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“Tannhauser” gave his resignation – Kommersant

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Yesterday, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation announced that Director of the Novosibirsk Opera Boris Mezdrich dismissed from his post. New director appointed Vladimir Kehman already managing the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. The conflict between the Orthodox community and the creators of the opera “Tannhauser” was resolved in favor of the former.

March 13 at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry. In fact, it turned into a public flogging of performance in the presence of the director of the theater. Were in the vast majority of those who “Tannhauser” is not seen. More often than others on the podium raised by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. Somehow, no one in the ministry had not thought that the most logical – not to discuss the unseen, and sit down in the evening on a plane, fly to Novosibirsk, to see the play – he was 14 and March 15 – and then discuss the situation is not based on other people’s fantasies and unfounded charges, and based on their own experiences.

14 and 15 March “Tannhauser” was a great success. The management of the theater in order to avoid conflict injection remove from registration of the ill-fated banner film “Grotto of Venus” – instead of it going down the gray cloth. Both representations culminated standing ovation, none of the spectators no claims the creators of “Tannhauser” is not presented.

conciliatory gesture theater clearly was not adopted. A few days after the meeting on the website the Ministry of Culture published a statement on the situation around the “Tannhauser”. In addition to general arguments and threats to review the funding of the theater it contained appeals to the creators of the show to apologize. That in cases where the accused acquitted, logically they are not, and should apologize to them, the authors of the document is not shown. In addition, the ministry announced the beginning of the financial audit of the theater.

Thus, the Ministry of Culture of solidarity with those who attacked the statement of Timothy Kuljabina. Especially that the Metropolitan Tikhon again asked to give a legal assessment of the actions of the authors of the play – apparently, he does not know that the judgment is a legal assessment. Followed by a statement from the “Orthodox activists” in the address of the FSB, as well as the search for evidence of pornography in the play and even promotion of homosexuality. Demanded the resignation of the director of the theater of the local deputies “United Russia” – though, to see the performance itself, none of inciting conflict and did not bother.

Yesterday in Novosibirsk arrived Deputy Culture Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov. He brought order of the Minister Vladimir Medina of resignation of Boris Mezdricha. In an interview with the TV channel “Russia 24″ Mr. Aristarkhov explained the decision the Ministry of Culture that Boris Mezdrich not apologized to the offended staging. Thus, the Ministry actually went to confront the theater community, ignored the opinion leaders of most of the federal theaters, write a letter in support of one of the best, successful and experienced theater directors of the country – Oleg Tabakov and Lev Dodin, Yevgeny Mironov and Andrew Mighty, the head of the Union of Russia Alexander Kalyagina and head of the Directors Guild of Valery Fokin, heads of famous Moscow theater Galina Volchek, Mark Zakharov, Sergei Zhenovach, Yevgeny Pisarev and musician Boris Grebenshikov, filmmaker Andrei Zvyagintsev and others.

One of the few, if not the only leader of the famous theater, took the side of the persecutors of the play “Tannhauser”, was the director of the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Kehman. “I as a believer, baptism, orthodox, as a Jew, take it as an insult,” – said at the time Kehman, performance, as it is easy to assume, has not seen. Yesterday, the reason for this surprising many statements clearer: it Kehman was appointed director of the Novosibirsk Opera instead Mezdricha. However, he said he was not going to leave the Mikhailovsky Theatre. Prepared on “b” list of questions about the future of theater in Novosibirsk Mr. Kehman replied succinctly: “The first thing I would do – Novosibirsk Theatre will be returned to its historical name – the Bolshoi Theatre in Siberia.” Interestingly, the Novosibirsk Opera officially never been so called. But see the scope of the new director – the name change from the perspective of the financial process is extremely costly.

It is not clear how to effectively manage the two largest musical theater, located four hours away from each other. Quirkiness such appointment unless pales next to the dismissal Mezdricha, which has already seen the theater community as a sign of victory reactionary tendencies in the cultural policy.

Roman Dolzhansky, Tatyana Kuznetsova


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