Monday, March 23, 2015

Intellectuals asked the governor to protect the “Tannhauser” by church activists –

Siberian cultural figures sent an open letter in support of the opera “Tannhauser” and its creators to the governor of the region Vladimir Gorodetsky, reports Tass. It theatergoers, writers, teachers, journalists and Theatre Institute protested against ecclesiastical censorship of works of art. Their signatures to put in circulation more than 50 people.

«creative intelligentsia Novosibirsk extremely concerned about the situation surrounding the persecution Orthodox activists works of art and their creators. In the city of scientists, students, creative people with art is interpreted not its inherent position when not tell the difference between reality and fiction, between intentional insult and provocative artistic gesture, necessary for a noble purpose, “- the statement says.

The letter asked the governor to promote the continued existence of Novosibirsk atmosphere, enabling the development of culture and the arts, including contemporary, experimental.

Novosibirsk also requests to establish conditions under which it will be impossible aggression against artists, including on religious grounds. In addition, they call Gorodetsky contribute to ending the persecution of artistic ideas and hindering the implementation of the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

March 10 World Court for the Central District of Novosibirsk justified Kuljabina who put in the local theater of Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhauser” and was accused of insulting the feelings of believers.

The premiere of “Tannhauser” in the opera by Wagner was held December 20, 2014. Kulyabin transferred the action in the present. The protagonist – a film director Heinrich Tannhauser, finished work on the film “Venus Grotto”. Viewers learn that this tape tells the story of the early life of Jesus Christ, which he allegedly spent in the grotto of Venus, experiencing the carnal pleasure. The play shows the poster of the film – it figure of Christ is placed between women’s legs. Later it was decided to remove the poster.


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