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Arkady Arcana (Steinbock). Biography – RIA Novosti

The Russian satirist and playwright Arkady M. Arcana (real name – Steinbock) born June 7, 1933 in Kiev.

In Arkady went to school in 1941 in the city of Krasnoyarsk, where he was evacuated with his mother and younger brother. Father throughout the war he worked in Moscow, where they returned in April 1943.

In 1957, Arkady Arcana graduated from the First Moscow Medical Institute named after IM Sechenov, and then worked as a district physician and pediatrician but then left medicine and engaged in literary activities.

From 1963 to 1967 he worked as a freelance editor of satire and humor in the magazine “Youth”, there was published his first story, “yellow sand”.

In 1966, the writer changed his name and began to be published as Arkady Arcana. In the same year, Arcadia Arkanov stories were included in the collection “Four under one cover”, which also included works by Grigory Gorin, Felix Kamov and Eduard Uspensky.

Since 1968, Arcana – a member of the Union of Soviet Writers.

In collaboration with Gorin he wrote the play “Wedding in the whole of Europe” (1966), “Banquet” (1969, both set in the Moscow theater satire), “Staircase” (1967), “Was Is Dumas? ” (1968), a series of one-act plays, later combined into one – “Little comedy big house” (1973).

Works Arcadia Arkanov into the repertoire of many famous singers.

In 1980 year specifically for humorist Vladimir Vinokur play was written “I go out alone …”.

Arcana – author of the collections: “Solo for the duet” (1975, together with Gorin), “Chin askew” (1975), ” In this world, a lot of the Worlds “(1984),” All “(1990) and released in Russian in the US publishing house” Liberty “-” From Lenin to the bulb: Textbook history of Soviet power for immature children “(1993). In 2004, the writer has finished work on the book “I’m going in a little …”.

He was the author and co-creator of “Club 12 chairs” (“Literary Gazette”). Is a permanent member of humorous television: “Artloto,” “Around the laughter”, “Blue Light”, “White Parrot”. Led program “Around the laughter. Non-stop”. Was chairman of the jury conducted with the 2004 annual Open Festival of humor and pop “Moscow-Moscow-transit”.

In 1977, he starred in the musical film Slonovskii “Centerline from the sky”, and in 1996 took part in the filming a documentary film “Broadway of my youth”.

In 2012, Arcana participated in the play “So,” staged in Moscow Center. Meyerhold.

Arkady Arcana – People’s Artist of the RSFSR, Commander of the Order of Merit, twice winner of the “Golden Calf”, winner of “Crocodile” (1993), the award “Aleko” (Bulgarian Union of Writers).

Arkady Arcana was married twice. His first marriage to singer Maya Kristalinskaya was concluded in 1967 and did not last long. Second wife was Evgeny Morozov. The younger son Arkanov – Pierre, aged two years living in Paris. The eldest son – Vasily Arcana – translator, journalist NTV, works in the United States.

Arcana was a big fan of football. For 70 years he was a fan of the Moscow “Torpedo”.

March 22, 2015 by 82-year life Arkady Arcana died.

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