Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In the Tretyakov Gallery has banned the use of sticks for self – Russian newspaper

The State Tretyakov Gallery will join the ban on the use of a tripod for shooting self, already introduced in many foreign museums, reports City News “Moscow” referring to the statement made by Museum Tatiana Gorodkova.

The ban on sticks SELF is entered for reasons of safety and security of exhibits. “As long as they are not so common in our country, but it’s a matter of time” – added Gorodkova.


According to her, people doing self using a monopod, unfold back to painting or sculpture. “When these movements in the hall, when you consider that we have a lot of public Gallery, Self inevitably leads to clashes and unpleasant consequences. Customers are beginning to cluster, back away and can hurt a shoulder or elbow exhibit” – she specified.

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In addition According to the representative of the Tretyakov Gallery, Self-recording may interfere with other visitors inspect the rooms. At the same time, as specified Tatiana Gorodkova, against the facade of the museum building can still be photographed completely free.

When it sticks to ban self come into force, are not reported.


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