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The 130th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Gumilyov dates and facts – News

marked its 130th anniversary of the birth of the poet and traveler Nikolay Gumilyov. The poet of the Silver Age, school acmeism creator, translator, literary critic, husband of Anna Akhmatova, the complaint itself poetess, whipped her “patterned, triple folded belt.”

Traditionally, the “News” asked well-known writers, poets and critics to tell the most important thing you need to know about Gumilyov.

Sergei Chuprinin critic

Gumilyov was the only major poet, shot at Lenin .

have appeared, when it has not been rehabilitated in the press of his poems. And it was also a unique case. Ironically, one of the first publications in 1990 was in the “Ogonek”, in the room with the image of Lenin on the cover.

The Russian poetry has many divisions, one of them – to “talkative” and “compressed” poets. Gumilyov was compressed. His poems are like formulas. And for the compactness of modern poets tradition Gumilyov likely continue not “talkative” Bykov and “compressed” Gandlevsky.

Leonid Kostjukov, novelist, critic

Gumilyov was dangerous to Soviet power longer than any other poets.

As early as the 1990s, when the selection of Gumilyov has already been published in the “Banner”, it is still included in the list GB . Of course, in the poems of Gumilyov was no sedition. Well, that may be in the lines:

Listen: far, far away, on Lake Chad

roams giraffe.

But it was not the essence of what has been said, and in the spirit of what was said. It was a matter of freedom. She worked not its essence as “the Gulag Archipelago” Solzhenitsyn and spirit, pure aesthetics, the like of which was not even close to the Soviet era.

Gumilyov – anyone not like a poet.

In fact, every poet traces the genealogy: something of Pushkin, something of feta. In the case of Gumilyov it is difficult to trace. Before it was nothing like this. And it is no accident that he wrote himself:

I know I’m not a couple, I came from another country,

And I do not like guitar and rebellious zurna melody.

Elizabeth Alexandrov-Zorin, writer

biographers depict Gumilyov “white icon” carefully hide it “red spots».

in discussing the biography of Gumilyov, often recall the marriage with Akhmatova, expeditions, participated in the war, arrest and execution. And draw a beautiful, almost perfect biography symbol of martyrdom, being careful not to mention some of the events. For example, a friendship with Bliumkin which Gumilyov proud ( A man among the crowds / shot dead imperial ambassador, came up to shake my hand, / thank for my poems ). Or the work of the All-Russian Union of Poets. Or common cause with the Soviet litfunktsionerami so bitterly. Apparently, those who Gumilyov turns into a symbol, the “red” spot on “white” appear unsightly. Although, in my opinion, they are converted smoothed biography in vivid, controversial life of an extraordinary man.

Danila Davydov, literary

> Gumilyov was the last poet, practicing medieval rules of conduct and in the work and in life.

Beautiful fate of Gumilyov can hide from us the poetry of Gumilyov. And early death makes the state: his colleagues on acmeism – Akhmatova and Mandelstam – made much more

Life Acmeists Gumilyov was a metaphor acmeism..

He was executed exactly at the time of Acme, at a time when it was perfection. It is well known that only in the last book Gumilev began to come to acmeism, and poems of this last book promised that from it will not be easy, “Russian Kipling”, but a poet of the first row .

Gumilyov was wonderful poetry teacher.

It nice man, devoid of prejudice, a complete contrast to the Brusov. People went to him as a guru. But, unfortunately, there are no heirs Gumilyov . Poetry gone two ways: either salutary Pasternak, a sense of poetry – Mandelstam. Gumilevsky path – a path of heroism, close to the English-language poetry, and his heirs, of course not.

Ganna Shevchenko, poet

Gumilyov anticipated many modern discoveries.

recently read an article about Transerfing, where it is said that a man with his mind is able to influence matter. Gumilyov about this in 1921 wrote in his poem “The word».

In that day, when the world new

God bowed his face, then

The sun stopped short,

the Word destroyed the city.

Anatoly Razumov, director of “returned names” center

25 years, I have set the date Gumilyov’s death.

No instrument of death Gumilyov was not, therefore, the date of execution called different: whether the August 24, 1921 – a date sentencing, or August 25 . The success of searches, few believed. Even the son of the poet – historian Lev Gumilev believed that the search for in vain. But th could not find a copy of the list of the executed in the case of Petrograd Military Organization … This was a list of 59 people, in which the name of Nikolai Gumilyov was listed under number 31. The uneven handwriting misspelled on the list was written: “notwithstanding that in the amount of 56 people on the night of August 26 shot.”

Nikolai Gumilyov died August 26, 1921. And the more accurate the date of death, we are unlikely to get

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