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Plaque director Lioznova opened on their studio. Gorky – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, April 21 -. RIA Novosti Film director Tatyana Lioznova his work deserved a monument during his lifetime, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina said at the opening ceremony of the memorial plaque to the creator of “17 Moments of Spring” at the studio name Gorky on Thursday.

Installing a memorial plaque was one of the events of the Year of Russian cinema. The initiator of the project were Gorky Film Studio and CEO of AB-TV broadcaster Yakov Kaller, who was friendly with Lioznova. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture. The author of the memorial was the famous sculptor Ivan Kazansky. Funds for the monument listed loyal viewers Lioznova Tatiana, as well as cultural and art workers, who collaborated with the director. Significant sums have provided foster daughter Tatiana Lioznova Lyudmila Lisina and the granddaughter of director Elena Lisina.

General Director of the studio Gorky Sergey Zernov. Archival photo .

© photo: courtesy of the studio Gorky

“the film” 17 moments of spring “appeared when the concept of” serial “did not exist. it was not just a great movie, it was a completely innovative for that time genre. it was made so believable that there are the heroes of this film have become heroes of folk . history this great talent Tatyana certainly deserved a monument while still alive I am sure that without the board her memory will live forever in her works, but this is a very fair, “-.. said Medina at the opening of the memorial plaque .

“it’s hard to understand you my joy, because I know this is very close to an outstanding woman. She was always ready to help his friends. She was incredibly warm person. Until the last days she was interested in what is happening in the country, what’s going on in the culture. As time passes, someone will forget, someone will pass by the board, but no one ever will not disregard its immortal movie “17 Moments of Spring.” Honor and praise her. When you watch her movies, think about it when you pass by (the memorial) – bowed to her, “- said the singer Iosif Kobzon

His solemn speech Kobzon has completed execution of the song.” Do not think of seconds down. ”

Lioznova was born in Moscow on July 20, 1924 Graduated from the studio of Sergei Gerasimov VGIK in 1949. its first production -.. “Memory of the heart” was appreciated by film critics and the audience was followed by the films “Evdokia”, “Him. submits to the sky, “” Three poplars at Plyushchikha, “” We, the undersigned, “” Carnival “. Tatiana Lioznova worked at Gorky film Studio for about forty years. His most famous film” Seventeen moments of spring “Lioznova withdrew in 1973.

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