Saturday, March 28, 2015

Valery Leontiev, contrary to rumors, not in intensive care, he was sick with the flu – Moskovsky Komsomolets

“MK” star visited the house and confirmed that the actor has no plans to die from an elevated temperature

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false information that the People’s Artist of Russia Valery Leontiev, allegedly, is in intensive care, said on Saturday, one of the news agencies, which caused panic among the many fans of the actor. The reason for such absurd statements was the abolition of the concert because of the banal ailments stars. In this case, agency journalists even contacted the director of the artist Boris Chigireva who told them them that Leontiev just sick. However, such a scenario reporters did not accept, and they alone have changed Valery Leontiev diagnosed with “death”.

At the same time the artist himself wrote in his account on Facebook, it’s just a simple, though much . “MK”, ​​in order to dispel such a shocking rumors about the possibility of death in intensive care right now visited the artist at home.

“During his three concerts that celebrate a birthday in St. Petersburg, I was always in close contact with a large the number of fans: I’m always hugged and kissed the audience, when I went into the room. Also, I’m a long time signing autographs at the service entrance, flushed after the concert, and it was pretty cold. I ended up somewhere snatched flu – he told us Valery Leontiev – How is this disease, everyone knows: fever, weakness. I’m lying, I drink tea with honey and take antiviral drugs, antibiotics, as we know, this disease do not take. It was a pity to cancel concerts, but so weak I just can not give the audience so much effort and energy as it should. But I will return to his fans all when get better. As for resuscitation, then there I did not think to send, why would? Though the doctor came and scolded for levity, that is, everything like everyone else “.


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