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Who died in the terrorist attack in Tunisia maykopchanka 10 years ago moved to Italy – TVNZ

The journey of two friends of 56-year-old Hope Lukyanova and 62-year-old Galina Potapenko should have ended in the Sunday, March 22. On a cruise ship, which was launched in Italy, the women went for a week in Tunisia. However, in the African country terrible happened. Tourists were on an excursion to the National Museum of Bardo just at the moment when the attack occurred there.

When the girlfriend went to exhibitions, the room burst militants and began indiscriminately shooting at tourists. All in the hall there were about 200 people. 22 of them were killed, 50 – injured. More than 40 militants tourists taken hostage. Rescue operations at the security forces took a few hours, in a shootout with terrorists killed one law enforcement officer. Two Russians were the bullets of insurgents. As a result, Hope was wounded and died Galina.

– Hope Lukyanov in a suicide attack was wounded in the arm. Now she is in general medicine ward of a military hospital. Her life is not in danger, – said the representative of the Russian Embassy in Tunis on his page on Twitter.

Roughly, the hospital Krasnodarka stay a couple of days, but the exact date of departure depends on the woman’s health.

– Mom holds, although it is very hard. Physical condition is stable – not better, not worse. But morally! Imagine, she’s all alone now – says the daughter of a woman Bellamy. – Go to her, we can not, so just call and we support her on the phone. She was given a free connection and she calls me several times a day. On the death of her friends have already reported it in a state of shock. After discharge, mom will go to Italy, and from there Galina relatives sent her home. Well at least that mother knows a foreign language and be able to solve itself there are any questions on his return.

Over the border 56-year-old Hope Lukyanov leaves not the first time. She had chosen for his childhood friend. Both women come from Maikop. Hope three years ago changed residence at Krasnodar. And Galina 10 years ago, met with the Italian, married him and went to him. But, despite this, continued to be a citizen of Russia. Together with the woman moved abroad and her eldest son Eugene and his family, sister. The younger son lives in Maikop.

Relatives and friends of Galina already identified her among the dead. Now they have to decide whether, where a woman will be buried: at home or in Maikop in her second home in Italy. From Russia to Italy had already left the youngest son of the deceased woman.

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  A tourist from Krasnodar suffered in the terrorist attack in Tunisia

 When 56-year-old Hope Lukyanov from Krasnodar was going on a trip, she could not even imagine that a trip to the sea can turn to it so tragic. The more that women traveled abroad is not the first time. She had chosen for his childhood friend Galina Potapenko, which a few years ago moved to Italy. Hope, by the way, also relocate three years ago, he moved to Krasnodar from Maikop. But the distance female friendship is not broke. Women spent time together in Europe, and then for a long time to share photos and experiences (see below)

  The Russian Embassy in Tunisia: the museum in the attack were two Russian

 In the group of tourists attacked in the National Museum of Tunisia, were two Russians. This was reported by the Russian Embassy in the African country.

 “In the course of scrutiny embassy officials circumstances terrorist attack in the metropolitan area Bardot established the presence of foreign tourists who have been the object of attack, two citizens of the Russian Federation”, – said the press attache of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Sergey Filippov (see below)

  In Tunisia militants seized 40 tourists from Europe

 In Tunisia, completed military operation to free the hostages at the National Museum of Bardo. The terrorists took hostage more than 40 tourists from Western Europe. According to one version, the militants belonged to the group “Islamic State”. Initially, three militants disguised as soldiers who intended to break into the parliament building in Tunisia, but met with resistance protection. Then opened fire, they rushed to the building located in the neighborhood of the museum. One of the tourist groups at this point just considered ancient artifacts. According to the Tunisian security forces, terrorists killed 18 hostages. We already know that among the dead – one local and four citizens of Poland. During the raid also killed one law enforcement officer (see below)


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