Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cleaner VW: Mitsubishi risk of becoming bankrupt – Oil Russia

«Oil of Russia», 27.04.16, Moscow, 09:11
Mitsubishi 25 consecutive years underestimated data on fuel consumption by many of its models, including the Pajero so popular in Russia. Following the “diesel” Volkswagen scandal, this scandal has already received the name of “fuel”

President of Tetsuro Aikawa honestly admits. The scale of problems is so great that there is the possibility of bankruptcy Mitsubishi. Note: “fuel scandal” – is the only tip of the iceberg. The company has long and unsuccessfully searching for a partner in Europe: it was the first Daimler, then Peugeot-Citroen, but cooperation has not brought the desired results. Mitsubishi is already several years is in crisis mode: during this time the company lost 50% of market capitalization

Data on fuel consumption for the international market as much underestimated since 1991. At home, the company for a long time tried to be honest, but. and Japan began to carry out the manipulation of test results in 2002.

in the Land of the rising sun rumors that not everything is in order, appeared a little earlier in the camp of the automaker than the rest of the world: the stock Mitsubishi falling rapidly for 5 consecutive days. The market capitalization of the “Three Diamonds” (and that is how it is translated from Japanese) fell significantly below $ 4 billion. Company President Tetsuro Aikawa said that the top management has not yet discussed the issue of compensation to customers.

> According to preliminary data, the fuel efficiency of cars Mitsubishi overstated by an average of 10%. On Wednesday, the company reported for the IV quarter, is expected to increase net profit by 32%. However, experts are already talking about the fact that rates will begin to decline sharply after the scandal of fuel.

The Government of Japan has already forms a special committee, which will monitor all the national automobile industry, so no one no longer tempted to overstate the useful indicators and understate harmful. The Ministry of Transport also announced that Mitsubishi has provided enough detailed report on its breaches. Companies are required to publish detailed information before 11 May.

In Russia Mitsubishi have production in Kaluga, and its fate in the event of possible bankruptcy, was talking about the president of the company is unclear. It is impossible to completely eliminate and withdrawal from Russia, as did Opel and budget line Chevrolet.


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