Sunday, April 24, 2016

“Sherlock Holmes 3″: Robert Downey Jr. has announced the beginning of shooting – The Russian Times

As announced on the eve of a famous Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr., shooting the next films about the legendary detective planned to start by the end of this year.

The popular Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. in an interview with western media said the day before that he personally talked with director Guy Ritchie on the intention to start filming a new movie about the famous detective. Change must begin by the end of the year. And now, according to the well-known actor, the film crew handles all the necessary preparatory work.

«If we had the opportunity to shoot tape” Sherlock Holmes 3 “with the help of a Skype, we would have done it for a week “, – joked Downey Jr.

In this case, the actor said that the shooting had repeatedly had to postpone because of the extremely busy his schedule

Let’s remind, the first film “Sherlock Holmes” director Guy Ritchie has appeared in 2009. On the wide screen he appeared under the loud slogan “can not hide from them.” As written while the leading Western media, the total budget of the film was $ 90 million and box office reached the level of 500 million. In all theaters of the world watched this movie at least 40 million people

The second tape was called. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” and it was the work of the same director from the United States. The film appeared in 2011, and its budget was then already 125 million dollars. The tape box was able to collect about $ 5.5 million.

On the role of the main villain of the movie Mariarti professor claimed such well-known actors like Brad Pitt, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman, Sean Penn and Javier Bardem. Subsequently, the film company Warner Bros management announced that due to the incredibly huge success of this painting is sure to appear and the third part of it.


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