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How to start a “Homeland” – BBC

The TV channel “Russia-1″ showed the first series of the television movie Pavel Lungin’s “Homeland” – the Russian adaptation of the Israeli series about returning from long-term captive soldier with Vladimir Mashkov and Victoria Isakova starring.

1999. Major GRU Aleksey Bragin (Vladimir Mashkov) spent six years in captivity somewhere in the North Caucasus and was released in a special operation organized by the Counterterrorism Center, subordinated to the FSB. Now he is a national hero, he was met by high-ranking officials, and the return shot leading TV channels. But there is another challenge: Bragin must be re-acquainted with his wife Elena (Maria Mironova), which during that time managed to converge close to his brother Dmitri (Vladimir Vdovichenkov), with a grown-up daughter and not remembering his father’s son.

This is just a small part of the problem Bragin. Analyst Anna center Zimin (Victoria Isakov) suspects that he agent Islamist warlord bin Dzhalida that sends mercenaries to the Caucasus. However, according to the security services, was killed bin Dzhalid Russian missiles induced signal satellite phone, but Zimin believes that he is alive.

There she and the data obtained from a reliable source to measure: that before his death, told her that a Russian officer was recruited by terrorists to carry out attacks.

And it is in violation of all regulations and laws set in the apartment Bragin cameras and microphones, begins at your own risk surveillance and colleagues trying to prove his innocence. But Zimin not believe even a friend of her father and her teacher FSB Colonel Michael Wolski (Sergey Makovetskii). And most Bragin has something to hide.

Serial movie Pavel Lungin’s “Homeland”, which is from Monday shows the TV channel “Russia-1″, one of the most anticipated telepremera season, declared as a Russian adaptation of the Israeli series “Prisoners of war”.

In the original film, two soldiers were returning home after 17 years of captivity, and the problems of adaptation to a new life in front of them were very serious. However, to the “Prisoners of war” picture Lungina attitude has except at the level of the general idea.

Its first episode – it’s almost frame by frame playback of the American version of the series «Homeland».

We have been known as ” stranger among us “, but the online service” Amediateka “translated name correctly -” Homeland “.

The American series tells the story of a Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who was captured in Iraq and held in prisons, “Al-Qaeda” and other places eight years a slave; suspected him of preparing terrorist attack CIA employee Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), who suffers a nervous breakdown.

Russian Carrie Zimin more impulsive and headstrong, but sedatives unlike their overseas colleagues do not seem to use it.

The rest of the striking resemblance, even types of the actors seem Lungin chosen so that his film (at least, the first series) was as much as possible like a «Homeland». Perhaps Mashkov more brutal than Lewis, and better frowns, looking at the heroine Isakova, but Lewis has a certain charm that allowed him to win one of the “Emmy” for Best Actor in a drama.

Of course, the Israeli-American plot can be easily transferred to any country, which had in the past conflict with other civilizations. In Soviet cinema veterans returning from the war, carrying good; in Russian cinema, Afghan soldiers were intolerant of injustice (but was magnificent and “Muslim” Vladimir Hotinenko). But the Great Patriotic War was victorious, and the Afghan war remained in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of our troops.

But the characters of the series Lungina not limited by uncertainties in vain “North Caucasus”, when you want to specify the location of long-term imprisonment Bragin:

two Chechen campaigns more requires its own understanding, and hardly “Homeland” be able to fully develop the theme of the conflict.

In the first series is difficult to judge how well Lungin will follow the story of the American series.

One change he has done, and is not as easy as it seems at first glance – transferred the action 15 years ago.

This reshuffle brought to Russia’s “home” signs fiction: characters of the series easily, such as talking on a cell phone, not paying attention to the cost of international roaming. Video surveillance systems (even from the arsenal of FSB) were then somewhat less advanced; in American and Israeli versions of all is happening today, and this is no problem.

But the deeper: in the year started “counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus,” began to explode at home in Moscow, Buynaksk and Volgodonsk. That is, from the height of today’s days any viewer will understand that the suspicions heroine Isakova at least justified; her American prototype of such a powerful support real history there, but complacency her colleagues soon will cause irritation.

Lungin can continue to engage in the “homeland” single frame transferring «Homeland» on domestic soil, monitor this will be interesting even to those who have seen the show. But the American counterpart has an interesting property: not giving the slightest reason for accusations of anti-patriotism, he is absolutely, devastatingly ruthless against the US government and intelligence services in particular. If the author of “Taxi Blues” and “King” in his TV movie will reach the same degree of artistic truth with regard to security forces of this world, it will be for the Russian telecine this precedent.


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