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Cosmos joined the Russian Federation and the United States (to the 55th anniversary of the space age) – Vestnik Kavkaza

On April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day. Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the celebration of this day was signed in 1962, a few days before the anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

The first manned space flight made April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in the satellite-spacecraft “Vostok-1″. It lasted 1 hour 48 minutes, the ship makes one turn in its orbit around the Earth.

7 April 2011 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which officially proclaimed April 12 International human flight day in space.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called cooperation in the space industry an important part of cooperation between Russia and the United States.

“Despite all the difficulties that we face in the world, people in space work shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, help each other, perform essential tasks, which are not only for our countries, but also to the whole of humanity “, – he said during a video link with the ISS. “This is a very important area of ​​our cooperation with the United States, as a matter of fact, as well as with other countries”, – said the head of state

Speaking of East spaceport, Putin stressed that the new site is designed. primarily for the benefit of the Russian economy and for the development of foreign cooperation. “Hence, we expect to carry out commercial launches and at least availability of a new cosmodrome Vostochny, will carry out the manned launches, including for the benefit of our partners”, – quotes the president RIA Novosti

As stressed in a conversation with. the correspondent of “Vestnik Kavkaza” Soviet and Russian cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia, the first Sergei Krikalev , it is the interaction in space helps today the Russian Federation and the United States to maintain constructive relations. “Regardless of any agreement or disagreement is on the political level, when we do large, complex, responsible program that lasts for years, we greatly look forward to each other, help each other, to hedge each other. I believe that these good relations which have been established between our two countries in the space program, helping us to build relationships, they can also be an example for other areas in what the relationship should be “, -. he said.

With him in solidarity authoritative experts of the American non-governmental organization Space Foundation, dedicated to the popularization of space research. Its head Elliott Pulem said “the two most important achievements”, which has been achieved in 55 years of the space age. “This is a transition from the space race between the two states in international cooperation involving more than 100 countries, as well as the current evolution of the global space field of activity that attracts private investment and which are drawn commercial space companies on an industrial scale”, – quoted him as saying TASS <. /> p>

space Foundation Chapter acknowledges that “serious rivalry in space continues between different countries and companies.” “But the fact that these” rivals “are both partners and are cooperating, is important”, – he believes.

Pulem recalled the US-Soviet program “Apollo-Soyuz”, which was “the first the real embodiment of the idea of ​​turning rivals into partners. ” Then she “was developed in the project” Shuttle-Mir “, and, of course, to the International Space Station (ISS),” he continued. “Therefore, the steps that used to be taken with the United States and Russia, still serve as an example of how to implement both competition and cooperation”, – concluded the Space Foundation Head

This view is supported by former US. astronaut Leroy Chiao , who is now a special advisor to the Space Foundation. He made a total of four space flights on US shuttles and Russian “Soyuz”, and in 2004-2005 worked together with Russian cosmonauts as part of a long expedition to the ISS.

Chiao, speaking about the achievements in the space field over the past 55 years, said that in the field of technological development chief among them “were manned flights, and then landing a man on the moon, the construction of multi-functional shuttles on the program Space shuttle and the cooperation of many countries in the construction and use of the ISS”.

“By taking these steps, we have created a basis for further exploration of outer space”, – he said, adding that “philosophically important achievement has been the study of other planets” in the Solar system. “This shows that people are no longer closed on only one world, and that by nature we are researchers,” – said the former American astronaut

Director of NASA Charles Bolden also paid attention to. transition to broad international cooperation in space. If during the Cold War, Washington and Moscow led the space race, the “Now instead there is a competition of ideas”, – he said

According to Bolden, US space agency is interested in discussing with other countries, its main long-term project. – preparation of the first manned flight to Mars. “We intend to continue the dialogue on this topic with all the participants in the ISS program – Russian space agencies of Canada, Japan and European countries”, – he said. “We want to know what others think about the country on how to carry out a journey to Mars,” – said the director of NASA



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