles of vodka from the local shop, to investigate who throw the best forces in the face of law enforcement police Romanauskasa (Sergey Peregoudov). He honestly spends the night in ambush, wisely ignoring clear evidence of guilt and the outcome is pushed around a visiting guest performers. And living in the neighborhood with the guests from Tambov Thomas (Sergey Umanov), the morning after a joint Misha drinking alcohol, having heard about the theft, is to give up by putting the empty bottle in a sealed plastic bag – all police convenience sake

True. in this kingdom of Denmark (to which, incidentally, is only 500 km by sea) is not all right – and Romanauskas not so simple, and the lads are found who are always ready to shoot (well, in the air) and rob a bank, and the wise-old the police chief may still have its say, because hardly his role be confined to the role of an apartment broker – not the scale

the cast of the series are generally pretty strong -. it busy including foreigners honored Soviet cinema Ivars Kalnins and Lembit Ulfsak.

In principle, the “touring” can be seen as a movie inspired by the TV series “Fizruk”. Averin character no less brutal than the hero Dmitry Nagiyev, and played a former contestant of “Eurovision-2011″ Misha profitable emphasizes the strengths of his on-screen brother and completely took over the carefree fun contented life. And they have a place to turn – the main characters, who are in the complex relationship with the law given to the looting is not a free-standing school, and the whole country – even a little bit invented. The school and the gym teacher, however, is there too.


In Belgium, he died French writer Martin Gray – Rosbalt.RU

April 25, 2016, 18:28 | France | literature | Martin Gray

 French writer of Polish origin Martin Gray died in Belgium on the 94 th year of life. He was at his home in the town of Blue (Province of Namur).

 The writer found in the pool. According to preliminary forensic estimates, there are no signs of violence in the death.

Martin Gray was born in Warsaw in 1922, he managed to survive the Holocaust. He fought in the Red Army ranks, participated in the liberation of Poland and the Battle of Berlin.

In 1946, Martin Gray emigrated to the United States, and in 1960 moved to the south of France. In 2001, the writer settled in Brussels, and then, 11 years later -. In the Walloon Blue in 2012.

 He wrote in French. In his book “For those I loved” Grey said, he lost his family – in the Nazi concentration camps and during major forest fires in the south of France in 1970. Writer Dina Gray created Foundation, whose aim was to fight forest fires and human rights violations.


The Orthodox came the most severe week of Lent –

All the days of Holy Week the Church calls the “holy” and “great”. The first three are devoted to the remembrance of recent conversations Christ and his disciples. Worship the following days related to the suffering on the Cross Savior on Thursday recalled the Last Supper, and on Friday ?? the crucifixion of Christ on Calvary.

Passion Week ?? time of strict fasting. There are allowed only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and bread, and on Friday it is better to do without food in a sign of mourning for the slain Savior.

On the eve of the Orthodox Easter, on Holy Saturday, April 30, NTV NTV.Ru and will show the descent of the Holy fire. Broadcast started in 13:45 .


“The Jungle Book” left the US and Canada box-office leader – BBC

In 2012, the free-style adaptation of Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Snow White and the Huntsman” long pobyla hire a hit (charges almost $ 400 million), remember the stellar composition – in this fantasy starring “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsfort Thor kinovselennoy from Marvel, and two “Oscars” (for visual effects and costumes). The company Universal Pictures at the same time announced a sequel, but a few years with the development of the project resigned director Rupert Sanders, abandoned its role of Stewart, who has focused on auteur cinema, and the continuation of the concept completely changed. With Hemsfortom Theron and was able to negotiate, and eventually turned a sequel rather prehistory of the famous fairy tale. In any case, the Russian rolled name “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ simply shows the relationship of the two films – no Snow White in it, and the original is called “Hunter: The Winter War» (The Huntsman: Winter’s War). That is Hemsfort hunter remained, but it was not enough.

Over the weekend, from 22 to 24 April, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ earned in the US box office and Canada’s only $ 20 1 million.

this is almost three times less than it was at the start of the first film ($ 56.2 million), and this was enough revenue only in second place. Critics smashed “Snow White and the Huntsman 2 ‘to the nines – in the picture a 17%” fresh “on Rotten Tomatoes, and not the highest approval from the audience. However, worldwide the film has earned $ 100.2 million, so that its 115 millionth budget he must pay back – though it is not clear with what result. In Russia, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ was released a week ago, and the first place in the ranking was not able to break through, giving Disney’s “Jungle Book”; by the end of the second weekend the film earned in the Russian hire about 200 million rubles.

It is interesting that in the United States, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ lost film “The Jungle Book”, which remained leader of box office with $ 60.8 million.

Previous Jon Favreau, “The jungle book” was a surprise hit at all. Rather, the company expected the success of Disney remake of the classic animated film in 1967, the last full-length cartoon films made by the founder of the Mouse House. Reymek made by all the rules of modern cinema – with the abundant use of the latest technology and with a minimum of live actors (they are there only two – actually Mowgli and his human father), as well as inviting well-known voices to voice Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and other invented Kipling inhabitants jungle. For two weeks rental charges of the new global “Jungle Book” have exceeded half a billion dollars ($ 528,400,000), he has already recouped its 175 millionth budget – and stop there not intend to. Particularly successful film rolls in China (about $ 100 million); in Russia it charges close to a billion rubles, however, the second weekend in cinemas in Russia, he conceded, “crew” Nikolai Lebedev – but, apparently, only because of the small number of available screens. The low age rating, which American analysts attributed the good rolling performance, “The Jungle Book”, was supposed to help the film in Russia.

In fact, we can already predict that neither the “Jungle Book” or “Snow White and the hunter 2 “will not hand over their positions at least until May 6, when will hire another edition of the cinematic universe of Marvel -« Captain America: Conquest. ” With other films, reached the Top 5 on the weekend, the situation is more uncertain, but they have a chance to stay in the top five for a week.

Now in third place takes comedy “Barber 3″ with Ice Cube.

The continuation of a series of films about the beginning of the zero Negro area of ​​Chicago has earned $ 10.8 million and bringing its total fees up to $ 36 million. The fourth was the cartoon “Zveropolis “which is in the top 5 for two months, during this time earned $ 907 million, of which $ 6.6 million in the US last weekend.

a fifth place went to Melissa McCarthy comedy” Big Boss”. History of clever businesswoman who served in prison and lost his business, gathered in movie theaters this weekend only $ 6 million, but its total revenue ($ 59 million) is enough to justify the 29 millionth budget and confirm the reputation of McCarthy as the income-comedian .


Died first performer of the song Me and Mrs. Jones Billy Paul –

The American soul singer Billy Paul, famous for his rendition of the song Me and Mrs. Jones, died at his home in Blackwood (New Jersey) on the 82-year life. This channel NBC reported musician Manager. According to him, Paul has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and last week, he was taken to the hospital with complications.

Billy Paul was born on December 1, 1934 in Philadelphia. His first steps in the music he made in 11 years, performing on local radio WPEN. He graduated from two music school, where he studied vocal.

First, the singer has performed in clubs and small parties. His first album, Feelin ‘Good at the Cadillac Club he released only in 1968, after returning from the army. The first success came to him in 1972, when he recorded the single Me and Mrs. Jones. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 ranking and brought Paul Award “Grammy”. After him, the track recorded many other musicians, including Canadian Michael Bublé (2007).

Over the years, the career of Billy Paul has recorded 15 albums, the last one came out in 1988. Although his other singles did not reach such success as Me and Mrs. Jones, the musician is considered one of the pioneers of soul music.