Monday, April 11, 2016

They called him storyteller Albert Filozov died in Moscow – BBC News

was not Albert Filozova Monday. People’s Artist of Russia was 78 years old. Face Filozova familiar to all, although its Movie parts, of which more than a hundred, almost never were major. Many remember his characters from his childhood, because it is the actor was particularly in demand in the children’s movie. And was the theater, which Filozov gave all his life, even during a serious illness without missing any performances or rehearsals.

He admitted that he once sat down at the memoirs, but they fit into the phrase ” I worked in a small theater in Moscow on Tverskaya street, which was then called Gorky street. ” Then Albert Filozov not moved. An introvert by nature, he did not like to talk about my life

“In these words concluded the answer to all of the most difficult questions Ce la vie I personally no translation is required..” -. Said the character of the film “Red honest, love “.

” When I go to the theater, then go out, I do not go out the character “-. once said People’s Artist of Russia Albert Filozov

During this colleague. They called him a joke, “the man in the case.” But then he added: he precise intonation to filigree. So Filozov was in each of the more than a hundred of his film roles.

He was born in 1937 in Sverdlovsk and became acquainted with the movie as a child. For hours on end sitting in kinooperatorskoy, where his mother worked

“I read a lot, and I’m so at night, when it was all laid, but not sleepy, telling tales I was called a storyteller.” -. I said . Albert Filozov

“he is not seduced the values ​​that are now the main Money his relish a good part of his tempted to find in this vast chaos of the life of this character, which is now disturbed his soul…”, – said the People’s Artist of the USSR, film director Vladimir Naumov.

Filozov worked as a turner, and said that would never have dared to become an actor. But he was taken to Moscow Art Theater School, during a retreat set that the actors of the famous theater held during a tour in Sverdlovsk.

“Filozov of those artists who play so that you overcame, and realize that yes you directed, built some links and staging, but the artist as the content that you are every time you can look at it as a whole new segment and a part of life, “- said People’s Artist of Russia, artistic director of the” School of modern play “Joseph Raihelgauz.

Filozov admitted that the front of the camera and on stage enjoyed. And painfully, if the performance was bad.

“Every day, coming on the scene, you start over again. Each performance is unlike one another. And this, probably, and the happiness of our lives acting, and its difficulty , “- said Albert Filozov

Despite the disease, Albert Filozov canceled rehearsals and never in my life do not miss a single play.. Two weeks ago, he also played on the day of the theater. In the night the play “City” setting Rahelgauza Joseph. And the appearance on the stage was the last actor to

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