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And again, “Tannhauser” in the center of the scandal – Novosibirsk picket involving Orthodox – SoftSraze: actually and objectively


And again, “Tannhauser” in the center of the scandal – Novosibirsk picket involving Orthodox

In Novosibirsk Orthodox picketed before the show the acclaimed “Tannhauser”. Those who came to the opera to stage director Timothy Kuljabina, could not fail to notice a large number of picketing. It thus tried to express their anger those who do not agree with the vision of the performance delivered by the product Kulyabin Timothy Richard Wagner’s “Tannhauser”.

Orthodox previously applied to the prosecutor’s office and expressed their opinion on this “decoding” Richard Wagner. The Prosecutor’s Office became interested in the activities of Timothy Kuljabina and director of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre of Boris Mezdricha, but in the end, the court ruled not to punish anyone. Judge Ekaterina Sorokina decided that the case should be dismissed “for lack of an administrative offense.” However, the prosecution has already announced its intention to appeal against its decision.

Recall Orthodox insisted on bringing Kuljabina and Mezdricha to administrative responsibility, but after the court decided otherwise, the scandal began to flare up with renewed vigor. Kulyabin himself believes that it is unacceptable in using the court to enter any church censorship.

After the court hearing, which was held on March 10 in the case of the desecration of religious symbols, director of “Tannhauser” noted the following: “When the director has to explain Prosecutor his plan – a monstrously ».

Recall premiere of this opera took place December 20 last year. Even then, the Orthodox have expressed their dissatisfaction with the poster of the film “The Lady’s Grotto”, where the crucifix was placed between the spaced female feet. By the way, this time with a sensational poster crucifix is ​​not demonstrated. However, several dozen Orthodox is not calm down and they still came out to the audience with a poster – “The Road to Hell” and shouting “Viewers – shame».

Timothy Kulyabin has not commented on the latest developments, but earlier He said he was grateful to religious experts, journalists and lawyers for support in court. “They took almost all the explanations themselves. I certainly would not have been able to answer, as they – neither scientifically nor with any other point of view, “- said the director of the.

Kulyabin still claims that in the performance of a religious theme was not the main and incidental. “I put a play about his mother. About the family. Himself. For an idea of ​​how difficult is the work of the director. About the establishment, about hypocrisy, about the work of the artist and the reactions of others to this “- said the director. He admitted that he is not against would completely erase this episode from his life and biography, but it is hardly possible.

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